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Fred Beall and Family photos

submitted by Jim Beall Afton, Ok
Fred's Grandson

the glue on some C D labels may cause the info. on the C D to become unreadable

This was taken at the 'BeallRanch',
west of Apache, Ok. in the late 30's.
All of his children were born on the ranch
starting in 1903. The girls (L to R)

Marie, Edith, Blanch, Mary, Opal, Birdy.

He also Had two sons Arthur and Edward.

Fred O. Beall and Martha Jackson
Wedding Picture, taken late 1890's
Winterset, Iowa.
They moved to Apache, Ok and lived there until Fred's death in 1942.

Fred Beall when he was younger.
I think the others with him are his brothers,
but I am not sure.

Fred Beall's son
Arthur and his bride Hazel Boatman.

Arthur Beall and family, Spring 1937--
Jimmy, Arthur, Hazel, Donna.

Sandra was added in 1940

Edward and Arthur Beall, Late 1930's

Fred Beall
with his best liked mules.
from Newspaper clipping 1926

-- --
The Beall Farm Pictures were not marked where they were taken but my best guess is that were taken on an Indian Lease that Fred farmed before he acquired the ranch. The lease was about halfway between Boone and Hatchetville.

And we all have to goof off a little.
Chick Smith was a long standing friend.

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