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Bixby Bulletin Obituary Archive

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Wade, Bessie
Wadley, Della
Waggener, Nora Alice
Waggener, Patrick Henry
Waggoner, Lula Jackson
Wagner, Hershel Lee
Wagnon, Donna Rachel
Wagnon, Rena
Wagnon, Ted Berl
Wagoner, Leonard M.
Wagoner, Samuel Boone
Waibel, Matilda
Walker, Flora
Walker, Haskell
Walker, James Lloyd
Walker, Jerry B.
Walker, Joseph Carter
Walker, Margaret A.
Walker, P.C.
Walker, Trula T. Jackson
Walker, William W.
Walkup, James Harvey
Walkup, Sam Finley
Wallace, Charles E.
Wallace, Emanuel Mason
Wallace, Rachel Ann
Wamsley, Margaret S.
Ward, Edward Benton
Ward, Flossie Jewel
Ward, Grace Beatric 
Ward, John William
Ward, Mary Katherine
Ward, Myrtle
Ward, Sophia Bernettie
Ward, William A.
Wards, William H.
Warren, Bessie Lee Brown
Warren, Charley A.
Warren, Robert Dale
Warrick, Agnes Henrietta Jensen
Wosham, Pamela Jean
Watkins, Annie Mae
Watkins, Carrie Hailey
Watkins, Charles Edward
Watkins, Dallas L.
Watkins, Jacquelyn Rena
Watkins, Jesse Wayne
Watkins, Jessie Lee
Watkins, Joyce Vivian
Watkins, Lillian L. Parrish
Watkins, Rebecca Lynn Watkins
Watkins, William D. 
Watkins, William Dwight
Watts, Lawrence Sylvester
Watts, Mahala Cotton
Waugaman, Edward Joe
Waymire, Ada V.
Waymire, Albert
Waymire, Floyd
Weaver, Menno Lee 
Weaver, Orville G.
Weaver, Otto Fay
Weaver, Paul Edward
Weaver, Ruth Kramer
Webb, Andrew Jackson
Webb, Andy L.
Webb, Julie
Webb, Lonnie C.
Wefer, Herbert
Wefer, Lonnie E.
Wefer, Maudie Mae
Wehunt, Martha Emmaline 
Weirick, Charles Jeffery
Wells, Lee
Welsh, Marguerite
Welsh, William Henry
Wendlandt, George
West, Jack B.
Wetzel, Marguerite
Weyler, Karen Sue
Wheat, David Eugene
Whinnery, Genevieve
White, Alice Harper
White, Barbara
White, Floyd W.
White, Homer Newton
White, James Leo
White, John Kevin
White, Miranda J. White
White, Nancy
Whitehead, Earl
Whitehead, Florence E.
Whitlock, Gracie Mae
Whorton, A. M.
Whorton, Lester
Wicks, Ernest
Wierick, Laura
Wiggins, James H.
Wilcox, Ella Harvison
Wilcox, John H. 
Wilcox, Mary Lucinda
Wilkens, Bruce Darby
Williams, Floyd H.
Willford, Joe B.
Willford, Lou Brown
Willford, Thyra
Willhite, Thedford Porter 
Williams, Charles E.
Williams, Charles H.
Williams, Diantha
Williams, Donald Lee
Williams, Earl John
Williams, Essie Floy Mize
Williams, Genette Cummings
Williams, Genevieve
Williams, Gertrude A.
Williams, Hershel Ray
Williams, James David
Williams, Justin Kenneth
Williams, Mable P.
Williams, Marion Carl
Williams, Marshall
Williams, Mollie D. Haywood
Williams, Wanda Mae
Williams, William Curtis
Williamson, Elmer V.
Williamson, Emma Lee
Williamson, Lessie Crabtree
Williford, William
Willis, Andrew
Willis, Flora E.
Willis, Mack Houston
Willis, Thomas
Willis, Velma O.
Willsey, Alice Bertha
Willsey, Paul
Wilmott, Glenna Modesta
Wilmott, Juanita
Wilmott, Zelma Fay
Wilson, Alice Mae Abernathy
Wilson, Benjamin
Wilson, Cecil L
Wilson, Crete Emma Lou
Wilson, Daniel Alfred
Wilson, Delois Ann
Wilson, Dollie
Wilson, Howell Harris
Wilson, James T.
Wilson, Liza Catherine
Wilson, Mary Ellen
Wilson, Neville W.
Wilson, Samantha
Wilson, Silas
Wilson, Solomon
Wilson, Susan B. Brown
Wilson, Vernon Lee
Winebrenner, Zady E.
Winn, Lillie A.
Winn, Ralph L.
Winney, Gladys Beryl Vickers
Winsett, Clarrissa Myrtle
Winsett, Minnie D.
Winston, Gertrude
Wise, Arthur Cleveland
Wise, Lana
Wise, Samuel R.
Wisewell, Midget Charles
Wolf, Mealy J.
Wolfe, Margaret Ianne
Wood, Ara May Morris
Wood, Charles W.
Wood, Cora Aileen McConnell
Wood, Inez
Wood, J. B.
Wood, Louis Ervin
Wood, Marvin W.
Wood, Mary Francis Bell
Wood, Newton Elsberry
Woods, Duray A.
Woods, J. I.
Woods, M. Glenn
Woods, Richard Ward
Woods, Willis R.
Woodson, Leona
Woodward, Dorothy
Woodward, G. A.
Wooten, Hermann Lee
Worsham, Charles M.
Worsham, Ellen Ruth
Worsham, Harry Whitley
Worsham, Jessie Mary Dickinson
Worsham, Nellie Mae
Worth, Samuel Franklin
Wright, Cloyd Owen
Wright, Edward William
Wroten, Leonard
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