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OKbits File    Pittsburg Co.: Quinton

The Quinton Pioneer

May 5, 1911

Our city was shocked this morning to receive the announcement of the death of Mrs. Henry C. Nuckolls which occurred at 12 o'clock last night at her home near this city. Some months ago Mrs. Nuckolls was stricken with appendicitis and Dr. Gray operated. She was ill a long time but finally was well enough to drive in and call on her friends and all hoped she would soon be able to resume her place among us, but she relapsed and a second operation was performed Thursday morning and she slowly sank till death claimed her at midnight.
Her bright smile and cheery presence will be sadly missed by many warm friends. To her heart broken husband and two sons, words are inadequate to express our sympathy and sorrow. Their home is darkened forever. Mrs. Nuckolls' place in the hearts of her friends and family can never be filled, and she was a bright personality so individual in her character that her place will forever remain vacant. If she found others uncongenial she never made an unkind remark and she was true to her friends. Mrs. Nuckolls was a member of the Christian Church and several social clubs.
The remains will be taken to her home in Virginia for interment. May the blue grass sod of old Virginia rest gently over her.

May 12, 1911

W. A. Stevens, better and lovingly known to everyone as "Uncle Billy" died Thursday night, May 11, at 11 o'clock after only three hours of illness of acute indigestion.
Uncle Billy had all his arrangements made to start to Little Rock today to attend the reunion of the old Confederate Soldiers of which he was one.
Born and reared in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, he joined the army of the confederacy when scarcely more than a lad, and served gallantly through the unequal struggle of four years. Thirty years ago Uncle Billy deserted civilization and came to the Indian Territory where he has lived ever since, sometimes, for years, living wholly among the full-bloods, whose language he spoke perfectly. This man was greatly beloved by the Indians and the white people who knew him; he was honest and truthful, never unkind, and a truer comrade and friend no man ever had.
Uncle Billy has joined the "White Brigade" across the great divide and with his silent companions he will patrol the border land until the last great reunion when the last gray comrades meet to part no more and the last great battle is fought with Christ as the commander.
Uncle Billy was buried this afternoon in Cedar Grove Cemetery among the people whom he loved.

June 9, 1911

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. BYERS died Saturday night, June 3rd, aged about one year. The little child had suffered from measles and complications which no medical aid or nursing could avail to give back the health and strength of their precious baby. After long days and nights of anguished watching they had to give her up, for her stay on earth was ended.
A host of sorrowing friends offer their sympathy and condolences to the stricken family.
The interment was in Cedar Grove Cemetery Sunday afternoon.

September 8, 1911

Little James BICKLE died Wednesday, September 6, at 3 o'clock a.m. at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bickle west of this city, aged seven years and ten months.
This dear little child has been a sufferer and a cripple from tuberculosis of the hip joint caused by a fall when about eighteen months old; his suffering has been terrible to witness but he bore it with a courage far beyond his baby years. . . . . Interment was in the old Brooken Churchyard where his parents were married 31 years ago and now they have six little mounds there.

September 22, 1911

Mrs. Burrell WILCOX died Sunday, September 17, at her home near Loney. Mrs.Wilcox and her two small children had whooping cough and felt badly but had not been confined to their bed. Sunday evening about 7 o'clock Mr. Wilcox went to a nearby cornfield to get corn for the stock and been gone for just 15 minutes when he was called to the house and found his wife dead. A neighbor passing heard the baby crying and went in to find Mrs. Wilcox lying across the bed dead.
Dr. JOHNSON of Kinta was summoned at once and said Mrs. Wilcox had burst a blood vessel, evidently during a hard coughing spell and death had been instantaneous. ,
Two infant children and her husband and two sisters are left desolate. Interment took place at Loney Monday afternoon.
Mrs. J. H. MORGAN of this place, one of the sisters, has taken the babies. How sad that this bright home should so early be shattered by death.

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