How To Set-up ws_ftpLE for your OKGenWeb page.

Directions consist of 4 printed pages.
I would recommend these be printed out for references

Download ws_ftp

FTP Extras that make life a little easier when uploading.

Make a new folder in your C: drive, name it using your county name. Save all files for your county in this folder.

Open the ws_ftp program

Setting Up ws_ftp

Click New
Fill in information as follows as shown above:

Profile Name: Name of your county.

Host Name/Address:

Host Type: Automatic detect

User ID: the user ID that was given to you.

Password: the password that was given to you.

Check the box "Save Pwd

Click OK

Learning What Everything Is

Left Side of Dialog Box = Local System
It list all files on your computer
Double clicking the small green arrow
"twice" will show all folders listed in
your C:\  drive

Middle of Dialog Box
Directional arrows above are used to
transfer the files.
Clicking once on a file to highlight it

and then clicking a directional arrow
will transfer the file

The ASCII is use for html/htm/text
The Binary option is use for images

Right Side of Dialog Box = Remote Site
By clicking the public_html folder,
you can view all files that are on the
county website. 

Downloading Files To Your Computer
Find your County Folder (the one you made)
in the "Local System"  (left side)

Double click the folder to open it

Highlight any file you want toDOWNLOAD
from the "Remote Site" by clicking on it once.

Click the arrow in the middle of dialog box
to transfer file to your "Local System"
county folder

This only copies the file, it does not delete the file from online.

Uploading files to website
Click once on the file you want to upload to highlight it.
Now click on the arrow and the file will be transfered
to your online county site

Files uploaded with same file name will replace existing file
All files that are highlighted will be uploaded.

If you add an image (gif or jpg) to the page/file you edit
than you will also need to upload the image (gif or jpg)
along with the page/file (html) to be able to view image

When finished click Exit.