News Items taken from Microfilm
Of the
Watonga Republican at
Ferguson Museum, Watonga, Blaine County, Oklahoma

Clark Family
Compiled by: Lillian Cronkhite

October 5, 1905

Smokey Holler and Four Corner News
S. L. Clark of the four corners, claims the championship for icecream eating. He tipped the beam at fifteen dishes and two layer cakes.

June 15, 1905
Plainview and Smokey Holler Items
S. L. Clark has been busy the past week hauling wheat to market making room for his next crop. Dr. J. M. Hamilton and wife have been visiting their son in the Creek Nation the past 2 weeks.

November, 1905
S. L. Clark was hunting on Thanksgiving Day and returned about three o’clock with about 150 quail.
S. L. Clark was a guest of W. L. Yates Sunday.

Dr. Hamilton (Aunt Emma Clark’s father) is attending the sick folks at Plainview area.
Mrs. J. M. Hamilton has a severe attack of whooping cough.
S. L. Clark is entertaining himself by plowing his orchard

February 15, 1906
Mrs. and Dr. Hamilton entertained Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Anderson one day last week.

September, 1906
Guy Delp is helping S. L. Clark put up hay.
S. L. Clark has two good cotton pickers—they pick 305# per day. That’s going some.

May, 1907
Ed Clark, W. S. and Cora Yates were in Watonga Saturday and attended the rally.

May 30, 1907
Mr. Ed Clark and family left for Tennessee Friday.

August 1907
S. L. Clark had some experience in yoking a young cow the other day. He and J. W. Yates and E. L. Carpenter all held onto the rope which was fastened to the cow but she was too much for them and got away.

Dr. Hamilton and son Sam arrived last Tuesday from Indian Territory with the Dr.’s Grandson who has been ill for some time, but is getting better.
April 16, 1908

Smokey Holler Items
S. L. Clark and Guy Delp hauled wheat to Hitchcock Saturday.

July 2, 1908

Dr. J. M. Hamilton and Wife have gone to Machenacksburg, Va. to be absent during the summer. The Dr. has been in rather poor health for some time and thinks he can regain health by spending the summer in the mountains.

March 28, 1912
Road East of town to Cedar Valley commenced. (Dad and Uncle Sam worked on the project with mules and fresno’s and slips.

Sam Clark was here on Monday attending the Sunday School Convention.

August 6, 1914
C. F. Conrad last week sold his farm on Route 1 Northwest of Watonga to Sam and Ed Clark of Cedar Valley township. This is the old Frank Thompson farm. Mr. Conrad purchased it five years ago. Mr. Conrad expects to move back to Schuyler, Neb. where he had lived for forty years prior to his moving to Watonga.

June, 1915
Ed Hoberecht of the West side has sold his house to Dr. Hamilton of Cedar Valley township—who will move here in September. $1000.00 was the price paid.

September, 1915

Cedar Valley Items
Dr. Hamilton of Cedar Valley twp. Has moved to Watonga on the West side, into the property he purchased from Ed Hoberecht.

November 25, 1915
S. L. Clark is topping milo this week. Mrs. Ed Clark visited in the neighborhood last week.

December 16, 1915
Ed Clark is helping S. L. Clark thresh this week.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Clark went to Watonga on business.

January 1916
Miss Mabel Clark returned to school after a weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Clark, near Watonga.
Mrs. S. L. Clark has been quite will but is on the road to recovery.

February, 1917

Dr. Hamilton is building a porch along the South side of his house in the west part of town.

July 19, 1917

Zion News
W. J. Neil and family attended Sunday School at Omega last Sunday and took dinner at S. E. Smiths.
Sam Clark attended Church at Zion.

July, 1917
Mrs. L. S. Longmire entertained her S. S. Class of 15 young men (The Zion Hustlers) last Sunday afternoon and served refreshments of ice cream and cake.

August, 1917
Those having birthdays this week included Maurine Neil.
Sam Clark says, “You have to have a pretty good car to make all the hills all the way to Watonga in high—with the brakes on.” He tried it.

August 23
L. S. Longmire and family and Olin Nichols and Wife visited at W. J. Neil’s Sunday.
L. S. Longmire went to Watonga on business Saturday.
L. S. Longmire has moved on the John Morrison place.

September, 1917
L. S. Longmire and family spent Sunday at Olin Nichols.

Mr. George Butler entertained her S. S. Class “The King’s Daughters” at dinner among those present: Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Longmire and Lena, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Neil and Maurine.

L. S. Longmire will hold a public sale on the Galen Rariegh farm on the 20th of this month. Mr. Longmire has about 50 head of cattle and some fine horses he will sell. The girls from Zion S. S. well sell pies at the lunch hour, to buy new song books for the Sunday School.

Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton who are visiting their son near Coalgate writes that they are much improved in health and will probably remain there during the winter.

Clyde Clayton Clark who has been visiting relatives in this neighborhood returned via the Ford route to their home in Rocky Ford, Colorado.

There was a large crowd at Mr. Longmire’s last Thursday and stock sold well.

Mrs. L. S. Longmire and Mrs. Olin Nichols spent a few days at the State Fair and visited relatives at Moore. (Minnie Sharp Siler, Dad’s cousin.)

October, 1917
L. S. Longmire and Wife and W. J. Neil and Wife visited Mr. Neil’s sister Mrs. Hill of Kingfisher.
Sam Clark and Wife and W. J. Neil and Wife spent Sunday at Longmires.

November, 1917
Cedar Valley had its first public gathering in the new school house. Officers were elected for the new Literary Society—President: Sam Clark.

February, 1918

Eagle City News
Clayton Clark and Orville Knapp are doing the Janitor work at the school house at present.

March 14, 1918

Zion News
Joe Clark and family of Watonga Visited W. J. Neil’s Sunday.

May, 1918

Eagle City
Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Calkins chaperoned a bunch of little girls on a picnic in the canyons one day recently.

May, 1918

Maurine Neil graduated from the eighth grade.

June, 1918
Eagle City
Mrs. E. P. Clark spent a week with friends near Gage recently.

July 11, 1918
Mrs. Lee Abshire, Mrs. E. P. Clark, Mrs. C. R. White, Mrs. Art James, Mrs. S. C. Masters and Mrs. Sam Mason were County seat visitors last week.

July, 1918

S. S. Class party at Zion in Attendance were—Maurine Neil, Mrs. L. S. Longmire and Lena and Mrs. Olin Nichols.

September 29, 1918

Eagle City
The little folks out in the country find life quite strenuous coming to school by the new time these mornings.
Mrs. E. P. Clark and Mrs. S. C. Masters attended the Red Cross Meeting at Watonga.

October 10, 1918

Eagle City
On the sick list—“Flu” Clayton Clark and E. P. Clark.

November 27, 1918
Mr. E. P. Clark has exchanged his blacksmith shop her for a farm in Dewey Co.

December 12, 1918
Messers Sam Mason and E. P. Clark were Watonga visitors Saturday.

December, 1918

Eagle City—An Unreasonable Epedemic
The Spanish “Flu” is the most unreasonable epidemic we ever heard of. A number of families in Watonga area are having it for the second time and it is more severe the second time around. Many deaths are attributed to “Flu.”

Christmas, 1918
Eagle City

There will be no celebration publicly of Christmas this year. The terrible drifts of snow would make it impossible for many to attend. If conditions had been so we could otherwise have had the usual tree.
School is postponed until after Christmas because of “Flu.”

February, 1919
Eagle City

E. P. Clark and Joe Rooker were in Watonga recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Fieldcamp of near Oakwood have bought the E. P. Clark property.

March, 1919
Mrs. E. P. Clark and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gariott Sunday.

May, 1919
Cedar Valley News

W. J. Neil and family visited with the Harmon family Sunday.
W. J. Neil and daughter Maurine visited Sam Clark Thursday.

June, 1919
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Neil and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark were Watonga visitors last week.
Mrs. Longmire and daughter Lena visited at W. J. Neil’s last Sunday.
Those who visited at Longmires Sunday were W. J. Neil and family and Sam Clarks.

August, 1919
Cedar Valley

Ed Clark and family visited the W. J. Neil’s on Saturday and Sunday.
W. J. Neil and family, Ed Clark and family and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark visited L. S. Longmire’s on Sunday.
Neils, Longmires and Olin Nichol’s visited at Clarks Sunday.
Quite a few people attended the party at Neils Saturday Nite.
Olin Nichols left for California Monday. Mrs. Longmire and Lena visited Neils Monday.

November 10, 1919
Eagle City

Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark entertained Misses Keenan and Allman at dinner Sunday.

January, 1920
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Clark sold their farm South of town to a party from Texas, the deal was made by Joe Rooker our real estate man.
Clayton Clark had a part in the school play.

February 12, 1920
Mr. Cozart the grocer has sold his store to E. P. Clark. The latter sold his farm recently and will move to town this week.

March 11, 1920

Eagle City
E. P. Clark has bought the Hartze residence, formerly the Fitch residence and is taking possession this week.
E. P. Clarks moved their store into the Maurer building.

June, 1920
Eagle City
Clayton Clark is home again after a visit with friends at Omega.

August 10. 1920

Eagle City
Mr. and Mrs. Longmire and Mrs. Sam Clark of Omega, visited Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark here Saturday.
Miss Lillian Clark and Miss Ruth Hanthorne were in Okeene between trains, to the dentist Saturday.

September 9, 1920
Mr. and Mrs. Treece of Alva have been here visiting the farmer’s sister Mrs. Ed Clark and family.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark entertained a large crowd of young people last week.
Ruth Clark placed 2nd on poultry at the Eagle City Fair.

October, 1920
Eagle City

Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark gave a party Monday Nite in honor of their daughter Miss Lillian and her friend Miss Anna Hunt whose birthdays fall on the same day.
Lillian Clark elected Treas. Of TFH Club. Clayton Clark spent last week at Southard.

October, 1920
Eagle City
TFH Club transported by lumber wagon to and from the home of Miss Gladys Bigham west of town—Dorothy Kluber and Lillian Clark served refreshments.

January, 1921
Eagle City School News

There was a young lady named Mabel
Who could cook and set a table
And when she met Jim
She so adored him
That she did like the girls in a fable.

February 3, 1921
Eagle City

Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark entertained the Bible Class of the Methodist S. S. Thursday evening of last week.

March 3, 1921
Mrs. E. P. Clark spent the week-end with friends East of Watonga.
Mr. and Mrs. Treece of Higgins, Texas came to spend a few days with Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark.

May, 1921
Mrs. E. P. Clark and daughters Mabel and Ruth and son Clayton are spending the week with friends at Gage, Oklahoma and Higgins, Texas.

August, 1921
Miss Lillian Clark is attending Epworth League Convention at Guthrie.

April, 1922
Miss Lillian Clark has been having rheumatism lately.

May, 1922
Watonga School News
The little town of Eagle City sends us good students—Cleo Hanthorne, Valedictorian and Glen Blanc, Salutatorian of the Class of 1922.
Eagle City will have the 11th Grade this year 1922—1923.

July 27, 1922
Mr. and Mrs. Treece of Elk City visited the E. P. Clark home briefly last week—and left Friday for a visit with relatives in East Tennessee. Mrs. Clark accompanied them.

August, 1922

Mrs. Sam Clark of near Omega was in Watonga Saturday to visit her parents Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Hamilton at their home in the West part of town.

August, 1922
Eagle City

Miss Lillian Clark is our hello girl while Mrs. Godwin takes a vacation.

September, 1922
Mrs. E. P. Clark took her S. S. Class on a picnic out on Nine Mile Thursday.

October, 1922
Mr. Joe Clark of Oklahoma City Oklahoma visited the week-end here with his brother E. P. Clark.
E. P. Clark is putting in a small stock of dry goods with his groceries.

November, 1922
Eagle City

Watonga vs Eagle City football—Clark best ground gainer for Eagle City.
The Patrons—presented the play—School at Ole Hichry Holler”—E. P. Clark was one of the cast.
Lillian Clark was elected pep leader.

December 31, 1922
A number of young people watched the Old Year out and The New Year in at the Clark home Sunday.

January, 1923
Clayton Clark was elected Vice President of “Pioneer Student Council.”

A severe “flu” epidemic.
February, 1923
There was a party at the E. P. Clark home last week in honor of Mabel Clark and Ray Rasmusses Birthdays on February 28.

March, 1923
In checking up with the Seniors, we find that Everett King has no grades below “A” in his four years work and Mabel Clark has only two below. This makes Everett Valedictorian and Mabel Salutatorian. We think these exceptionally good grades for four years.

April, 1923
Eagle City

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Treece of Elk City spent the week-end here at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Treece of Eastern Tennessee are here visiting Mr. Treece’s sister Mrs. E. P. Clark and family.
Clayton Clark who is working in Watonga was home over the week-end.

May 8, 1923
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Treece are with friends at Elk City this week.
Mrs. L. S. Longmire and Miss Maurine Clark of Inglewood, California were the guests at the E. P. Clark home last week.

Account of Eagle City Tornado in May 24, 1923 Republican—this happened the day Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark drove to Mutual to meet Mr. and Mrs. Sam Treece who had been visiting at Elk City, Gage and other places.

June, 1923
Miss Mabel Clark and Miss Edna Kluber spent Sunday near Fay in the Charles Kluber home.
Miss Lillian Clark is assiting in the bank, here, at present.

August 30, 1923
Mrs. Opal Sims started working in the bank this week. Miss Lillian Clark will take a brief vacation before starting to school.
Mrs. Joe Clark of Inglewood, California spent part of last week here with Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark.

September 6, 1923
Eagle City

Mrs. E. P. Clark is visiting friends in Elk City part of this week.

September, 1923
Eagle City HI

We have a 12th grade this year and expect a good term of school.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Treece who have been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark—left Wednesday for Cumberland Gap, Tenn.
Mrs. and Mrs. Parker and Miss Mecca Hill of Gage, Oklahoma visited Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark returning Monday.

September 1923
Cedar Valley
Sam Clark and Mr. Harmon did some work at Cedar Valley School house Wednesday.

October, 1923
The usual Halloween pranks decorated the town October 31. It was too bad however that e. P. Clark’s store roof was badly damaged when an outhouse was put upon and dragged across it.

November 23, 1923
Dr. J. M. Hamilton died November 22. He came to Oklahoma in 1900.

November, 1923
Cedar Valley

Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Clark returned home Saturday accompanied by Mrs. Clark’s Mother Mrs. Hamilton.

January, 1924
Eagle City

Mrs. E. P. Clark and daughter Lillian were shopping in Watonga Monday.

March 20, 1924
Cedar Valley
Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. S. L. Clark’s Mother has returned to her home in Watonga.

May, 1924
E. H. S. School Notes

In checking with the Seniors we find that Everett King has no grade below “A” in his four years work. Mabel Clark has only two below. This Makes Everett Valedictorian and Mabel Salutatorian, We think these are exceptionally good grades for four years.

Rev. Gassoway will preach the Baccalaureate Sermon on May 11.

The Graduation Exercise of Eagle City’s first graduation class will be Friday Nite May 16. Prof. Herod of Alva will deliver the address and Mrs. Datter will present the Diplomas.
Class Members—Mabel Clark
Lillian Clark
Ruth Cox
Robert Cox
Edna Kluber
Harold Ward
Everett King

May, 1924
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark visited friends East of Watonga Sunday.

May, 1924
Cedar Valley Flickers

We are sorry to say that S. L. Clark is quite sick at this time, we sincerely trust that he will soon be decidedly better.
Mr. S. L. Clark stood his operation nicely and is getting along fine.

May, 1924
Eagle City

Mrs. E. P. Clark is visiting in Alva this week.

June 12, 1924
Cedar Valley

S. L. Clark is spending this week with his brother E. P. Clark at Eagle City.

July 5, 1924
Samuel Lee Clark was born August 28, 1862 near Cumberland Gap, Tenn. and departed this life on July 5, 1924 at Watonga, Oklahoma. Mr. Clark was 61 years, 7 months and 7 days of age. The immediate cause of death was apoplexy.
He was married to Emma G. Hamilton January 13, 1892. Mrs. Clark is the daughter of Dr. J. M. Hamilton who died some months ago at Watonga.
Mr. Clark was converted early in life and lived an hones, upright life and was very highly esteemed by his many friends and neighbors.
Those left to mourn his loss are his widow Mrs. Emma Clark, his immediate relatives and many friends.
Funeral was held at the Methodist Church Sunday at 3 P.M. on July 6. Rev. O. V. Beal pastor officiating, assisted by V. W. Young, a retired Methodist Minister living near Omega. Interment was made in the Watonga Cemetery.

July, 1924
Eagle City

Mr. E. P. Clark was called to Watonga Saturday by the serious illness of his brother, who later died. Mrs. Clark and daughters attended the funeral Sunday.

November 4, 1924
Cedar Valley

Mrs. S. L. Clark has moved to Watonga to make her home with her Mother Mrs. Hamilton.

November, 1924
Eagle City

Mrs. E. P. Clark and daughter Miss Lillian spent part of last week near Watonga.
Glen Blanc had his tonsils removed at Watonga last week.

November, 1924
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Blanc and son Glen and Miss Lillian Clark spent Thanksgiving at the Bixler home in Watonga.

December, 1924
Dr. Krebs and Glen Blanc have each installed a new radio.

December 25, 1924
Coldest Christmas ever known—lots of snow.
Miss Lillian Clark and Mr. Glen Blanc were married December 24 at the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark. The ceremony was performed by Rev. I. J. Hesser, in the presence of the immediate relatives of the contracting parties. These young people have grown up here, are well and favorably known by a whole community of friends who wish them life’s choicest blessings.

January 9, 1925
L. Blanc, Glen Blanc and Wife and Miss Mabel Clark went to Enid Monday. Glen Blanc was operated on for appendicitis at Enid last Week. Mr. Blanc and Miss Clark came home leaving his Wife with him.

Mrs. E. P. Clark went to Enid Saturday, returning Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Blanc returned from Enid Wednesday of last week. Glen is getting along nicely.

February, 1925
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Blanc attended the T.F.H. Club banquet. Glen gave the response to the welcome.

March, 1925
Miss Maurine Clark of Inglewood, California is here visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark and daughters.
Glen Miller Blanc Obituary taken from Microfilm, Watonga Republican, Ferguson Museum, Watonga, Blaine County, Oklahoma. March, 1925.

The funeral of Glen Blanc was held at the Christian Church. The service was conducted by Rev. I. J. Hesser of Eagle City assisted by Rev. Venable of Watonga and Rev. Frederick of Eagle City. The service at the cemetery was conducted by theDe Molay Lodge and was most impressive.

The flowers were many and beautiful. It was one of the largest funerals ever held here. Many from surrounding towns attended.

Glen Miller Blanc
Obituary and Tribute by Mrs. Ferguson

Glen Miller Blanc, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Blanc was born March 9, 1904 at Hitchcock, Blaine County, Oklahoma; died at Eagle City on Monday evening March 2, 1925. Had he lived 7 more days he would have been 21 years old.

The family moved from Hitchcock to Eagle City when Glen was a small boy and he grew to manhood in that community. He graduated from Watonga Hi School in 1922, and during the time he was in school here, all who came in contact with him learned to love him. He was also a student at the A. & M. College for a year.

On December 24, 1924, he was united in marriage to Miss Lillian Clark. He suffered from an attack of appendicitis and later developed Pneumonia which became fatal. The young wife, the father and mother, brother Ray and sister Iva Garriott are broken hearted over the death of their dear one.

Glen became a member of the Christian Church at the age of 14, and lived his religion in every day life. Funeral services were conducted at the Church in Eagle City on Wednesday afternoon by Rev. I. J. Hesser, assisted by Rev. Venable. The Watonga Christian Church quartette rendered some very beautiful and impressive music. The members of his class in Hi School were present in a body to show their love for their classmate. The casket and church were banked with beautiful flowers, silent tributes of sympathy from loving friends.

A very large crowd attended the funeral service. Many more than the Church building would accommodate. At the Cemetery the Watonga De Molay’s of which Glen was a Charter Member, put on a very beautiful ritualistic service.

In Memoriam

(Mrs. Elva Ferguson, wife of the 6th territorial governor of Oklahoma)
Death must necessarily leave in its wake broken hearts and empty lives, but particularly is this true when the
Death Angel takes for his own one who is standing upon life’s threshold with the world before him, as in this case with this dear boy, Glen, loving parents, wife and all that makes life worth living were his; Young and loved by all who knew him: A happy care-free boy with a noble heart. We can not understand which such as this should be taken away when their going leaves so much sorrow and heart ache. There is so little we understand. There is so little that can be done to comfort. Only those who have gone through this Gethsemene can truly understand what it means to give up a dear boy like this one and try to go on without him. Life is never again the same. The ache and loneliness is always there. Just to hear his cheery voice, to feel the touch of his hand again, grips with a longing that hurts. Through the long watches of the night when sleep will not come, we wonder why, and long for the time when we will be with him again. Some day, some how, we feel that the veil will be rent asunder and we will be standing face to face with the one we have been longing to see again.

Submitted by: Max Gould

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