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OKbits FileOttawa Co.: Afton

December 29, 1932

The Afton American

Mrs. Dunaway Dies Sunday
Funeral services for Mrs. Zurilda Jane DUNAWAY were conducted at the Painter Funeral Home Monday afternoon, by Rev. J.I. Miller.
Mrs. Dunaway, who was born in western Tennessee, was about 79 years old, and died of pneumonia Christmas morning, at the welfare home.
There are no surviving relatives. Interment was made in Mt. Hope cemetery.
This Family Researched by irishgal43@sbcglobal.net

Cleora Singing is Postponed
Due to increasing illness in the community, the Delaware County Singing convention, which was to have been held at Cleora on the third Sunday in January, has been postponed until the third Sunday in April, Mrs. E.R. LEE, secretary of the association, announced this week.

Large Crowd Here Saturday to Grab Fowls At City Hall
Main street, in front of the city hall, last Saturday afternoon was the scene of the most exciting "goose grab" ever staged in Afton.
Hundreds of people had gathered in front of the building, hoping to be lucky enough to catch of of the forty fowls without being run over by the enthusiastic crowd.
Two turkeys, 9 ducks, 9 geese, 10 guineas, and 10 hens were thrown away. It was the general opinion the Thos. J. MITTS and R.L. MATHES did an excellent job in starting the fowls on their wild chase. The birds were released from the fire escape of the building.

Parents of Dee Watters Die at Delaware, Okla.
Mrs. J.A. WATTERS , mother of  ? T. Watters, of Miami, sheriff  ?  Ottawa county, died at her home ?Tuesday, Ottawa County, at 9 o'clock. Her husband J.A. Watters followed her in death at noon ?(maybe Wednesday) . Both were victims of pneumonia.
Mrs. Gene PAINTER of Afton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Watters accompanied by Mr. Painter, ?  Delaware Tuesday evening.
The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Watters were brought to the Painter ? home here. Funeral services ? burial will take place a Nows?  ? afternoon

Local/Personal Happening by Mrs. S.J. Tyler, Society Editor

Henry TRUMAN visited with William DECK, in Vinita, Tuesday

Granville CALLAWAY made a business trip to Claremore Monday

Lesile ROOMSBURG spent last week-end with friends in Chelsea

Miss Pauline MILES spent Friday and Saturday with relatives in White Oak.

Lyndon SCOTT of Picher, spent Christmas with his mother, Mrs. W.C. SCOTT.

Charles BARBER spent Christmas in Eldorado Springs, MO, with his wife.

Mrs. E.D. MITTS and son, Tom, made a business trip to Carthage, MO. yesterday.

Clyde CALLAWAY and sons, Earl and Loyd, were in Foyil on business yesterday.

S.G. VICTOR of Miami, spent Christmas with his son, J.Y. VICTOR, and family

Mrs. Louis BAGBY of Vinita, spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. R.H. HARPER.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester FRAZIER of Miami, spent Christmas here with H.H. FRAZIER

Mrs. C.H. THORP spent Sunday and Monday in Miami, with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Thorp.

C.P. FILLEBROWN left last Friday to spend a week with his wife and family in Enid.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil COOP, of Miami, spent Chirstmas and Monday with relatives here

Mrs. C.J. MOORE is spending this week in Miami with her daughter, Mrs. N.C. BARRY

Mrs. Della BOGGS of Pryor, is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J.C. RIDER this week.

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. HEFFLEBOWER of Bucyrus, Kan. visited Mrs. W.C. SCOTT yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. O.L. HUDSON and family left Saturday to visit Joe HUDSON near Bluejacket.

Miss Willa GARMAN is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Jame Garman, in Miami, this week.

Lonnie NEAL left Tuesday for Cherokee, Kan, where he will visit friends for several weeks.

Mrs. Alfred BROADNEY of Columbus, Kan., visited her parent, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. HESS.

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. CHANDLER and family spent Sunday in Fairland, with Mrs. C.C. CHANDLER.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert MITCHELL were week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. PETERS, in Joplin, MO.

Mrs. Everett ESTUS was accompanied home from Suphur last Wedneday.

Miss Doris PARISH, a student at Miami Jr college, is spending the week at her home here.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed REYNOLDS and son, J.E. of Salina, spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. E.A. TODD.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard HALL, of Tulsa spent Christmas and Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Norman MATLOCK.

Miss Irene JUCKSCH, (that is the way it is spelled) , of Sapulpa, spent the week-end with her sister, Mrs. George BALLARD and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack PAINTER and son spent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. J. MONTGOMERY, in Centralla.

Mr. and Mrs. F.V. PIERCE  and two daughters of Mt. Vernon, MO., are visiting relatives here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank DUBOIS and son, of Grove, spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Cory BOULTINGHOUSE.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. DUNLAP of Vinita, spent Christmas with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. KOCH.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde CALLAWAY and daughter, Med, visited Mr. and Mrs. C.W. ANDREWS in Foyil, Monday.

Miss Thelma MCELROY of Sapulpa, is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. McElroy, this week.

F.E. BOULTINGHOUSE is in charge of the round house this week, while H.R. FOLEY is taking a few days off.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. MARSHALL and family spent Christmas in Commerce, with Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt COLLINS.

W.N. BOWLES and son, Vernon, returned to Ava, MO., Monday, after a week-end visit at their home here.

Miss Velma TRUMAN, of Kansas City, MO., spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Truman.

Dr. E.L. HULSE of Kansas City, MO., spent the week-end with her sister, Mrs. H.T. MOREHOUSE and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude MITCHELL and daughter, Eloise, of Tulsa, spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives here.

Lynn HAMILTON returned to Tulsa Monday, after spending the week-end here with his mother, Mrs. Alice HAMILTON.

M.W. LOYD returned Friday from the Frisco hospital in St. Louis, MO., where she spent several days receiving treatment.

A.N. JARVIS returned Friday from Ritchie, MO., where he had gone to attend the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Lucinda BECK.

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. OGG returned Tuesday from a week-end visit with their son, R.N. OFF and family, in Kansas City.

Mrs. J.E. ROBINSON, who has been visiting relatives here, returned to Legion, Tex. to spend Christmas with her husband.

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