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LaBass, Alice Morgan 
LaBass, Troy John 
Lack, Mary Lou
Lackey, Katherine Simmons 
Lacy, Jessie James
Lacy, Leroy Everett
Lafferty, Cecil Edward
LaGree, Mary Grace 
Lair, Charles L.
Lamb, James E.
Lambert, Elsie Marie 
Lambert, Everett K. 
Lambley, Harry Lloyd 
Lamitola, Raymond A.
Langston, Edith
Langston, Lonnie Acy
Lantz, Doris Lavohn 
Laswell, George L.
Latte, Nanny 
Lattie, Gerald H.
Lawmaker, John Wesley
Lawmaster, Myrtle 
Lawrence, Elvin Harley 
Lawrence, William Oliver 
Laws, George W.
Lawson, Rose
Lawyer, Virginia 
LeBourget, Madame Victor Cagliarol P.
Lechlider, Lawrence C. 
Ledbetter, John D.
Ledbetter, Lois 
Ledbetter, Sarah 
Ledford, Julian Woodrow 
Lee, Alma Grace 
Lee, Charley 
Lee, Herman Wayne 
Lee, John G.
Lee, Nettie A. 
Lee, Viola
Lee, William David 
Lee, William Donald 
Lees, Archie Ellsworth 
Lees, James Clinton
Lees, Wanda Maymon, Oma
Lenard, Dock 
Lenhart, Paul Heister
Leonard, Beatrice Shubert 
Lewellen Barbara Jean
Lewellen, Virga A.
Lewis, Frances Maude
Lewis, Rebecca Elaine
Lewis, Mrs. John 
Lindsey Carson Michael
Lindsey, Rome E. 
Linkhart, Francis Ora 
Linkhart, Vernon
Linn, Susie
Lintelman, Mae
Littlehead, Marty Dale 
Lofton, Ben Christian
Logan, Imogene Dottie
Lomax, Christopher E.
Long, George
Lopez, May Q. 
Lopp, Earl Thomas 
Lord, Benjamin David 
Lord, Melissa Ann 
Loris, Margaret
Lott, Geoffrey Gene
Lovall, Lillian Forbush 
Love, Mary Ellen
Love, Sylvia Mae
Lovitt, Albert Lee 
Lovitt, Mary Emmaline 
Lovitt, Sam 
Lowe, Ola Gale
Lowe, Warren Cecil 
Lowery, Lalah 
Lowman, Winneford 
Lowrance, Hettie 
Luna, Enos D. 
Lundeen, Anna 
Lundy, Ethel 
Lundy, James Robert
Lundy, Louise
Lundy, Myrtle
Lunsford, Florence 
Luster, Gertrude 
Luster, James
Lutsko, Edward Allen 
Lykins, Carrie
Lykins, Walter Harrison
Lyman, John W. 
Lyman, Pearl A. 
Lyman, Ruby Irene 
Lynn, Geneva Lee
Lynn, Mary Jane
Lynn, Virgil Theodore
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