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Acton Family And Friends
Submitted by:Patti Robel
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A photo of the Joseph Myers Acton family,
most of whom moved to Andadarko in 1901.,
photo about 1910.

front, left to right: Naomi Acton Davis, Hattie Acton Van,
Cora Acton Myers, Graycia Acton
, back: Joseph Myers Acton, Mary Jane Argabright Acton, Fred L. Acton.


A photo taken on the front porch of
B.B. and Nellie DeLay's house in Anadarko, Oklahoma,
December 17, 1911.

Back row, left to right: Lloyd, Walter, Floyd, and B.B. DeLay, Fred Acton, Carl Covey, Belle Wiley, Dee Stockton held by father Calvin Stockton, Frank Covey, Leona DeLay Stockton, Ed Covey, Belle DeLay Covey holding Nelle Covey.

Front row, left to right:
Hubert Wiley, Nelle Ann Wiley DeLay, (2 children in front of her are Oren "Bud" Acton, and George Acton,) Hattie Wiley Acton, Amanda Rebecca Buckmaster Wiley, Belle Stockton, Leta Acton, Marion Wiley, Leo Wiley.
Submitted by: Patti Maples Robel and Jackie Tobin


A photo of the Joseph Myers Acton Family,
It is believed that this photo was taken about the time of the death of
Naomi Acton Davis.
left to right, bottom row:
Joseph Myers Acton, father, Mary Jane Argabright Acton, mother, Fred Acton, son.
left to right, top row:
Eleanor Graycia Acton, sister, Cora Acton Myers, sister and Hattie Deane Acton, sister.  


A photo of
Sadie Law, circa 1920's,
whom I believe to be a good friend
of my grandmother
Leta Acton.


Photo is of
Leta Acton
(center) and Sadie Law (lower right)
with unknown high school friends. Circa 1923.

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