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  Wood, Washita County

Herald-Sentinel was published at Cloud Chief. Wood was one of the community columns in the newspaper.

June 17, 1893
Listed 3/31/98

Page 4.
Died- In Mangum, Greer Co, Tex. this week of Heart Disease Mr. PORT of Wood, O. T.
He leaves a wife, two children and many friends to mourn his loss. He has been an invalid for some time.
He came from Seattle, Washington Ter. to this country soon after the opening until within two weeks of his death, honored and respected by all.
The neighborhood extend their sympathy to his family in their affliction.

June 24, 1893

Page 1. From Wood.
A. J. PORT of Wood, died at Mangum on the 14th and was buried at that place.

Harry SMITH returned from Mangum on the 15th, also Mrs. F. M. PORT and children. Mrs. PORT will continue business at Wood.

Obituary- A. J. PORT of Wood, Washita Co, Oklahoma, died at the Scarborough Hotel in Mangum, Greer County, Texas, June 14th of a complication of diseases. He was born in Ohio and was 63 years old. ...

August 5, 1893
From Wood. Miss PRICE, who lived three miles from Wood on Little Elk, died of spinal fever on the 24th ult. She was seventeen years old and a very estimable young lady.

August 19, 1893

Died - On Tuesday, August 16th, of Puerperal Septicemia, Mrs. Hettie CRUME, wife of Thomas P. CRUME, of Cordell. Three small children, one an infant of ten days of age, are left to mourn her loss.

October 14, 1893.

Page 4. Will CROW Dead.
Will CROW, the young man who was shot at Seger on Sept. 6th by Deputy sheriff Ned WOOD, died Sunday morning in this city from the effects of the wound.

November 10, 1893

Page 4. Texas Notes.
John BREEDING commited suicide at Encinal.
Charley MILLER suicided Sunday at Bremond.
 Mr. J. HUMPHREY, a Mexican veteran, died at Corpus Christi Saturday.

December 21, 1894

Page 4. Mountain View -
The neighborhood has been saddened this week by the death of Upton IKARD.


July 5, 1895

Page 4 .
A twelve year old son of Mr. ARMBRUSTER who lives just across the line in Greer county, was thrown from a mule, one day last week, his foot caught int he stirrup and he was dragged to death.

October 16, 1896

Page 4.
Harry C. St. JOHN, land lawyer at Oklahoma, died Saturday of the lagrippe. He was soon to have been tried for murdering his wife.

December 4, 1896

Page 4. Will Dallas Killed.
Last Saturday morning about 9 o'clock, in the field of Mr. KIMBERLIN six miles south east of Altus, Wm. DALLAS and Claud KIMBERLIN had difficulty.  Dallas had a knife and Kimberlin a six shooter with which he shot Dallas twice. ... Mr. Dallas died Sunday morning about four o'clock and was buried at Willowvale Monday. He leaves a wife and 3 children.
Kimberlin is a boy about 18. We understand John TURNER was a witness to the trouble. ... Immediately after the shooting Kimberlin surrendered and his examining trial was held at Altus Tuesday and his bond fixed at $1000. Greer Sun.

Feb 26, 1897

Page 1. J. R. BAKER died last Thursday the 18, at 6:45 a. m. ...
He was shot just above the top of the right hip bone, the ball ranging downward and inward through the hip bone and lodging in and against the lower part of the spinal column which caused his death.
He was buried at Wood graveyard, and there was a large number of people attended the funeral.

Page 8.
The Killing. The Preliminaries Bring Out some Damaging Evidence.

The case of Territory vs. W. F. ELLZEY Sr., W. F. ELLZEY Jr., and J. F. HOUSTON, was called Wednesday before Judge HATCHETT for a preliminary hearing.
This is the case in which John R. BAKER was shot in a fuss in SEWELL'S store at Combs, and afterwards died from the wound.  
The testimony bears out the account of the affair given in last weeks Herald-Sentinel.
The defence was ably represented by Attorneys GARRETT of Mangum and Temple HOUSTON of Woodward, while the prosecution was handled by county attorney
Duke in equally as able a manner. ...

April 23, 1897

Page 1. Bad! Were the Results of our 5th Anniversary.
Sheriff MORRISON Shot Through the Body and May Die. John RICHARDSON received Three bullets through the Bowels and Is Dead.
Tom KEYS Arrested On the Charge of Shooting MORRISON and now languishes in Jail under Heavy Guard. Excitment Ran High for a time but all is Quiet Now. A Good Horse Killed. ...

Page 4. Arapahoe, like Cloud Chief, celebrated her fifth anniversary with a killing.
A young man by the name of ACHISO was quareling with an old man by the name of COOTS over the leasing of a pasture. As Coots turned to leave Achison shot him through the body, and Coots turned and shot Achison shattering his leg badly. Coots died soon after, but Achison will probably recover.

August 6, 1897

Page 1. Valley View.
It is with sorrow we chronicle the death of Mr. MILLER'S son Thomas. He died after great suffering, from an abcess in the head, behind the ear.

September  2, 1898

Page 1. Union -
Death has again visited our communtity and taken for its victim, Mrs. Margret WILLIAMS, wife of Wm. WILLIAMS.

Jan 19, 1900

Page 1. Col. John F. STONE was shot and killed by Jim WALCHER four miles southwest of Columbia in Kingfisher Co, last Thursday at 2 p.m. on WALCHER'S farm. ...
Col. STONE came to Guthrie, Oka. from Indiana in April 1889. He was a graduate of the Indiana State University at Bloomington. Under the provisional he was a city magistrate. He held that position of United States assistant attorney for Oklahoma during Harrison's administration and made a splendid record. In July 1898, he was commissioned major of the Oklahoma battalion. Upon returning from duty during the Spanish war he was made colonel of the Oklahoma National Guard regiment.
The deceased was 42 years old and leaves a wife and a son aged 6 years. Col. or John Stone as he was better known was well known in Washita county, he having practiced in each term of our court for the past six years. He was a good hearted energetic, intelligent man, and all who knew him will regret his untimely end.

Feb 9, 1900

Page 8.
A letter was received from Maharg Wednesday, written the 5th, stating that to that time there had been a total of five deaths from small pox, out of about twenty cases. Those who died were F. L. WAGNON, Jno WAGNON, infant child of Len WILLIAMS, Frank GILLET and Mr. STANLEY. This is the most serious small pox that has been reported in the territory. The report stated the balance were all doing well, with chances of recovery good.

The Above Acticles From June 17, 1893 to February 9, 1900
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