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Carrollton, Missouri Daily Democrat
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The Carrollton Democrat, Looking Back 100 Hundred Years Ago

Tuesday, 10 Feb 1898

G.B.S. CAMPBELL killed a snake in his backyard this week. When snakes have their winter quarters surely spring is not far off.

Carrollton will send quite a party to the Alaskan gold fields in the early spring. Jim McPHETRIDGE and Chas. BLAKELEY have been making arrangements to go for several weeks. Now Elmo EVANS and Louis VALBRACHT have concluded to go, one or two more are thinking quite seriously about joining them. That's the place for a young man of grit and snap, and we predict that none of the crowd will come back poorer than they go.

Wm O. was convicted at Tina Monday of stealing corn from Geo. CARPENTER and was fined $15 and costs. Nat having paid the price the prisoner volunteered to accompany Prosecuting Attorney HOLLIDAY to Carrollton on the evening train and was lodged in jail to serve out his fine.

Jess JAGGERS lost his pet coon Tuesday night and would be glad if the finder would return him at once. The coon had a leather collar with a chain about 3 feet long attached.

Friday, 13 Feb 1898

A consolidated family of 17 children is the result of a marriage of a Carroll County widower and widow, and the head of the family is thinking of starting a school district of his own.

Another attempt was made to hold a council meeting Monday night, but no quorum was present. Mayor QUEEN and Councilmen COLBERT & HALE were present, but Messrs. R. & T. filed to show up. Mayor QUEEN sent Marshall ALLEN after the absentees, but he returned without them, saying that they were "out of sight". Another attempt will be made to get them together Wednesday afternoon at 1:00.

Henry COLEMAN has noticed, at intervals, steam rising from a hole in the rocks back of his farm. Occasionally the dogs would chase a rabbit out from there. The other day Mr. COLEMAN and a neighbor examined the opening and found that they could look back over a sheet of water of unknown depth.

S. EWELL, a druggist of Bogard, pleaded guilty Friday before Squire WALKER to selling whiskey without a prescription. The Squire charged him $100 and costs, which he paid.

Dr BROWNING lost a coop and 25 chickens to fire.

Everett W. and Frank C. are under arrest, charged with playing cards on Sunday and breaking the lock on the Bogard school house. Their case was set for trail before Squire WALKER Friday, but they took a change of venue to Carrollton before Squire BUCHANAN who set the trial for Thursday, Feb 24.

Fri, 27 Nov 1898

Marshall BALL picked up two hobos Wednesday evening and kept them locked up over Thanksgiving but turkey was not on the dinner bill of fare. This morning he gave them an opportunity to leave and they lost no time in getting out of the city limits.

Thanksgiving was a quiet day in this city. Most of the stores closed two or three hours in the middle of the day. The union services at the Baptist Church in the forenoon were largely attended and the sermon of Rev. W.B. WHEELER was immensely enjoyed. [My note: I wonder if the Baptist Church is the same building, on North Main St, that holds the Baptist Church there today?]

Also mentioned in the column of this date were: Miss Lillian HASS and her aunt, Mrs. S.W. GRACE. [My note: There was a family named GRACE living in Carrollton when I grew up there. They moved to Tucson, AZ around 1960 and are both now deceased.]

Joe W. SMITH, formerly of Carrollton, was elected a state Senator from Lake County, CO. Mr. SMITH is the owner of the largest dry goods store in Leadville and is also very largely interested in mines. In the early seventies [1870's], he was a resident of Carrollton and was a store clerk.

1 Dec 1898

Game will depreciate half in the market tomorrow. Why? Major KELSEY arose early this morning, borrowed a pair of gum boots, hitched up John HOUSTON's horse, picked out a No. 12 gun and some No. 10 cartridges and drove out to the poor farm with an expectation of killing a big lot of game. He told Mr. HOUSTON not to buy any meat for the next day or two, as he would have birds to give away. Would how the No. 10 shells fitted the No. 12 gun?

There is also a long piece mentioning a Mr. HANNA who was the Manager of the Carrollton Produce Company. He was the victim of the theft of his $70.00 watch when someone broke into his office at this business. This theft had taken place prior to the break-in (of this article) that had occurred the night before.

Tues, 15 Sept 1898

Rihard PARKER and Wm KELLY were taking orders for ice from Bowdry Lake.
The residence of Ernest HARPER, 9 mi NW of Carrollton was destroyed by fire.

Frank JAMES was mentioned as the official starter for the races at the fairgrounds.

A Mr. OGLE is mentioned as an Elder at the Christian Church.

Also mentioned is a Dr. H. P. BROWNING. (He had his horse halter stolen off of his horse two nights in a row while he was in the Opera House.)

Friday, 29 Jan 1899

Deaths included:

Evelyn BLAKE, age 95 of Fairmont, formerly of York and of Carrollton, MO, d 25 Jan 1999 in Fairmont. Her parents were: Emily MARTIN & George SHULL. On 3 May 1924, Evelyn had married Charles W. BLAKE. Charles d 1987. Mentioned in her obit is a brother, Arthur SHULL, who preceded her in death. Evelyn had 2 daughters: Dixie and Charlotte

Anna Geneva "Bess" BONDERER,, age 91, who died Sat, 9 Jan 1999 at Carroll County Memorial Hospital [sic 1502 North Jefferson St, Carrollton, MO 64633-1948]. "Bess" had been b 3 Feb 1907 in Clear Lake, MN. Her parents: Julia SAKRY and George STIMMLER. "Bess" m/Drury J. BONDERER on 7 May 1929 in Clear Lake. Drury d 31 Aug 1961. The obit lists three living sisters: Arvilla KIKLAS, Jewell KOCI & Ellen MACK as well as 5 deceased brothers: Gilbert, George, Clarence, Lloyd & John. and 1 deceased sister: Frona EIFFERT. "Bess" had 4 sons: James W., Drury Joseph, Jr, Thomas E. (deceased), & Col. Lawerence F. (deceased) and 3 daughters: Jean, Betty, Julia.
The funeral was held Tues, 12 Jan 1999 at the St. Colombian Catholic Church in Chillicothe, MO with the Rev. Matt RPTERT officiating. Burial: St Colombian Cem in Chillicothe.

...black man named Green THOMAS who had been nursing people in Bosworth, MO who were sick in a dreaded small pox epidemic. Mr. THOMAS was trying to get back into Carrollton to his family, when he was turned away by a Police Officer MILLION, Mayor BUSBY and a Mr. BALL.

Fri, 11 Dec 1898

On page 4 there is a wonderful picture of the home of Elinor & Alex DEAN as it looked in the early 1890's. It was located 2 mi east of Carrollton and at least some of it still remains. Alex is said to have been a Confederate soldier from 1851 to the end of the War Between the States. He was released from service in TN and worked his way to Carroll Co because that is where his family lived. Elinor (nee McCLAIN) and Alex DEAN m/20 Sept 1867.

There is copied a letter from Walter SMITH (of Co L, 45th MO) to Rev. E. A. BOYD asking that books be sent to the YMCA tent, of which he had charge, so that the boys in blue of Co A, 4th Regiment MO Volunteers could read them.
In this same part, there is a plea from an E. Allan BOYD asking that people donate books. (note: I would assume that this is the Rev. to whom the letter had been sent.)

Also mentioned, in this "LOOKING BACK" column, are Repps GOODSON (*my note: I think that this man is related to me through my HUDSON line.), Ed MINNIS, Marion EATON, Marshall BALL, W. C. WHITE and Jno. WARNER. There is nothing significant mentioned about these men.

Fri, 5 Feb 1899

Two young men, Charles ORD and Larkin STANLEY, both of Bosworth, died of Small-Pox in the epidemic.

Henry ADKINS little son & daughter were hurt on the way home from school.

Wilcoxson Opera House [sic: which later burned]

Dan HEINS and J. W. BRAMMER were the people to contact if you wished to skate on the then frozen Heins' lake.

J. A. MILLER was injured when a freight train backed into has coal wagon.

POLAND & CROUCH, as well as STILWELL & VON ARB, announced the 6:00 closing of their stores, except on Sat. Until the announcement, these stores had been open each weekday into the later evening hours.

Friday, 20 Nov 1898

A man named Issac FURRY was living in Standish, MO.

The mayor was named BUSBY.

The Marshall was Mr. BALL.

A 1 yr old boy had a rusty needle removed from his hip in Shelbyville, MO last week. He was the son of C.L. ENNIS.

The journal clerk of the House of Representatives was Capt. Thos. H. McKEE.

Veterinary surgeons Ed YATES, Jim KELSEY and Frank WAGAMAN paid a professional call to the Santa Fe addition Friday afternoon. A Dr. MURRAY was also called in. (*my note: It does not say if this Dr. MURRAY was a vet or a 'people doctor'.)

On page 4, there is a picture of a bedroom scene from the Carroll County Museum. It gives information that says that the LOWRANCE family came to the county in 1819 from Madison County, KY. It also states that Pearl Edwin LOWRANCE (deceased now, but taught my mother and later me in the public schools there in Carrollton) was a Ggrandaughter to a Mr. WEATHERS and a grandaughter to a Mr. SMART. The caption also mentions the Elihu and Oren ROOT home, of 1830. Pearl Edwin's paternal grandfather was Frank LOWRANCE.

There is clothing shown in the picture that had belonged, in 1896, to Miss Cora ROOSEVELT whose niece lived/lives in the area.

Tues, 12 Jan 1899

The town of Bosworth had a smallpox epidemic happening. The town, as well as 3 1/2 miles in every direction, was quarantined.

Everhardt STARKEY died in Carrollton recently at the age of 108 "after having used tobacco in both forms for 90 years." His wife had prevailed on him to quit only the year before his death. In this article, it is said of that quitting, "Behold the results."

A deputy sheriff named Billy RUYAN had been in Carrollton that day. He was from Norborne.

J.W. HILL had rec'd a telephone message (sic WOW!) saying that a Mrs. T.B. WHITE had died. She lived SE of Norborne & was the mother of Robt. WHITE.

A man named Frank BABCOCK had filed a notice in the paper stating, "The merchants are hereby notified that I will not be responsible for goods sold on my credit without a written order."

A Mr. Lewis TROTTER was said to be moving into the work property on S. 1st St.

The young ladies of the Missionary Society of the M.E. Church South had plans to host a tea at the home of Mrs. Wm MARSHALL. Notice was given in the paper and "All are invited."

A Miss Isa McCOMBA was said to be sick.

Among the death obits we have:

1] Cora C BLEW (23 Nov 1918 Marceline, MO-7 Jan 1999 Carrollton, MO) age 80, dau of Maybelle E. and Charles R. WELCH. Cora m/Clifford W. BLEW (d 3Dec 1984) on 16 Nov 1935 in Marceline. Cora's child: Clifford W. BLEW, Jr.; Cora's sister: Olive Lee DOWELL; Cora's half-sister: Ethel PEAVLER; Cora's half-brother: N.F. NEIGHBORS. Burial was in the Carroll Memorial Gardens in Carrollton.

2] Betty Ann GIBSON DAVIS (30 Nov 1931 DeWitt, MO-4 Jan 1999 Leawood, KS) age 67, dau of Olga RAASCH (surviving) & Clyde GIBSON. Betty m/Wm R. "Bill" DAVIS (surviving) on 20 June 1953. Betty & Wm had lived in Lawerence, KS, Kansas City, MO and Independence, MO. Betty's brothers: Billy GIBSON (m/Sharon UNKNOWN) Boise, Idaho; Ron GIBSON (m/Linda UNKNOWN) Norborne, MO. Betty's children: Cynthia, Eric & Kirk.

3] Clifton Roy FLICK (12 Feb 1925 Carroll Co, MO-7 Jan 1999 Carrollton, MO) age 73, son of Jewell COWAN (surviving) & Virgil E. FLICK (deceased). Clifton m/1 Lois DAUGHTERY (d 15 Aug 1978) on 14 June 1946 & m/2 Laverne SCOTT. Clifton's children: Carol Jean, Harold Lee, Linda and Gary. Clifton's siblings: Ray C., Jack, Elmer & Virgil. Funeral: 10 Jan 1999. Burial: Carroll Memory Gardens, Carrollton, MO.

4] Wayne Aldrich MAGEE (22 March 1928 Kansas City, MO-6 Jan 1999 Columbia, MO) age 70, son of Mary Ellen PARKINS & Harold MAGEE (both deceased). Wayne m/Katharine "Kathy" JONES on 13 Aug 1950 in Carrollton, MO. Kathy is deceased. Wayne's children: Ellen Dominque and Rick. Wayne's sibling: Jack MAGEE. Internment: Oak Hill Cemetery, Carrollton, MO.
Graveside service: 9 Jan 1999. Rev.Tim WEST pastor. [My note: I knew this man. If he is your family, I can provide a little more.]

End Of   "LOOKING BACK" (100 years ago) section:

13 October 1911

Mrs. Catherine Hudson died at her home, 610 North Main Street (sic) Carrollton, MO] at 1:30 Monday morning, October 9, 1811. The news was a great shock to our people, as Mrs. Hudson had been unusually well the past week.
Last evening at the supper table she was suddenly stricken with acute indigestion.
Two of her grandchildren, Mrs. Robert BROWN, of Chicago, and Hudson COOPER, of Fort Smith, Arkansas, were present and rendered prompt assistance. A physician and her children living near were called. Mrs. Hudson rallied and rested until past midnight then grew weaker until one o'clock, then fell peacefully asleep.
Knowing the end was near, as in the past, she expressed her willingness to obey the Master's call. Truly a "Mother in Israel" has gone to meet the loved ones who have crossed to the great beyond.
A sweet spirited, Christian woman, a loving mother, a true friend and a kind neighbor was Mrs. Hudson, a native of the Old Dominion, having been born in Henry County, Virginia, December 3, 1824. She accompanied her father, John O'REAR, and family to Ralls County, Missouri, in the autumn of 1835. In 1847, the family moved to western Carroll County, their home being near Miles Point.
Here she was united in marriage, June 5, 1849, to Repps Bedford Hudson, formerly of Henry County, Virginia but at the time of marriage, a resident of Carroll County. They made their home in Moss Creek township for a number of years. Mr. Hudson later built a handsome residence just north of Carrollton, where happy years were spent until his death December 11, 1901.
Mrs. Hudson then built her present home on North Main Street (610 North Main) in this city that she might be near her children. The fact that she built a commodious home shows her mother love. She wished it large enough for the home coming of children and grandchildren, and many times the halls rang with childish laughter as she gathered her children's children beneath the roof where always awaited a grandmother's loving welcome.
Mrs. Hudson's housekeeper for the past twenty years was Miss Selma Lawson, who was devoted to her in sickness and health, always ministering to her comfort and the comfort of those who crossed the threshold of this hospitable home.
Of the happy marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, seven children were born, John D. and Florence, deceased, Mrs. T. B. GOODSON, Repps Bedford and William E., of this city, Mrs. St. Cloud COOPER, Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Mrs. John GUITAR, Abilene, Texas. One or the other of the children or grandchildren of Mrs. Hudson was constantly with her during the years of her widowhood to care for and cheer her with loving hands and hearts. Mrs. A. K. RUSSELL, who made her home for several years with her grandmother after the death of Mr. Hudson, returned to her home in Louisiana a short time since, after an extended visit here with her parents and grandmother.
Of the O'Rear family only one of the older members survives. Mrs. Hudson leaves one sister, Mrs. Wilber SNOWDEN of Richmond, Missouri.
The deceased was a member of the Christian Church for many, many years, being a charter member of the church at Norborne, Missouri, giving liberally of her ample means to the cause of the Master and charities. Thus closes the life of one of Carroll County's pioneers, a life whose parity and sweetness was a benediction to those who knew her.
No funeral arrangements will be made until it is known what time the absent loved ones can reach here.

Submitters Note: Catherine (O'REAR) HUDSON was my GG grandmother and I have other information about her, as well as the family. Also, the home which was built by Mr. Hudson "north of town" is no longer standing. It was located north of the present 10th Street in between Main and Jefferson Streets and faced south.

December 15 1911

DEATH OF MRS. MARY COMBS Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. E. HUDSON, on North Folger Street in this city, Saturday evening, December 9, 1911, at 7:30 o'clock, Mrs. Mary E. Combs, aged 75 years, 4 Months and 21 days.
Mary Eleanor LOUD was the daughter of Richard and Eleanor Loud. She was born in Lexington, KY, July 18, 1836.
She grew to womanhood there, and December 16, 1856, she was married to Howard Tilford Combs. Soon after their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Combs moved to Missouri, locating in St. Joseph for a brief time, after which they returned to Kentucky. In 1867, they again came to Missouri, this time locating in Carrollton, remaining there until 1880. At this time, Mr. Combs became ill, and he was taken back to Kentucky where he died.
Mrs. Combs took up her residence in Lexington, Kentucky, after the death of her husband, and continued to reside there until 10 years ago, when she came to Carrollton to make her home with her daughter, Mrs. William E. Hudson. While her home has been here during these last years, Mrs. Combs frequently visited her daughters in New York.
Six months ago, Mrs. Combs health began to fail. Her condition gradually grew worse and for the past three months she had been confined to her bed. Her loved ones realized that her days were numbered, but no one expected the end was so near. Saturday evening there was no noticeable change in her condition. Her daughters were standing at her bedside when she closed her eyes and in a few moments she peacefully passed away.
When a girl yet in her teens, Mrs. Combs gave her heart to GOD and united with the Christian Church, and for about 60 years her life had been that of an earnest Christian woman. In her last illness she knew that her days were numbered, but death had no terrors for her and she waited patiently for the coming of the death angel. She was the mother of seven children, four of whom survive her ---Leslie, of Lexington, KY; Mrs. William E. HUDSON, of Carrollton; Mrs. Steven YATES and Mrs. A. F. KOUNTZE, of New York City.

The Republican Record Newspaper

Carrollton, Carroll County, MO

13 Aug 1914.

Judge W.W. THOMAS, of Bogard, has read this paper for 40 years. Born in Carroll County in 1843. Came From a Family Whose History Ante-dates, by a Number of Years, The War of Independence.
Judge W. [William] W. THOMAS, of Bogard, is another pioneer citizen of Carroll County, who made the Republican Record [Newspaper] one of the household necessities of those early days, and it is our pleasure to present, to our readers, a likeness and sketch of this good citizen.
When asked about his knowledge of the early days of the Republican Record one day last week, Judge THOMAS replied: "Well, I was well acquainted with Capt. TURNER, and I guess I have read the Republican Record from the time it was established, up until about 2 years ago, when I practically lost my eyesight."
Judge THOMAS came from a family whose history in the country antedates, by a number of years, the war for Independence.
Turpin THOMAS, his grandfather, whose ancestors came from Ireland, in Colonial times and settled in Virginia, was a Virginian by birth, and later became known as a pioneer of Kentucky.
Elisha THOMAS, a son of Turpin THOMAS, was born in Kentucky, 25 September 1814, and came to Carroll County and purchased land near DeWitt. He married Caroline ISOM, a native of Alabama, and here they reared a family, among them being William W. [THOMAS], the subject of this sketch, who was born 7 Sept 1843, on a farm five miles west of DeWitt, now known as the south part of the Jonathan McKINNEY farm.
Like his antecedents from time immemorial, he was a tiller of the soil. He became a successful farmer and substantial citizen, and now lives, with his good wife, in Bogard, where they enjoy the association of a host of warm and admiring friends.
The maiden name of his wife was Arabella HUNDLEY, daughter of Sarah and Ambrose HUNDLEY, and their wedding occurred on the 2nd day of April, 1865.
They were the parents of four children, three of whom are living: Sallie, the oldest in the family, is the widow of the late John MATHIESON, of Bosworth; William E., the second oldest, who married Mary WALKER, of this county, is one of the most successful and enterprising business men, who owns lumber yards in several states. The third was Columbus, who died in infancy in 1873, and the youngest is Gwendoline, who married S.W. VAUGHN and lives on the old home farm in Leslie Township.
About the time of his marriage, Judge THOMAS purchased a farm in Leslie Township, where their children were born and grew to womanhood and manhood.
The educational advantages in Missouri in the boyhood days of Judge THOMAS were limited, and 9 months was the extent of his school training, but when in the prime of his life, few men in the country could go ahead of Judge THOMAS. He had been active in his pursuits and has gathered a practical education from along the common walks of life.
He had always been a pronounced Republican and in 1898, his party recognized in him a business leader and they elected him as Presiding Judge of the County Court, and Mr. THOMAS enjoyed the distinction as sitting as the first Presiding Judge in Carroll County's new $60,000.00 Court House.
He made a splendid official and his electors never once regretted their action in placing him in this high position.
He served 16 months in the M.S.M. Co E - Reg 4, in the Civil War and received an honorable discharge in 1865.
The Baptist Church represents his religious belief, of which body himself and his wife, for many years, have been faithful and conistent members.
May many more years come to brighten the life of you and yours is the sincere wish of the Republican Record, the weekly visitor of your good home since the 60's [1860's].

Please note that Judge THOMAS was my GGgrandfather, and I am interested in communicating with others about this family.

The funeral of Mrs. Mary COMBS was held at the residence of W. E. Hudson, on North Folger Street, Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. Rev. G. L. Bush conducted the services in the presence of a large number of friends. At the conclusion of the service the body was placed on the electric car and taken to the Wabash noon train, and from thence to Lexington, KY, for burial. All four of the living children -- Mrs. W. E. Hudson, Leslie Combs, Mrs. Stephen Yates, and Mrs. A. F. Koutze -- accompanied the body to its last resting place.

Thursday, 6 March 1952

Harold AHNEFIELD & Sterling CASNER are in Kansas City today on business.

The meeting is said to have been held at the Magazine Club Rooms there in Carrollton.
Other names mentioned are:
Miss Rose Marie KELTNER Mrs. T.C. WATSON Mrs. W.G. ATWOOD Mrs. Herald KELTNER

Persons mentioned in this article are:
Mrs. Lillian HAYNES - president of the O.E.S. (Order of the Eastern Star)
Cecil BROWN Mrs. Hazel DYE
Mr & Mrs O.C. SWEENY - of Hale - celebrating 50 yrs of marriage
Mr & Mrs J.M. TRUBY - of Carrollton - celebrating 50 yrs of marriage
Ruth JONES - of Hale Mrs. Lena DEARDORFF
Mr & Mrs Ralph HAYNES - pres & her husb - wed anniv 25 Feb
Mr & Mrs Dave EDWARDS - vp & her husb - wed anniv 29 Feb
Mrs. Marie TANZBERGER - of Tina - [*sic she was nee STIPP - *Note: I knew   her. Her bro, Christian STIPP was my God parent.]
Earl DENHAM - of Bogard
Mrs. May DENHAM - (* maybe Earl's wife, I wonder?)
Mrs. Daisy CUNDIFF - Dist. Grand Matron of the 20th Dist.
Miss Pearl Edwin LOWRANCE - Grand Rep. to CO - [*note: I knew her.]
Mrs. Frances PEEVLER - Brunswick, MO - out of district guest

Mr. and Mrs. L.E. BRUNE have returned from Denver, Colo.

Mr. and Mrs. L.C. HUDSON have returned from several weeks stay in Florida. (*Note: They were my grandparents.)

Gary and Angie ORSCHELN of Moberly [sic MO] spent Wednesday with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert BELL of Carrollton. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gene ORSCHELN spent Wednesday in Kansas City,

Birthday wishes were sent out to these people
For Thursday, 6th March
Mrs. Frank UTLEY Harold GEORGE Cleve MACOUBRIE Mrs. Henry HENSICK M. T/Sgt Marion H. CULVER
Daisy STANDLEY Luther WILMORE Mrs. Frank CARTER Mrs. B.F. UTLEY - 80 years Mrs. E.J. HARTZELL
For Friday, 7th March
For Saturday, 8th March

The Women's Fellowship of the Christian Church meets Friday, March 7th. Section one will meet with Mrs. Adelia SCHMIDT. Section two, with Mrs. W.C. WHITEHOUSE.

The Carrollton Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will present a program on 'America Loves Her Children' at 2:30 o'clock Monday, March 10th, at the home of Mrs. Joe P. DICKSON.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred BROCKMEIER will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, March 9th at their home at 610 East Benton.
Mrs. BROCKMEIER was nee Matilda WEBER. The wedding took place 9 Mar 1922 at the home of Matilda's parents. Rev. John SCHMIDT presided.

The following people were listed as being the Alumni Class of Bogard, MO 1933
(I have to wonder if most of the middle names, listed for most of the females, weren't actually their maiden names.)
Ann Allison BLACKLY - housewife, Carrollton, MO
Harry HARPER - insurance business, Mexico, MO
Catherine Newport BURNER - housewife, Carrollton, MO
Majorie Runyon EVERT - housewife, Carrollton, MO
Elsie Bell Dorner HAWKINS - housewife, Bogard, MO
Lela Cox Phillips - housewife, Bogard, MO
Ralph SUTTON - Phillips Oil Co, Kansas City, KS
Frances Meyer JOHNSON - housewife, IL
Clastine Givens ADRAIN - secretary, Denver, CO
Paul NORRIS - grocer, Mendon, MO
Lillian Miller ALBERT - housewife, White Rock, MO
Roy KUHLMAN - glass factory, Kansas City, MO
Catherine CHEESEMAN - General Motors employee, Middle Town, IN
Harry MATTOX - Farmer, Norborne, MO
Irene Brock LUTES - clerk, Kansas City, MO
Don FLICK - oil refinery, CA

In an item about a dance contest, there were mentioned:
Mr & Mrs S.J. HUGHES, Carrollton, MO
Mr & Mrs W.J. WALKER, Richmond, MO
Mr & Mrs Roscoe LEE, Richmond, MO
Mr & Mrs Clay DENHAM, Richmond, MO

Names in some of the advertising are:
BROWNING Supply Co, Carrollton
BOLINGER Radio & TV Shop, Carrollton
WEINHOLD's, Carrollton
Dr L.L.ATHA, O.D. , Carrollton
J. P. TURNER (Realtor) & Walter W. McGUIRE (Salesman), Carrollton
CALVERT's Davis Paint Store, Carrollton
DUVALL's Wabash Store (groceries), Carrollton
Red Cross - Mrs. Marie ALLEN (Hostess), Carrollton
HEREFORD's Ready to Wear & Dry Goods, Carrollton
Cecil FLEENER (butcher at the A & P Grocery Store)

In the Wakenda, MO News Items, these names are mentioned:
Mrs. Quenten HARDEN - author of column
Mr & Mrs Elmer ADKINS - moved to CONDER farm near Waverly, MO
Mr & Mrs Harold MAYDEN - of Wakenda
Mr & Mrs Norman MARTIN - of Carrollton
Mrs Luther BALLENGER's funeral - of Kansas City - formerly of Wakenda
Mr & Mrs Eldon GRIFFIN - of Carbondale, KS
Mr & Mrs Harry ADKINS
Mrs. Mary STANLEY - Tues, Mar 4th - surprise birthday party for her
Mrs. Jack STATON
Nancy STATON (evidentially dau of above)
Mrs Grace MILLS
Mrs Edith WILSON
Ray WILSON (evidentially son of above)
Mrs Harry THOMAS
Mrs Paulene ATHERTON
Darrell Gene ATHERTON (evidentially son of above)
Mrs Quenten HARDEN
Mrs Blanch McADOW - of Lexington, MO
Mr & Mrs Lewis STATON
Mr & Mrs Harry SMITH
Donnie & Tommie SMITH (evidentially sons of above)
Mrs Lillian CLEMENTS (mother of Tommy)
Mrs Charley JENKINS - lives close to DeWitt, MO (dau of Lillian)
Mr & Mrs Gordon GORMAN - Bosworth, MO
Mr & Mrs Harold HARDEN
Mr & Mrs Tom MILLER - of Kansas City
Mr & Mrs Harry THOMAS - enjoying new TV set!
Mr & Mrs Ross COWICK
Mrs Sarah COWICK - evidentially of DeWitt, MO
Evangelist Raymond STEVEN

*note: This particular installment mentions quite a few different surnames. So, you may wish to peruse it even if the deceased is not your family ...

22 October 1955

Well Known Banker Had Been A Resident of Carroll County His Entire Life; Funeral Sunday
W.E. Hudson, one of the best known and highly respected citizens of Carrollton, died at his home, 119 Folger Street, shortly after 11 p.m. Friday, October 21, 1955. He had been failing rapidly for a few days before his passing and the end did not come unexpectedly to the members of the family and his many friends.
The life of W.E. Hudson has long been associated with the farming, Banking and civic interests of Carroll County and Carrollton. By a life of persistent application and consistent endeavor, along conservative and legitimate lines, the well known banker of this city made for himself a name which was unanimously accorded a proud position among the foremost citizens and businessmen of this section of Missouri. His marked success in bringing to conclusion large schemes in the business world, contributed largely toward the development of this locality.
William E. [sic Edward] Hudson, was born March 3, 1862, on a farm east of Norborne, the son of Repps B. (Bedford) and Catherine (O'REAR) Hudson, both natives of Virginia, from which state the father came to Carroll County, Missouri, about 1842, locating among the pioneers in Moss Creek Township. He moved to Carrollton in 1877, where he lived until his death in 1901.
W.E. Hudson was reared on a farm, where he worked during the summer months and attended the district schools in the winter time. He was further educated in the public schools of Carrollton and graduated from Jones Commercial School in St. Louis.
On the 12th day of September, 1881, he entered the Farmers Bank of Norborne, of which his father was president. He worked there four years as bookkeeper, then for four years, he assisted his father and brother, the late Repps B. Hudson, on the farm in the cattle business.
In 1889, Mr. Hudson assisted in the organization of the First National Bank of Carrollton and became the first cashier. He was assisted in the formation of this institution by James R. CLINKSCALES, who was its first president and whose death occurred in the fall of 1893. In January, 1894, Mr. Husdon was elected president, being only thirty-one years of age at the time. He was one of the youngest bank presidents in Missouri. After serving 54 years as president of the First National, he retired from active work to become president of the board of directors. He was succeeded at that time by Homer E. DUNHAM as president of the bank.
W.E. Hudson was the last surviving, charter member of the Missouri Bankers Association. It was on August 1, 1953, when he stepped down as chairman of the board, a director, and an employee of the First National Bank, thus ending a career of 68 years in the banking business.
His retirement was spent mostly at home but he found great pleasure in calling at the bank almost daily. There, seated at his desk, he visited with his many friends as they stopped to pass the time of day. Although he was well up in the nineties, he remembered many of them and discussed such things with them as crop conditions, finances or possibly an occasional word about politics.
Mr. Hudson had been in many activities other than banking. Until recently, he had maintained an active interest in cattle raising and farming. He owned farms in the county, and had always looked after their management. He had always taken an interest in the civic affairs of the city. In the organization of the Carrollton Development Company, he took an active part. He served as treasurer of the Carrollton School District through the years. He served as a member of the city council at one time. For many years, he served on the official Board of the Christian Church and the greater part of that time as deacon.
Mr. Hudson was married November 7, 1889, to Minnie [sic Mary] COMBS. There are two surviving children: Leslie C., of Carrollton and Marguerite, wife of William G. CURRY. They reside at Liberty, Missouri. Mrs. Husdon died June 28, 1946. There are four surviving grandchildren: Mrs. J.S. TROTTER, Mrs. Clayton BRIDGES, Mrs. Robert L. WILLY, and William Hudson CURRY, and five great-grandchildren: Susie and Leslie Trotter and Becky Bridges, Leslie Bridges, and Carolyn Willy.
Mr. Husdon was the last surviving member of a family of seven. Those brothers and sisters, preceding him in death were: John David Hudson, Elizabeth Hudson GOODSON, Sallie Florence Hudson, Dora Hudson COOPER, Repps Bedford Hudson, Jr. and Laura Hudson GUITAR.
Funeral services in his memory will be held from the Christian Church in Carrollton, Sunday afternoon at 2:30, conducted by the Rev. J. Kenneth Powell. Interment will be by the side of his wife in Oak Hill.
The Pallbearers: H.E. DUNHAM, L. LUDWIG, E.C. JOHNSON, Charles RUTT, R. LUDWIG and Lee DICKSON.


In the section for: 20 years ago this week the Democrat said:
Tuesday, May 12 1864
At the annual commencement of the Wakenda High School on May 4, (sic 1944), Mrs. Bruce BLAKELY furnished the music for the processional and the recessional. D.D. THOMAS made the graduating address and Dale WILLIAMS presented the diplomas.
Graduates were Billy Gene STATON, E.V. BELL, Jr, Melva ELLIOTT, Billy HARDEN, LeRoy STOCKSTELL, Boyce G. SCHOLLE and Harold A. LUNGREN.

Monday, 11 May 1964

(Carrollton is the county seat of Carroll Co)

Mrs. Rosa Calvert, 75, died Friday, May 8, at 3:37 p.m. at the Wetzel Hospital in Carrollton. She had been ill the past year but had been critical the last month.
She was born March 4, 1889 in Oklahoma. She lived in Sweet Springs until she came to Carroll County in 1955.
She married Herman Calvert who preceded her in death. Later she married William Calvert who is deceased.
She is survived by one brother, Ike KELLER, of Golden City and four grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by a daughter, Mary. She was a member of the Bosworth Baptist Church.
Funeral services were held Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Gibson Funeral Home in Carrollton. Rev. B.A. Pugh conducted the services. Interment was in the Eugene cemetery.

May 12, 1964

Services For Elbert W. ROSE
Funeral services were held for Elbert W. Rose at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, May 10 at the Church of Christ in Minneola, KS. The Rev. Herman BARNETT, of Lakin, KS and Rev Hugh VAUGHN of the Church of Christ Officiated. Interment was in the Minneola Cemetery.
Elbert W. Rose, 77, was the son of Thomas R. and Mary (SIMPSON) Rose. He died May 6, at the Trinity Hospital in Dodge City, KS. He had been in the hospital for 9 days and in failing health for about one year.
He was born June 29, 1886 in Carroll County and grew up near Carrollton. He attended schools in this community. Mr. Rose went with his parents to Meade County near Plains in 1911.
In 1913, he moved to Ford County. He married Ruth L. ALLEN January 6, 1914 at Carrollton. They lived on a farm untill Mr. Rose retired in October, 1962 when they moved to Minneola.
He was a member of the Cooperatives board of directors at Minneola for 12 years and also a member of the governing board of Bloom Township. He was on the board of the Production Credit Association of Greensburg. He was a member of the Minneola Men's Club. He was a successful farmer, active in promoting needs of a growing community. He was devoted to his family and was active until shortly before his death.
Survivors include a wife of the home, a sister, (Mrs) Maude OLSON of Minneola, and several nieces and nephews.
Those attending form here were: Mr and Mrs Roy S. ALLEN, Mrs Estle BAGGS and Cecil BAGS

May 13, 1964

Mrs. Vessie MARTIN Dies In Wakenda
Mrs. Vessie A. Martin, 74, died at 11:15 p.m. yesterday at her home in Wakenda. She died very suddenly.
She was born October 8, 1889 in Carroll County and is the daughter of Simon Milton NEWSOM and Malissa BATES NEWSOM, both dead.
She has been a resident of the Wakenda area since 1932 and before that she lived near Bosworth and Miami Station.
She married Ira B. MARTIN on March 14, 1916 at Miami station. He survives in the home at Wakenda.
She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Leo (Helen) TONNAR of Carrollton, and Mrs. Marvin (Lois) HURT of Jasper, and three sons, Donald MARTIN of the U.S. Navy stationed at Charleston, SC, who makes his home at Memphis, TN, Norman MARTIN of Carrollton and Louis C. MARTIN of Belle, one sister, Mrs. Stella RADER of Huntsville, and seven grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by five brothers and five sisters. She was a member of the Christian Church at Miami Station.
The funeral arrangements are incomplete. The body is at the Gibson Funeral Home in Carrollton.

Wednesday, 13 May 1964
Ernest COOPER, 53, a former resident of Carrollton, who has lived in the San Francisco area for the past several years, died there Monday. His sister, Mrs. Eva LYNCH of Hardin, left by plane Monday to attend the funeral. He was the son of Mrs. Mary Cooper of Carrollton and a brother of Otis Cooper also of Carrollton. The body will be buried in California.

Wednesday, 13 May 1964

Edgar BROWN of Tina died suddenly Tuesday evening at his home. He is the son of Tazwell Brown and Mary Jane CAMPBELL, and was born June 21, 1888. January 3, 1918 he was married to Muad Bell BURZARD.
Surviving are four children, Mrs. Derald FRY of Carrollton, Mrs. Roy COLLIVER of Tina, Mrs. Bud HOWSMAN of Chillicothe, and Allen BROWN of Garden City, Kan., four sisters, Mrs. Edith NEWTON of Chillicothe, Mrs. Ethel MARTIN of Tucson, Ariz., Mrs. Bertha BENZOL of Scotts Bluff, Neb., and Mrs. Rosie GEORGE of Salinas, Calif., 14 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by one brother, Delmer.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday from the Austin Funeral home in Tina. Rev. Eldon Smith will conduct the services. Interment will be in the Coloma cemetery.

Wednesday, 13 May 1964


News of the death of Dr. F.F. Fischer, 1306 North 24th, Boise, Idaho, was received this morning by relatives here.
Dr. Fischer was born east of Carrollton Sept. 20, 1893, the youngest in a family of nine. His parents were John and Christine Fischer, natives of Germany having first settled in Ohio, before coming to Carroll County.
Dr. Fischer received his degree of Dr. of veterinary Medicine from Kansas City College. He began practice under Dr. B.C. Davis in Carrollton and later in Bosworth.
It was in Bosworth that he met and married Esther DAUGHTERY in May 1923. He was a veteran of World War I.
Dr. Fischer worked for the State Department in Illinois; and then worked with a team of veteranians in stamping out hoof and mouth disease in the Southern states for a period. He was then appointed United States Inspector for the Bureau of Animal Husbandry for the State of Idaho, where he served for ten years. He then transferred to the state of Missouri as the United States Inspector for another period of ten years. He then returned to Idaho and worked with the State Department of Animal Husbandry.
Dr. Fischer has been in semi-retirement for the past three years; and has been compiling statics, references, books for the state Dept. of the Bureau of Animal Husbandry for the state of Idaho. He specialized in diseases of cattle.
Dr. Fischer has been in failing health for the past year, and underwent surgery on May 5th.
He is survived by two brothers, William Fischer, and Dave Fischer. Four nieces, in Carrollton, Mrs. Wm. F. HEINS Jr., Mrs. Edward L. HEINS; Mrs. Lowell L. ANDERSON, and Mrs. Gene WALLACE of Bogard.
The services and interment will be in Idaho.

Wednesday, 13 May 1964

A newspaper clipping that came to light from the files in the Daily Democrat office this week was a history of the 65th anniversary of St.Mary's Catholic Church in Carrollton. The history was published in the Daily Democrat of December 10, 1937. and apparently it was compiled by Miss Edith Queen and Mrs. C.R. PATTISON.
The clipping gives no date of founding of the church but calculating from the figures stated in the clipping, St. Mary's is now 92 years old. The clipping does not give a date of the erection of the first Catholic church but it does tell of some help that was given to the parish by Mrs. Mary TALLY, a wealthy woman of New York City who built an edifice in Carrollton in 1872. It is possible the historian dated the founding of St. Mary's from 1872.

Tuesday, 28 July 1964 Carrollton, Carroll, MO

Clifton Morgan Willis, 66, died Tuesday in a Kansas City hospital where he had been a patient for one week. He had been ill for the past four months but had been serious for the past two weeks.
He was born August 31, 1897 in Carroll County, the son of Cullun Willis and Minnie Magee Willis. He attended rural Carroll County Schools.
Mr. Willis had lived his entire life in Carroll County. He farmed until 1940 and then moved to Carrollton in 1941. He was engaged in heavy construction work until his retirement in August of 1963. September 27, 1919 he was married to Elsie Hoffman who survives.
Surviving are three sons, Ray Willis of Carrollton, Sidney Willis of Carrollton Major Clyde Willis of the Strategic Air Command, Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, Maine, one daughter, Mrs. Glen Dell Cary of Independence, two sisters, Mrs. Lucille Butler and Mrs. Ruby Dunlap of Kansas City, one brother, Emmett Willis of Kansas City and seven grandchildren.
He was a member of the Methodist Church and belonged to the IOOF lodge of Carrollton.
Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2:30 p.m. at the Gibson Funeral Home in Carrollton. Interment will be in the Carroll Memory Gardens.

Tuesday, 28 July 1964

Mrs. Dora GLENN, 83, died Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Carroll County Memorial Hospital. She had been a patient there the past five weeks.
The Gibson Funeral Home has charge of the body. Funeral arrangements have not been made.

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