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Southwest's Greatest Rodeo

Roff Band Will Play For Firemen's Rodeo

When the merry strains of "I'm an Old Cowhand from the Rio Grande" sweep out over the rodeo crowds August 10-13 they will be coming from a snappy band of Roff folks, directed by Austin KIDWELL.
These more than 40 young musicians already have their cowboy hats and other cowhand style regalia and they really know how to handle those instruments they are holding.
The Roff band was organized by Kidwell, a teacher in the Roff schools, three years ago. Since that time it has won numerous honors for its playing and marching.
The band that will furnish music for the five rodeo programs and also take part in the Grand Parade is the Roff  Summer Band, most of whose members are in the school band during the remainder of the years and with some former members, now graduated from school, taking a hand.
Members of the Summer Band are:
Gene YOUNG, Dorothy CAGLE, Dorothy DIXOU, Gordon HAWHEE, Billy SHAW, Lenora ALEXANDER, Glen COOK, Skeeter FLAUGHER, Homer BEASLEY, Byron ETCHIESON, Billy Jack BRYANT, Donald WELCHEL, James COMBS, Christine BARTON, Junior SHAW, Paul MORRIS, Joe Ann HOOD, Audrey LUCUS, Billie HATCHER, Winona CHILDRESS, James WALL, W.V. HATHAWAY, Marshall RAY, Charles CAGLE, Joe J. ROBNETT, Tommy FLAUGHER, Brack COMBS, Katherine ROBNETT, Emma KILE, Imogene CASTLEBERRY, Margaret MILLER, Monna Lou SHELBY, Thomas TINGLE, Oral Dean WINGARD, Cora FOWLER, Geneva DEARMAN, Marjorie KING, Sue DAVIS and Mary GALLAHAR.

Article/Picture Submitted by:Susie Williams susiejtw@telepath.com

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