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OKbits FilePiedmont Post, Canadian County

Piedmont, Canadian Co., Oklahoma
Noda Gray - Ex-Hallsville, MO Woman Dies in Oklahoma
Newspaper abstract taken from Gracie Roberts Ulry's scrapbook.

Mrs. Noda Gray, formerly of Hallsville, died Sunday in Peidmont, Oklahoma, according to word received by her cousin, Mrs. Silas Roberts, 230 Sexton Road. Mrs. Gray, who was in her seventies, had undergone surgery Friday. She was the wife of the late Glen Gray, and they occupied the Dysart and Brown farm in Hallsville before moving to Oklahoma some 40 years ago. Mrs. Gray's parents were the late William and Mrs. Essie Angell of Hallsville.
Amoung the survivors are a nephew, Osborne Gentry of 711 West Rollins Street, four cousins, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Edwin Westbrook, Jr., 1219 East Ash Street, Henry A. McBride of 907 Hope Street and Austin Dunbar of Midway, an uncle, Robert A. Dunway, and two aunts, Mrs. Will McBride of 1105 Paquin Street and Mrs. Fannie Henson of Gilman City, Mo.
Also surviving in Oklahoma are seven daughters and two sons. Funeral services were held at 2p.m. yesterday in the Piedmont Methodist Church, and burial followed in the church
Submitted by Julie Oliver oliver@istmacon.net

September 17, 1998

Town Tattler by Cindy CHEATWOOD
I wish to take the remainder of this week's column to say a few words about Dovie PREBLE. She passed away last week after a long bout with cancer.
Some of you newer folks may not have known Dovie, but those who have lived in the community for at least three years will know about her. You see, Dovie spent the last few years working over at Jiffy Trip. Dovie was everybody's grandma. All kids loved her. Kids of all ages.
Never a day passed that upon entering Jiffy Trip, you weren't greeted by Dovie. Never a kid passed that Dovie wouldn't give them a big hug, a piece of candy, or a kind word.
If you were feeling a bit blue, just walk into Jiffy Trip and Dovie would tell you how nice you looked.
I first got to know Dovie when she bacame the "Queen of Piedmont." In years past, the July 4th Celebration included a contest for King and Queen of Piedmont. There would be jars to stick your change in to vote for each of these titles. Dovie received this award. I kinda think Dovie liked the attention. She looked good on that float, and it was certainly well deserved.
Dovie had five kids of her own and I don't even know how many grandchildren. I do know that they all loved her, and she them, very much. Dovie's daughter-in-law and son-in-law loved her, too.
You see, everyone loved Dovie. Farewell, sweet lady. We will always remember you.

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