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The Anadarko Record

Transcribed and Contributed
by Sandy Miller <>
for The Caddo County Genealogical Society.
The Anadarko Record
John R. Lane, Editor
C.O. Robertson, Manager

Friday, October 11, 1901
Pursuant to call of the Central Committee, the city
democratic convention met in Millers Hall at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

A meeting of the committee had been held Tuesday morning,
W.W. PRICE being temporary chairman and A.B. STIRGUS,
secretary. After attending to a few more minor affairs the
committeemen adjourned to meet with the convention at 2 p.m.
Before the hour appointed many people had arrived and the
interest shown then bespoke the enthusiasm that was to
follow. The scene was picturesque. The several groups of
delegates occupied their respective places which were
designated by large placards and behind the stage.
'Old Glory' was lifted above all which impressively bespoke
the desire of every democrat which is, "That the good of
his country is above all."

The convention was called to order by temporary chairman,
who in a befitting speech told of the purpose of the
convention, and of the greatness of the party of which it
formed a part. Chairman proceeded at once to business
appointing committees as follows:
On credentials E.E. TAYLOR, D. TURNER, M.E. WHITTON;
committeemen on resolutions, P.P. SHAW, RANDALL LIVESAY and
CARL GLITCH; committee on order of business, J.T. BLACKMORE
and W.I. MATHENY; committee on permanent organization, J.H.

A recess was then given to enable the committees to make
their reports. While the committee were then engaged the
convention listened to an eloquent speech by C.V. LYMING, a
Kentuckian, who has cast his lot with the people of Anadarko.
The committees making known their readiness, the reports
were heard and adopted. The committee on resolutions
reported as follows:

A heated debate was held on a proposed amendment viz. that
it should require a two thirds majority to nominate the
candidate, proposed by CARL GLITCH and warmly supported by
I.H. KERR and J.M. SHOENHEIT, it was ably protested against
by JUDGE MATHENY, P.P. SHAW and others, the question being
called and a rising vote taken. The amendment was defeated
by a majority of one, the standing 17 in favor and 18

W.H. DIVERS name was put in nomination for mayor by P.P.
SHAW and amidst much enthusiasm the nomination was made

THEODORE PRUITT was unanimously nominated for Police Judge.
Mr. Pruitt responded to the call of speech in such an able
manner that everyone was satisfied that he was eminently
qualified for the position to which he aspires.

EDWARD BITCHER was chosen as street commissioner upon a
ballot being taken. The unsuccessful nominees being J.W.
SCHOENHEIT were placed in nomination for city attorney.
Each demonstrated by their speech that on whichever one the
honor fell that there would not be a mistake made. MR.
HARDCASTLE was the choice of the convention.

Chairman W.W. PIERCE (sic) was nominated for city clerk; B.
DIXON for city treasurer; J.F. HEFFLEY for city marshall
and J.R. LANE for school board treasurer; DOLAN HALL for
justice of the peace; J.W. HEAM and F. WITT, constables. It
was more than carried that the central committee fill the
vacant place for justice of the peace and all other offices necessary.

All business being attended to the convention adjourned.
We, the democrats of the city of Anadarko, in convention
assembled, reaffirm our allegiance to the broad principles
of democracy as laid down by Thomas Jefferson and
incorporated in our national platforms. We pledge our
loyalty and undivided support to the upbuilding of
Anadarko, to the end that she may become the Queen City and
metropolis of the southwest and we affirm that in our
judgement these results may be best attained under a
democratic administration. We favor municipal ownership of
all public utilities and in the event of our success we
pledge our administration of the construction and
maintenance of an adequate system of waterworks, electric
lights, sewerage and all other city improvements. We favor
an economical business administration of city affairs. We
hold in contempt the threat of the local republicans that
the national republican administration will withhold
appropriations of the funds, placed in the subtreasury by
citizens of all parties, for the upbuilding of Anadarko and
denounce such a course as beneath the honor of our
political opponents.
Pursuant to the call of the Central Committee the democrats
of the different wards met Monday night and nominated
delegates to the city convention as follows.
First ward democrats met at the Missouri Lumber Company's
hall and nominated their delegates as follows: A.B.
J.R. HAAS. For councilmen - G.W. FRICK and W.A. TUMWALT.
For member of the school board - J.P. HAYES.
The second ward delegates met in the office of the Anadarko
Democrat with editor P.P. SHAW in the chair and HERBERT
MITCHELL, secretary. The nominations for counsil were, S.A.
ROBINSON and FRANK MANNING for member of the school board.
The following delegates were named to the city convention:
The third ward democrats met in mass convention in JUDGE
CRUM's office Monday evening for the purpose of selecting
ten delegates to the democratic convention and two
condidates for city councilmen and one member of the school
board. The convention was called to order by W.W. PRICE
(sic) who read the call and on motion was chosen chairman
and G.E. NICHOLS, secretary of the convention. Ten
delegates were chosen as follows: J.M. SCHENHEIT, CHARLES
For councilmen, F.J. CALLAHAN and BEN LIEBENHEIM were
nominated while JULIUS OLDHAM was selected for member of
the school board. Ordered that a copy of the proceeding of
the meeting be furnished the democratic papers in the city.

G.E. NICHOLS, Secretary
W.W. PRICE, Chairman
The fourth ward democrats met in Russell & Hollinshead's
livery barn and selected RANDALL LIVESAY, chairman and C.V.
LINING, secretary. Ten delegates were named to the city
Interesting Items from a Caddo County Town Taken From the
'El Reno American'
Bridgeport was visited by a fine rain Monday, the rain
continued almost the entire day, soaking the ground to the
depth of six inches and all building for the present is
The South Canadian at this point is full to its' banks.
The time is not far distant when we will have an
incorporated town and the sheriff's services will not be so
The new hotel is now nearing the fourth story and will be, when
completed, one of the handsomest and most substantial
structures in the Southwest. MR. FRANK TURNER, the owner,
is to be commended for his enterprise in giving the town of
Bridgeport so fine a building.
It is now a certainty that the Choctaw will move the freight and
passenger depot about one half mile east of its present
location to a point near the foot of Main street. As it is
now, it is very difficult to handle the immense amount of
freight and baggage that is taken on and off here every
day. Besides there is not platform for passengers to get on
and off of trains. There seems to be general
dissatisfaction with the way the Choctaw handles business
here and it is to be hoped that the suggested change will
be forthcoming.
ATTORNEY BABLER of the firm of Babler Lyons & Co., has
arrived from his home in Missouri where he has spent the
last few weeks. Mr. Babler is much pleased with the rapid
improvement of Anadarko and will make this his home.
The Republicans Name the Men They Want for City Offices

The republicans held their convention at Millers Hall
Monday night and placed the following ticket in the field:

Mayor, J. SHERMAN; City Clerk, W.H. PIERCE; City Attorney,
A.T. BOYS; City Treasurer, DICKENS; Chief of Police, H.M.
CLEAVER; Police Judge, M. BRISTOW; Treasurer of School
Board, A.E. BALDWIN; Justice of the Peace, THOMAS CONNERS
and O. METTLE; Constables, GEORGE BOWMAN and M.H. YARD;
First Ward Councilmen, J.W. ELSTONE and J.A. CRUE; Second
chosen as committeeman at large; F.V. HAMILTON, 1st ward
committeeman; ED DEUEL, 2nd ward committeeman; G.W.C.
ROHRER, 3rd Ward committeeman and 4th Ward, S.H. LYNN.

The convention was well attended and there was an abundance
of oratory. None of the nominations were strongly contested
and it seemed well understood who the candidates should be
before the convention got down to work.

The committee on resolutions reported as follows:

We, the republicans of Anadarko, assembled, hereby reaffirm
the principles of the republican party as inculated and
taught by such eminent statesmen as Lincoln, Grant,
Garfield and McKinley, and endorsed by our last national

We most heartily endorse and commend the administration of
our able, wise and conservative governor, the Hon. W.M.

We enthusiastically endorse HON. D.T. FLYNN for his able
services as delegate from this territory in congress, and
the gallant and successful fight he made for free homes and
the opening of the new territory to settlement.

Be it further resolved that the republican party of
Anadarko hereby publicly express that they believe that all
franchises belong to the citizens of Anadarko, and that if
successful at the polls, its officers pledge themselves to
carry out these principles. Further, resolved that all
public money shall be economically expended to the good of
this city.

Resolved that we hereby pledge ourselves as a party and as
individuals to enthusiastically support the ticket
nominated in this convention and do all in our power to
bring about a grand Republican victory on October 24th.
Respectfully submitted by your committee. F.H. HAMILTON,
Chrm; F.M. BEAL, E.J. HUSTON, and WM. McFADEN, Secretary.

J.G. INGRAM of Oklahoma City was here Saturday.
R.T. DARMAN of Pittsborough, Ind. was in town Monday.
ATTORNEY W.I. MATHENY returned from El Reno Saturday.
FRANK BROADWELL of Lawton was in town the first of the
J.W. CONNORS left for El Reno and Oklahoma City Saturday evening.
JUDGE WIMBERLY is spending a few days in Pawnee on personal business.
Moyes & Wolf received a car of dry goods and gents
furnishings this week.
REVERAND L.H. HOLT, pastor of the Baptist church here, left
Wednesday for Enid.
W.N. GISH of Gish & Baker furniture house has arrived from
Peaora, Kansas.
HENRY RETHEYMER and wife of Mountain View have made
Anadarko their home.
D.D. LAKE has gone to his home in Clyde, Kas. He expects to
return in a short while.
A.B. COMWALL, a land owner in the Ponca reservation, was in
Anadarko his week.
Pool & Bradfield have secured the contract for the building
of the M.E. Church.
ATTORNEY G.W. JACKSON has returned from El Reno where he
has been on legal business.
ATTORNEY A.L. TAYLOR was elected by the Anti-Saloon League
as territorial attorney.
J.C. BELL, the popular B street hardware merchant, is at
Hermann (Binger) attending the lot sale.
GENERAL AGENT W.W. PIERCE of the Metropoitan Loan & Banking
Co. is in the city this week.
The young people of Anadarko enjoyed a nice dance at the
Tinkelpaugh building Wednesday night.
EMMET SPENCER, a nephew of postmaster W.R. DUTTON, has
returned to his home at Stubenville, Ohio.
O.H. ROBINSON of Chicago was in town Saturday. He is a
representative of Foster & Co., of that place.
Marriage license were issued Wednesday to OLLIE F. LEWIS,
Shawnee, O.T. and IDA MAY REED, Anadarko, O.T.
H.H. BULL, assistant cashier of the First National Bank of
Anadarko, was in Union City Saturday on business.
WILLIAM MYERS, manager of the Champlin Lumber Yard, has
returned from Enid where he has been on the sick list.
to MR. BISHOP, who will likely secure a school in one of
the eastern districts.
BESSIE PHILBROOK, the infant daughter of ATTO (sic) and
LUCY PHILBROOK, died Sunday, October 6th, aged 13 months.
The family are from Avena, Ill.
JAMES COON and TOM SMITH, waiters at the Cream Cafe, have
returned from Dallas, Tex. where they have been taking in
the big state fair.
The contract for the building of the burglar proof cells
for the new jail is awarded to the Pauline Jail Co., of St.
Louis, represented by G.A. WEBSTER. Their bid was $21 under
the bid made by G.W. DENSMORE, representative of the
Stewart Iron Works of Cincinnati.
HUGH GRAHAM will open a stock of general merchandise at the
corner of C and 6th streets.
MR. E.H. LINZEE has returned from attending the National
Grain Dealers Association at Des Moines, Iowa.
ATTORNEY C.L. SACKET is seriously ill at his room on B
street east of the post office. He has malarial fever. Mr.
Sacket came from Ohio here.
DAVID ELLIOTT, a representative of the Winchester Arms Co.,
was in Anadarko Wednesday. He is a brother of the world's
champion shot, JIM ELLIOTT.
REV. W.T. CAMPBELL of Jefferson City, Mo., one of the most
prominent ministers of his state, was in the city yesterday
and left this morning for Lawton.
W.W. PLUM and W.C. STEPHENS have formed a law and real
estate partnership under the firm name of Plum & Stephens.
They are located on B street east of the post office.
JOHN CRAIGG of the Craigg Mercantile Company of Old
Anadarko and also on B street of the new town, has returned
from Kansas City, where he has been the last few days on
have returned from Texas where they have been attending the
State fair held at Dallas. All are well pleased with their
S.H. McCANLEY of Sweetwater, Tenn., arrived in town
Wednesday morning. Mr. McCanley is a contractor of ability
and a genial fellow. He intends locating here which we hope
he will. Anadarko always welcomes into her boundaries men
of his class and ability.
The Ladies Philomathic Club meet at the Presbyterian
mission Saturday afternoon. After names being presented for
membership, a committee on program was appointed by the
chair. The committee consists of Misses GAGE, ROFF and
ROADMAN and are to complete a program for the years work.
The committee meets Wednesday afternoon at the Florence
hotel. The next regular meeting of the club will be held at
the residence of MRS. C.A. CLEVELAND, Saturday afternoon.
If you are opposed to waterworks trusts, or to trusts in
general, you should vote the democratic city ticket.
The democratic platform declares in favor of municipal
ownership of city waterworks, electric lights, etc. There
will be no franchise grabbing if the democratic party is
placed in control of the city government.
There are but eight candidates for members of the school
board, the exact number to be elected. This is the result
of an agreement between the two parties. It is important
that the school board commence work as soon as possible so
as to have the schools ready to begin at an early date. Of
course the candidates can take no official action until
after they are elected and qualified, but, as their
election is assured, they can canvass the situation and be
prepared to act quickly when the time comes. Both parties
deserve credit for leaving the schools out of politics.
There has been some trouble arising from the attempt of
white men to settle on Indian allotments and LIEUT. COL.
RANDLET has asked the government authorities at Washington
for troops to eject the settlers, but the squatters seeing
that the government meant business in reference to the
Indian allotments when it said "keep off the grass,"
decided to "quit claim."Among those who settled on Indian
allotments were three deputy marshals from Guthrie, W.D.
GEORGE CONOVERS land southeast of the city, deputy Fassett
attempted to make settlement on the land of OTTO WELLS,
which allotment is very valuable and joining Anadarko on
the south and lying just west of the Methvin Mission, while
deputy Sisson located on a quarter owned by W.F. DERRICKS.
Col. Randlet sent for MARSHAL THOMPSON at Guthrie and the
sheriff called in his men. The deputies deny acting in any
official capacity.
The identify of the man that had been murdered and thrown
in the river some 5 or 6 miles east of town about six weeks
ago, and who was found and buried at the time, has been
learned. MR. C.P. TOMPKINS, of Weatherford, Okla., came
here a few days ago and after consulting with the
undertaker MR. BROOK, JUDGE CRUM and DR. MITCHELL, who held
the autopsy, he was satisfied it was his father-in-law,
JOHN R. TILLEY, for whom he was hunting. So procuring a
permit from acting coroner Judge Crum last Tuesday, he
disentered the body and with MR. PAT OGDEN, who knew Mr.
Tilley well, they fully identified it as the remains of
Mr.Tilley by the clothing and teeth. Mr. Tilley left
Weatherford sometime in August and drove to Oklahoma City
where was a few days attending to some business matters, he
then wrote to his family that he would be home in a few
days as he was starting back but would come by the way of
Anadarko. This was the tast they ever heard him, and
reading the account of the body of a man being found,
became uneasy and Mr. Tompkins came to investigate.

The night before Mr. Tilley left home he picked up a
stranger known as RED MILLER, who was supposed to be with
him all the time. This man is described as a man about 28
or 30 years old, medium height, weighing about 150 pounds.
The friend of Mr. Tilley would like very much to get a
trace of this, also the team and hack he was driving.
Tilley had about $60 in money with him when he was killed.
R.A. WILLIAMS, a contractor, accidentally shot himself
Thursday morning while dressing. His trousers were under
his pillow and in pulling them out his pistol fell to the
floor and was discharged, the ball taking effect in his leg
but fortunately proved nothing more than a flesh wound. He
will be confined to his bed for some time, but our last
report was that he was getting along nicely.
The Anadarko Brick Yard has the work of making brick well
under way. The moulders are now at work and the fires will
be started in about ten days. One hundred thousand brick
will be burned to start with. Several experts on brick
making have visited the yards recently and pronounce the
clay the best in this part of the territory.

There will be a great demand for the brick as soon as
ready. Many of them will be used in chimneys, foundations,
etc., and several parties are ready to contract for brick
for the erecion of substantial brick blocks.

Investors should not overlook the good rents that can be
realized from residence property. There are many men living
here with their families at some other point because they
can not rent a house here in which to live, and many
families who intend going on farms in the spring would move
to this place during the winter months if they could rent a

The profits to be made from the renting of residence
property are great enough to make such an investment
profitable. The danger of loss from fire in the residence
portion of the city is much less than in the business part,
and the relative increase in the price of lots should be
equally as great.

This is a question that not only interests those looking
for homes or profitable investments, but it is of interest
to every person interested in the success of Anadarko.
Everything possibly should be done to furnish all who would
locate among us cheap and comfortable homes.
HERBERT D. CROSBY went to El Reno yesterday.
A.E. SHAW of Mountain View was in the city yesterday.
The first load of cotton to come to Anadarko arrived this
C.V. STOWE started for Hutchinson, Kansas yesterday on
W.A. WARD of the firm of Miller & Ward was in Apache on
business Friday.
J.C. COOPER, tax commissioner of the Great Rock Island
R.R., is in town this week.
A two story brick building will be built on lot 18 block 34
DAVID LANDLOW has bought a residence lot on west B street
and will erect a six room residence.
T. KELLER from El Reno is in town. He is a sign painter and
paper Hanger and will locate in Anadarko.
The first bill of lumber for the Hermann (Binger) townsite
was Purchased by F.M. FULKINSON Wednesday. Mr. Fulkinson is
treasurer of the Hermann Townsite Co.
MRS. THOMAS MILLER and daughter arrived Wednesday. Mrs.
Miller is the wife of Thomas Miller, the proprietor of the
large two story building, corner B and 5th street.
As the season for putting up stoves arrives the men of
Anadarko congratulate themselves that it is not the old
stovepipe with its last year's soot, but a brand new one
they will have to handle. There are some advantages in
keeping house in a new country.
WILLIAM PHILLIPS, the agency farmer died of typhoid fever
at El Reno Wednesday night. He was on his way to his home
in Kansas, having taken sick at Weatherford, Oklahoma, but
could not go farther than El Reno.Mr. Phillips was an
intelligent young man and liked by all.
Robinson, Jackson & Co., law and real estate men, are
erecting an Office building on A street, south of the
courthouse square which will be completed soon. The firm is
composed of experienced men, each having had years of
experience in legel practice and no doubt will stand in the
front rank of their profession in Anadarko.
Belisle & Hocomb
Hardware and Implements
Block 57, lot 11
We handle everything in the Hardware and implement line and
sell at prices to suit everybody.
Keepers & Reynolds
Agents for Decker Bros. & co.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
Imported and Domestic Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Robertson Brothers
Contractors and Builders
Estimates Furnished on Short Notice
All Work First-class and Up-to-date
F.E. Penn & Co.
Realestate, Loans, Insurance
5th street, east of courthouse
Benjamin Lapp
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Northeast Depot
C.O. Cranston, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon
Diseases of the eye a specialty
Glasses fitted
Between 8th and 9th on B street
E.C. & O.M. Downing
All kind of Tinwork, Galvanized Flues, Roofing, Spouting
and Well Caseing. Everything First class at reasonable
N. side of C street between 3rd and 4th
Dr. E.B. Mitchell
Office in Miller Block, northeast corner
Courthouse Square
John R. Lane
Office with Record, northeast corner square
Anadarko Tailor Shop
Austin & Segrist, Props.
Cleaning, repairing and dyeing Gentlemen's Clothing by
Experienced Tailors. Come and see us,
East of Lawton Track on C street
The Record......$1 per year
J.W. Johnson
Flour and Seed
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of Hgh Grade
If you don't come to me the first time it is your fault, if
you don't come to me the second time it is my fault.
Excellent wagon yard in connection. Free camp house.
Guarantees to sell cheaper than any house in Anadarko.
Goods will be delivered to any part of town. Try me and be
convinced. Horses boarded by day, week or month. Stock
bought and sold.
Corner D and 5th streets, two blocks from Court Square,
north of R.R. track.
The First National Bank of Anadarko
Capital, $25,000.00
T.F. WOODWARD, president
H.B. JOHNSON, vice-president
I.N. DESCOMBES, cashier
H.H. BULL, assistant cashier
THOS. F. WOODWARD, Stock and Banker
H.B. JOHNSON, Cashier First National Bank, Chickasha I.T.
ED. B. JOHNSON, Live Stock and Capitalist, Norman, O.T.
THOS. F. YARNALL, Realestate and Banker
H.H. BULL, Assistant Cashier
DEAN R. LOWE, Live Stock Agent, C.R.I. & P.R.R.
C.H. BESSENT, Cash, First Nat., Norman, O.T.
C.B. CAMPBELL, Banker and Live Stock, Minco, I.T.
Lumber Company
Dealers in Yellow Pine
Sash doors, Lime, Cement and Coal


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