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Luther, Oklahoma Co., Oklahoma

Compiled and Contributed by
Sharon McAllister 73372.1745@compuserve.com

Valley View Cemetery, Taken abt. 1910

 Present Day Luther Cemetery

Yes, two different names for the same place. Valley View was established in the Old Garnettville comunity, which was supplanted by the nearby town of Luther after the Kickapoo Lands were opened and the railroads came through.

Luther Register, June 1937:
Luther, Oklahoma Co. Oklahoma

A large crowd was in attendance at the Memorial Day program at the Luther Cemetery last Sunday, many being here from out of town. The program as published in last week's Register was carried out, and in addition an excellent history of the cemetery was given by Mrs. Roy C. BOOHER. The Register is glad to publish this, and it was as follows:

Forty-two years ago, in the spring of 1895, our cemetery was a complete wilderness, a plot of ground covering approximately two acres laid aside and known as the Valley View cemetery.

The first cemetery board consisted of five members. They were Mr. T. P. SMITH, Mr. Andy MOORE, Mr. W. H. KENNEDY, Mr. George YEOKUM, and Mr. H. L. HAMILTON. The two latter members are still living. Mr. MOORE and Mr. KENNEDY are today at rest in this cemetery.

During that first year, 1895, four burials were made here. They were a Mrs. GARNETT and baby, Mrs. SIMMONS, mother of Mrs. Doskie MCCORKLE, and Mrs. BLIZZARD, a sister of J. M. and Aunt Jane MORGAN.

Seventeen years had elapsed. The number of graves was increasing annually. The ladies of Luther and vicinity realized the need of an organization to care for and beautify our burial grounds. And so it was in March, 1912 that a group of ladies of Luther and surrounding vicinity, having an interest in and a love for this cemetery, organized "The Women's Auxiliary Association of the Valley View cemetery of Luther." Mrs. H. H. BROOKS assisted in writing the constitution and by-laws for this organization. Mrs. Will DIAL was elected president. Membership fees of 10c and 10c monthly dues were assessed and thus began the beautification and upkeep of the ValleyView cemetery. This organization carried on its work faithfully for years.

In recent years, however, the cemetery board, assisted by the cemetery association. Local voluntary donations have been made, and donations have been sent in annually by some who have moved from here but whose interest and love for this cemetery still lives.

During the year 1935 the Valley View cemetery was incorporated, thus changing the name to the "Luther Cemetery" and the town board to be the presiding cemetery board. At present this board consists of three members.  Namely, Mr. Will LOVELL, Mr. Dave WALKER, and Mr. Lee CROSSLEY.

Due to undying interest and love, through efforts and persistence of Mrs. Grace HENNESSEY and the late Mrs. DOWNS, with the aide of the cemetery board, and the support of the entire community we were able to get a government project, a permanent improvement, a lasting monument, our Rock Wall. There is 2,108 feet of this wall surrounding the entire cemetery which has been extended until it now covers six acres. Its total cost to this community was only $564.54, the cemetery board paying $449.95 and the cemetery association $144.59.

The Merrifield Club has taken for its project this year a very worthy one, one that deserves to be mentioned at this time, that of assisting in the beautification of our cemetery. They have set out shrubs, trees and made flower beds. In memory of Mrs. Minnie Belle DOWNS, they have set out a beautiful Austrian Pine. This tree is set at the south side of the Down's lots.

The Luther cemetery is in better shape today than we have ever before seen it, and rightly it should be so. But let's not let the good work stop. The cemetery board and the cemetery association have a desire and a vision of some day being able to have a caretaker in charge of the upkeep of our burial grounds. They must have the help and support of everyone interested in this cemetery. Each family is urged to pay 50c annually. This is a small amount, let's not neglect paying it. It will be gratefully accepted and when each family has responded a great deal can be accomplished.

Some are interested in and are considering an endowment or perpetual fund.  This fund is deposited and the interest is paid to the cemetery association to be used in the up-keep of the cemetery, particular attention being given the lots of those who have invested inthis fund. It is a wise plan and deserves deep consideration. If you are interested in this plan talk to the cemetery board.

While visiting your lots, get a vision of how you would like them to be.  Are they as beautiful and well-kept as you can make them? Are you able to fix them they way you would like them to be? If so, why not start work at once? Each lot made more beautiful makes us that much nearer our goal.

Plans are being made to purchase a gate for the north drive exactly like the one we now have for the south drive. Donations made for this purpose are deeply appreciated.

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