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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County

Compiled and Submitted by Charles Burnett

Oklahoma City Oil Journal

March 14, 1931

Both Roe and Joe BURNETT were among the city's early day officers, the family being pioneers who helped blaze the trail of civilization in the southwest. The family is related to the late Captain S. BURK BURNETT, famous pioneer of Texas, who owned the Burkburnett ranch. The late Joe BURNETT, uncle of Sam BURNETT, engaged in a hand-to-hand struggle with "Red" KELLEY, a noted outlaw, a number of years ago. BURNETT had arrested KELLEY near the old Frisco depot. During the struggle BURNETT killed the outlaw. KELLEY was the slayer of Bob FORD, outlaw and former partner of Jesse JAMES.

JOHNSON and KEMNITZ, drilling contractors, have taken the contract for the No. 1 Burnett. This firm has drilled about 20 gushers since the city field opened, all of which were for the I.T.I.O Company. The drillers completed a well flowing 62,500 barrels last week for the Mid-Tex Company in the north end of section 2.
Sam BURNETT is owner of part of the fee under the new operation by the Manning Oil Corp. Mr. BURNETT is a son of Roe BURNETT, who was a city policeman for 22 years, also is a nephew of the late Joe BURNETT, who served as night chief of police under Mayor Henry M. SCALES, also as captain of detectives.

(Note)Samuel Burk BURNETT, was born in Bates County, Missouri January 1, 1849 to Jerry and Nancy(Taylor)BURNETT.  When he was eight yrs. old his family moved to Denton Co. Texas. About 1875 Samuel Burk BURNETT bought a large piece of land on the Big Wichita. Later he bought the 6666 Ranch, B Ranch and Dixon Creek Ranch, all of them in Texas, constituting some 350,000  acres. He was married twice: 1st in 1871 to Ruth LOYD, 2nd in 1892  to Mary COUTS. Burk BURNETT died in Ft. Worth, Texas June 27, 1922.

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