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Pawnee Chief, Pawnee Co., OK 1943 - 1952

by Rita Buford rbcats@yahoo.com
With Permission From D. Jo Ferguson, Publisher Of Pawnee Chief

April 27, 1950

Charley HARRIS, Old Time Negro, Passes Away
Charley HARRIS, aged negro handman on the Smith 7-bar ranch, was found dead in his quarters on the ranch Monday morning. It was thought he might have passed away some time Saturday.
Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at the Sweet Home Baptist Church, conducted by the pastor of the colored Baptist Church of Pawhuska. Interment was in Fairfax cemetery.
Harris was born June 17, 1867, at San Antonio, Texas and at time of death was 82 years, 10 months, 5 days of age. A son, Edgar Harris, of Okmulgee, survives.
Harris had been a cook and worker on the ranch from back in the early days when it was operated by Sol SMITH, and continued on there with the George Smiths. He had become feeble in recent years.

November 9, 1950 - Pawnee Chief Newspaper

Letter to Editor: START MINK FARM
Here is some news of former Pawneeans, who now live in Missouri.
While Mr. and Mrs. Lee BARNES and Ronnie were on their way to Iowa recently, they spent the night in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew LILES of Sheldon, Missouri.
Mrs. Liles is a sister of Mr. Lee Barnes. Mr. and Mrs. Liles have started a mink farm this year, and so far have 29 minks.
I enjoy the Pawnee CHIEF very much. Sincerely, The former Miss Ida Barnes
submitted by great-niece: Rita Buford rbcats@yahoo.com

Rita Buford

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