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OKbits File Love County:

  Love County Historical Society Newsletter
published with permission from
President – Laquitta Holt Ladner

submitted by Sandy Hembree

Love County Historical Society, Inc…

P.O. Box 134                                                                                    Marietta, Okla.  73448

The Love County Historical Society, Inc. was chartered in 1979 with the purpose of preserving the history of Love County and its people.  The society meets the fourth Tuesady of each month, ( except November and December ) at 7:00 p. m.    Membership cost is $ 10 per year   and $150 for a lifetime membership.
Members receive a quarterly newsletter.
President – Laquitta Holt Ladner                                                          Trustees
Vice President – Anne Lee Burkhard                                  Van Burkhart       Jerry Cochran
Secretary – Doloras Harvey                                                 Don Harvey          Ron Jocaobs
Treasurer – W. T. Warthen                                                                Tankie Spivey
Curator – Pauline Warthen
New Members                    Ruby Thurman          Chris Stofel                   Sandy Hembree
Donations                           Ouilda  McDanial      Johnstone Trust              Jimmy Monkres      
Memorial in Memory of :      Cleo Voyles        Thelma Colston         Lillie Hull Coyle    
                                                         Jaryl Arthur                   Frank Barrick
1987 & 1990 -2003 Historical Calendars   $ 1.00  Plus  $1.50 Postage

2004 Historical Calendars $ 5.00    2005 Historical Calendars $5.00  Available by the
 New Year.  (add $1.50  postage, postage on more than one calendar will vary)

For more information or to order forms, call Dolores Harvey (580) 276 – 2578  or   Alice
Cochran (580) 276 – 5486 or write the society at  P.O. Box 134,    Marietta, Okla.   73448

We appreciate the donations,   no matter the size,  as well as the support and your interest. 
Again,  thanks for everything.
                                                                                                   X signed 

Oswalt  School Census    1924     Continued from July 2004   Newsletter
                                                                                  Compiled by Laquitta Ladner
Name Sex Race Birthdate Parent/Guardian
Oma McConnell F W May 26, 1907 W.Y. McConnell
Glenn McConnell M W June 26, 1909
Lesley McConnell M W Sept. 26, 1911
Bill McConnell M W Nov. 1, 1912
Norma McConnell F W Mar. 23 1914
Lois McFall M W Oct.18, 1908 C. M. McFall
Velda Steward F W Nov.17, 1905 M. C. Steward
Edwin Steward M W Apr. 28, 1908
Cleo Steward F W Apr. 20, 1911
J. D. Steward M W Apr. 26, 1914
Blanch Black F W Aug. 15, 1908 Mary Black
Maggie Black F W July 9, 1910
Clarence Black M W Aug. 6, 1914
Woodrow Black M W Sept.1, 1916
Raymond Black M W July 20, 1918
Goldie Helton F W June 03, 1905 R.B. / Emily Helton
Doris Helton M W Feb. 15, 1908
Jewel Helton F W Sept. 30, 1911
Bruce Helton Jr. M W Dec. 21, 1914
Aleta Easter F W Oct. 4, 1916 G.F. / Katie Easter
Lillie Rogers F W Jan. 17, 1907 Laura Rogers
Eddie Rogers M W Mar. 17, 1909
Dossie Rogers M W Oct. 22, 1911
Opal Rogers F W July 02, 1915
John Dunn M W June 22, 1907 W.M. Dunn
Mady L. Dalton F W Mar. 25, 1916 W.O. Dalton
Delbert Dalton M W Jan. 7, 1918
Jewel Carlile F W Sept. 29, 1910 S. H. Carlile
William Carlile M W Oct. 9, 1912
Opal Carlile F W Mar. 17, 1915
Juanita Cox F W Oct. 2, 1911 J.A. Cox
Delbert Cox M W Apr. 8, 1913
Clarence Cox M W Jan. 10, 1915
Alleta Cox F W Sept. 28, 1917
Mary Ann Dunn F W Feb. 22, 1913 J. W. Dunn
Herbert Gray M W May 06, 1908
Clara Gray F W Mar. 27, 1910
Cecil Gray M W Feb. 19, 1912
Hazel Gray F W May 06, 1914
Viola Bridges F W Sept. 13, 1905 H. T. Bridges
Florence Bridges F W Feb. 14, 1907
Ruth Bridges F W Apr. 9, 1909
Velma Bridges F W Feb. 8, 1912
Irene Bridges F W Jan. 16, 1914
Dortha Bridges F W Sep. 7, 1916
Treava Mobley F W June 21, 1913 P. A. Mobley
Cloy Mobley M W July 03, 1918
Florence Bell F W Sep. 20, 1909 W. J. Patchell
Lester Tankersley M W June 25, 1910 B.S. Tankersley
Carrie McClusky F W Sep. 4, 1904 B.F. McClusky
Ethel Holmes F W Oct. 24,1915 H.M. Shrader
Bernice Parr F W Sep. 5, 1913 Pearl Tucker
A. G. Parr M W Nov. 8, 1915
Ozie Tucker M W Nov. 13, 1904 W.M. / Janie Tucker
Bernard Tucker M W July 04, 1907
Delila Hull F W Jan. 26, 1909
George Randolph M W Mar. 7, 1904 S. H. Randolph
Aubia Randolph M W Mar. 29, 1906
Ethel Randolph F W July 13, 1908
Ruby Randolph F W Jan. 13, 1911
Ruth Randolph F W Aug. 2, 1913
Woodrow Randolph M W Oct. 20, 1917
Monnie McClusky F W Dec. 16, 1903 M.A. McClucky
Clarence McClusky M W Nov. 6, 1905
Curtis McClusky M W Mar. 23, 1908
Mattie McClusky F W Mar. 14, 1911
Ruby McClusky F W May 07, 1912
Opal McClusky F W Jan. 2, 1916
Ralph Johnson M W Feb. 14, 1915 J. L. Johnson
Nadine Johnson F W Dec. 14, 1916
Hubert Faulkenberry M W July 11, 1913 W. C. Faulkenberry
Elbert Faulkenberry M W June 15, 1915
Opal Faulkenberry F W Feb. 28, 1918
Myrtle Faulkenberry F W Nov. 15, 1903 T. E. Faulkenberry
Estelle Goldsmith F W Sept. 1, 1908 J. H. Goldsmith
Elle Goldsmith F W Aug. 11, 1910
Elvin Goldsmith M W Oct. 14, 1915
Leota Todd F W Sep. 27, 1908 A. Todd
Neva Todd F W Sep. 11, 1912
Eugene Todd M W May 30, 1915
Gussie Tucker F W Dec. 17, 1909 S. A. Tucker
Gladys Tucker F W June 02, 1912
S. A. Tucker M W Oct. 30, 1916
Frank Hull M W Aug. 18, 1906 Moss Hull
Hollis Hull M W July 12, 1908
Alice Hull F W June 28, 1910
Earl Hull M W Mar. 9, 1912
Etherl Hull F W Oct. 27, 1913
William Hull M W Dec. 28, 1916
Ponie Davidson M W June 06, 1908 Bill Davidson
Flossie Davidson F W Nov. 24, 1909
Vernon Davidson M W Feb. 5, 1911
Cora Davidson F W Mar. 18, 1913
Wylie Davidson M W Oct. 1, 1914
Rube Davidson M W Feb. 18, 1913
Jewel Williams F W June 05, 1905 J. A. Williams
Robert Williams M W Aug. 13, 1915
Lillie Wall F W Dec. 28, 1909 H.H. Wall
Ruby Wall F W Oct. 5, 1913
Daisy Wall F W Mar. 24, 1918
William Stinson M W Apr. 15,1904 T. J. Stinson
Wesley Stinson M W Nov. 21, 1906
Augustine McClusky F W Aug. 25, 1917 L.W. McClusky
Ervin Stevens M W July 06, 1904 J. W. Stevens
Clyde Stevens M W Mar. 15, 1907
Gilbert Stevens M W Dec. 06, 1911
Joseph Stevens M W Dec. 11, 1911
Earl Pool M W July 28, 1905 J. C. Pool
Veda Pool M W Oct. 24, 1907
Emma Pool F W July 15, 1909
Hazel Pool F W Dec. 11, 1913
Ben Pool M W Feb. 13, 1916
Vallie Howard F W Aug. 4, 1908 A. L. Howard
Dorothie Mason F W May 22, 1914 W. W. Mason
Al Dee Hull M W Jan. 27, 1905 J. D. Hull
Burlee Ingram M W June 24, 1907 B. R. Ingram
Vadna Ingram F W Sep. 24, 1912
Vera Davidson F W Sep. 01, 1908 Belle Davidson

Cheek and Oswalt were the Post Offices given as addresses and enemerators were Earl Pool, C. E. Watson and P. W. Poe.   Oswalt was one of the original Love County school districts set up in 1908.  The last school census at Oswalt was taken in 1948.   At the time 21 school- age pupils were counted.

 Love County Historical Society Inc….

October 2004 Quarterly Newsletter.

Old News                               Compiled by Laquitta Holt Ladner

Marietta Monitor Nov. 5, 1896

T. B. Graham, one of J. C. Washington’s tenants, had about 800 Lbs. of seed cotton stolen out of the field last week. He traced the thieves to Denison where they sold the cotton and is still after them.

J. D. Heady has purchased the Geo. Fraer property near the Methodist Episcopal church. The latter is talking of going to Florida or Mississippi.

Geo. Lunsford and Miss Lovie Parker were married last Sun. on the Blake farm. Rev. Wood officiating.

L. T. Hill and company is opening a restaurant in the Holly Bldg. which will be run in first class style.

J. A. Franklin sold one of his pool tables to August Becker of Lindsay, Texas.

Judge Love is making improvements in his power plant this fall.

W. C. Holland has secured a big lease at Durant and will move there soon.

Harold Presley and Anne Harris of this place married last Week.

Marietta Monitor Dec. 17, 1896

Albert Carroll, 10 years old son of James Carroll of Eastman died from brain fever Sudnay.

Dr. West reports that Homer McNeil’s 5 year old son had the misfortune to fall off a fence and break his arm Saturday.

Marietta Monitor Dec. 30, 1904
The citizens of Love Valley are working on getting a Post Office. A petition is being circulated. If they are fortunate enough to secure the office the mail line that runs from here to Aquone will likely go by there.

Ed Lipscomb of Love Valley returned home from Rome, GA. Where he has been the past year working for the railroad company. He will remain in Loves Valley and engage in farming.
Marietta Monitor Nov. 6, 1914

Grady Pool and Miss Lallie Sloan two popular young people of Oswalt were united in marriage at the Baptist parsonage.

The beautifal home of M/M J. M. Alexander was the scene of a delightful informal gathering to celebrate the anniversary of Mrs. Reba Roberson’s birthday. Presend were Rev. Hamilton and wife M/M A. P. Baily, M/M Ad Mayfield, M/M T. L. Rose, Mrs. J.D. Nichols of Kennedy, Ts, mother of Mrs. Rose; Mesdames Guy Matherly, Mollie Walker, W. H. Burch, Mrs. Moore, Miss Birdie Moore, Miss Sophia Black, Irby Black, Prof. Chapman, Little Misses Eloise Rose and Pauline Baily.

L.C. Stevens and family formerly of the Batson school house neighborhood are now residents of Marietta. Mr. Stevens will write insurance for New York Life Ins. Co.

T. H. mcGehee a former citizen of this place but now living at Boswell was looking after business interests and visiting relatives here the first of the week.

Marietta Monitor Nov. 13, 1914

John Laten of Orr was here attending court.

W. W. McEntire and E. A. Gassaway of the Oswalt community were business visitors here Tuesday.

Walter Hodges, cashier at the First State Bank at Orr was a business visitor Tuesday.

Haney White has resigned his position at his brother Roland G. White’s confectionary and has opened a cleaning and pressing establishment at the Isadore Weil Old Stand at Love County News.

M. E. Harris Sup’t. of the Cornish Orphan’s Home was here Wed. in the interest of his work.

Browder Lauderdale of Saint Jo, Texas was a guest of friends here Sunday.

Rev. J. M. Hammons of Rubottom was here on business Monday.

Marietta Monitor Nov. 20, 1914

From the number of new buildings which are soon to be started it would seem that times are getting better. Will Frensley reports that he sold a bill of lumber for a new school house at Cross Hill for which A. P. Baily has the contract. Dud Wilson is also having a new four room house built east of town and Mr. Goltry is having a new house built on his farm in Loves Valley.
J. C. Chambers was here from Oswalt with cotton which he sold on the local market.

The residence and contents of J. C. Fitts and wife of Burneyville were destroyed by fire the 11th. Mrs. Fitts is visiting her parents H. C. Hale and wife of this place while a new house is being erected. M/M Fitts were in the cotton field when the house burned.

Lee Askew and family who left here some time ago and moved to Grand View, WA, like most others who leave Marietta have returned, fully convinced that Marietta is hard to beat.

McLaughlin Bros Store at Thackerville was robbed Tuesday night. The robbers gained entrance to the building through the back door and blew up the safe with nitroglycerin and got $ 40 in money and numerous articles from the stock of goods.

I have a saw mill in operation at Sivells Bend and can furnish you any kind of native lumber on short notice.                              Charles Boyd
                                         Sivells Bend, Tx

Birth: To Bish Northcutt and wife Sat. , a son
         To McKnight Graham and wife Monday night a 9 ½ pond son.
         To L. E. Bailey and wife Tuesday, a daughter

Shady Dale News

Austin Wilcoxson is sick with slow fever.

M/M McClatchy visited relatives here this past week.

There is going to be a party at J. M. Tipton’s Friday night.

Bob Tipton of Dexter is visiting his mother and father here this week.

Hubert Grigston of Bomar has been sick with the typhoid fever.

Mr. Colston has moved to his new home near Bomar.

Marietta Monitor Oct. 17, 1924

Mrs. W. L. Hagan left Tues. for Dallas to visit her sister during the fair, to meet her brother of Seattle, WA. Whom she had not seen in 50 years. He will accompany her home for a visit.

Charles Homer of this city and Miss Sybil Shurbet of Addington Bend were united in marriage at the Methodist parsonage Sunday by Rev. J. L. Blamar, paster of the church.

Miss Maybell Raum who attends school at Durant spent the weekend with her parents
G. W. Raum and wife.

                                 Cotton Pickers Needed In County
                                 7,500 Bales of Cotton Marketed In Marietta
                                 Liberty Theatre To Show “Covered Wagon”
                                 810 Attend Church In Marietta Sunday
                                 Marietta Gridsters Beat Dundee

Burneyville News

Will Carter has purchased a new Ford Touring car. Hurley and Hugh Johnson have each bought a new Ford Roadster.

Miss Zula Shankles was a Marietta visitor Monday.

A.P. Balthrop of Marietta was a business visitor Tuesday.

Marietta Monitor Oct. 24, 1924

Cleo and A. A. Mayfield and Miss Christine Mayfield were in Ardmore Monday attending the circus.

Miss Alice Raum and Mrs. T. C. Raum left Wed. for Dallas to see the fair and where she will buy goods for the style shop.

Marsden News

The people of Marsden will regret to learn that Mr. Butler and family will move away from Marsden this week.

Aunt Sarah Byrd of Ardmore was in Marsden Wednesday.

M/M Arthur Langley and little daughter were in Ardmore Monday.

Mrs. G.W. Whitfield left Sunday night for Brownfield, Tx. Where she was called to the bedside of her father.

Brother and Sister Beard of Overbrook spend Sunday with M/M Dan Roberson here.

Marietta Monitor Dec. 12, 1924

The following 3rd grand pupils of Franklin School made a A on all subjects the third month of the school year: Oleta Knight, Virginia Neal, DeAlva Floyd, Benson Campbell, Claude Monroe, Scoville Monroe, Johnny Boy Tippit, Opal Sanders, Paul Coy, and Chloe Gradner.

Eastern Star Officers Installed: Emma Murphy, B. A. Dillard, Dora Matherly, Madoline Choate, Cora Dillard, Myrtle Hill, Kay Coy, Ola Burch, Mollie Jones, Emma Fountain, and Bennett Wallace.

Marietta Monitor Dec. 5, 1924

Varon Harvey who lives two miles east of town, won a free trip to the Indernational Livestock Show in Chicago and left for that place Saturday. Varon is one of four Calf Club boys. The Love County Calf Club boys are feeding 60 calves for the spring show.

Marietta Monitor Sept. 12, 1924

R. L. Mayfield while working in the Glazener home happened to a very painful accident. He was standing on a plank which slipped, threw him from the roof of the building. He suffered severe bruises and several teeth were knocked from his mouth.

Marietta Monitor Nov. 20, 1914

Marriage Licenses

Walter Long and Mollie Hodges, Thackerville
J. C. Idell and Maggie Steenrod, Thackerville
Frank Baker and Passa Williams Burneyville

Marietta Monitor Dec. 12, 1924

Marriage Licenses

T. G. Clements and Velma Harris Oil Springs
Lafeyette Alexander, Oil Springs and Leona Burns of Marietta

Love County Historical Society Inc….Oct. 2004 Newsletter

Love County Oklahoma Marriages
June 24. 1913 to August 31, 1913
Book 3

Compiled by Laquitta Ladner
Husband Age Wife Age Date
James Morris 21 May Smith 18 June 24, 1913
T.H. Goodwin 24 Connie Chambless 19 June 29, 1913
Guy Gardner 27 Estella Rhodes 23 June 02, 1913
Will Campbell 24 Dollie Clayton 22 July 03, 1913
H.H. Kearney 22 May Johnson 16 July 03, 1913
C.W. Redmond 42 Ugie Holder 25 July 12, 1913
C.A. Davis 22 Mary Cox 19 July 19, 1913
J.W. Lucius 22 Ava Arnold 17 July 24, 1913
M.L. Hair 21 Mary Love 18 July 26, 1913
E.L. Gregory 26 Martha Hornbeak 18 July 28. 1913
J.B. Ammons 21 Albie Bridges 18 Aug. 23, 1913
A.M. Bruce 23 Hattie Kennette 16 Aug. 3, 1913
Lucian Keeton 22 Vergie Adams 18 Aug. 5, 1913
Dale Thomas 22 Vata Parker 19 Aug. 5, 1913
H.S. Testerman 20 Carra Hannah 18 Aug. 9, 1913
C.B. Scott 23 Ida Jackson 21 Aug. 9, 1913
O.B. Powers 20 Maggie Pilgrim 20 Aug. 13, 1913
Stoney Rogers 22 Lou Davis 19 Aug. 14, 1913
Adolphus Brown 24 Zora Estes 22 Aug. 17, 1913
W.J. King 36 Bulah Long 19 Not Executed
L.M. Green 22 Lena Love 22 Aug. 20, 1913
Labon Byrd 22 Delia Whitfield 18 Aug. 24, 1913
Roy Waters 19 Cora Nichols 18 Aug. 27, 1913
William G. Davis 27 Hazel E. Mathews 22 Aug. 27, 1913
T.B. Brintle 21 Sallie Pike 19 Aug. 26, 1913
Aaron Pickens 35 Polly May Tubbee 27 Aug. 26, 1913
Clyde Clayton 23 Bulah Ward 19 Aug. 28, 1913
Roy Stubblefield 19 Myrtle Smith 17 Aug. 31, 1913

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