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Bixby Bulletin Obituary Archive

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Rabun, Herman
Rabun, Mildred J.
Raby, Albert G.
Raby, Benjamin Monroe
Rader, Homer
Rafferty, Clyde Dallas
Rafferty, Maggie
Rainbolt, Walter, Mrs.
Ramsey, Aletha Ida Bigbey
Ramsey, Andrew A.
Ramsey, Charles A.
Ramsey, Ernst C.
Ramsey, Florence
Ramsey, Garrett
Ramsey, Guy
Ramsey, John D.
Ramsey, Mary
Ramsey, Mitchell Pope
Ramsey, Viola
Randall, Sallie
Randell, Laura K.
Randle, Charles T.
Randle, Clara Belle
Randle, Joe Edwin
Randle, Sue I.
Randolph, Ernest
Randolph, Joseph Lee
Randolph, Mary Belle
Randolph, Nelli 
Randolph, Randy Lee
Raney, Wilma Marie
Raper, Kimberly Diane
Raper, Lola
Rash, Paul Dean
Ratliff, N. F., Mrs.
Ratteree, Lula Dell
Ray, Gayla R. Winder
Ray, George Marion
Raymond, Joseph Milton
Razier, John Andrew
Reason, Virgil
Reasonover, John Joseph
Reed, Infant
Reed, Beulah
Reed, Lila Goad
Reed, Maggie D.
Reed, Stanley
Reed, William B.
Reene, Pauline Sukey
Reese, Lonnie
Reese, Pearlie
Reeves, Meredith D.
Reil, Amanda Fay
Reitz, Vivian Lina
Reynolds, Frances J.
Reynolds, James Samuel
Reynolds, John William
Reynolds, Lora Vada Ramsey
Reynolds, Virgil
Rhea, Howard Lee
Rhoades, Alva Pearl
Rhoades, Homer
Rhodes, Bertha Lee
Rice, Albert Ross
Rice, Joseph Eugene
Richardson, J. Edward
Richardson, Tom Melvin
Richter, Fred E.
Rickner, David Fred
Rickner, Pearl O.
Rickner, Ralph
Rideout, Alice Leona
Rideout, Roy Curtis
Rider, Jack J. Jr.
Rider, Jack 
Rider, Mary Ella Kerr
Riggs, Edith Alene Johnson
Ring, Mary E.
Roberson, Dee
Roberts, Betty Ann
Roberts, Dennis L. D. Rev.
Roberts, J. M.
Roberts, LeVenia Ellen
Roberts, Mable Gill
Roberts, McKaney
Roberts, Nola Mae Miles
Roberts, Raymond T.
Roberts, Rosalie
Roberts, William C.
Roberts, Zadie Rebecca
Robertson, Ercel P.
Robertson, Ercel Perry, Jr.
Robertson, Lucille
Robertson, Sally
Robinson Ned Owen, Jr.
Robinson, Anna Mae
Robinson, Enola May
Robinson, Helen Marie Willis
Robinson, J. Everett
Robinson, Marie Woods
Robinson, Rube
Robinson, William A.
Robison, Carl
Robison, Earnest
Robison, Mayme Loretta
Robles, Earnest Joseph
Rogers, Arnim J. 
Rogers, Birdie S.
Rogers, Kenneth R.
Roland, Lesley D.
Roller, Anna
Roller, Opal Cleone Blevens
Roller, Vera Ann
Rollins, Dean
Rollins, James Harland
Rollins, Michael Douglas
Rollins, Viola G.
Roods, Eunice R.
Rooks, Ethel Monroe
Rose, Elsie
Rose, Enos E.
Rose, Thelma
Ross, Ellen
Ross, Ione Ida
Ross, Opal Inez
Ross, William Henry
Rossman, Luther R.
Rudd, William C.
Rumbaugh, M. Doyle
Runer, Lucy
Rush, Richard Glen
Russell, Bessie V.
Rutter, Jacqueline Ann Anderson
Rutter, John Edward
Rye, Georgia Helen Smith
Rye, John Wesley
Ryle, Anna Johnson
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