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Recently I acquired the autograph book of my Aunt Sudie Stuart Hager.
Sudie, poet lauraette of the State of Idaho, was born in Grant County Oklahoma
and her family later moved to Binger Oklahoma where she attended school.
This has been a joy to read and I would like to share these autographs with the Caddo County site.
If any of the families of these persons are still living
I would be happy to share copies of the original.

Nancy Stuart Tinsley

Jan. 29 1908
Dear Friend and Schoolmate;
Love is a golden chain that binds our hears togeather(sic) and if you never
break that chain well(sic) be friends forever.
your friend and schoolmate
Ruth Thornton
7th teacher
My Dear Sudie
Be good and you will be happy.
Your teacher
Alvin Robertson
Binger Ok. Feb. 24th 1907
Dearest Little Friend
Love many, trust few
and always paddle your ,
own canoe.
I am yours lovingly
Ella Semastor
Binger Okla.
Dec. 2, 1907
In your chain of friendship
Regard me as a link
Your Friend and Schoolmate
Holland Ishmael
Binger Okla.
Nov. 26 1907
Dear Little Friend Sudie-
When the golden sun is setting
and from sorrow you are free,
while of others you are thinking-
Won't you sometimes think of me?
Your friend
Anna Risch
Binger Okla.
Nov. 21, 1907
Dear Sudie:
Remember well and bear in mind,
That school days are in line, and
If htese days are idle spent you'll regret
The words when "you said" time enough yet.
Your friend and schoolmate
Pollie Boughton (could be Mollie hard to read)
Binger Okla.
Jan. 26, 1908
Friend Sudie----
In looking back on lifes past pages
May you find but a few days
Wasted in reckless pleasures.
From your friend and schoolmate
at school
Ella Atchison
Binger Okla.
Nov. 15, 1907
Dear little Schoolmate;
May your cheeks retain their rose and
your heart be just as gay, until
some manly voice shall whisper "Darling Sudie name the day"
Your friend and schoolmate
Glee Madden Binger O.K.
Jan. 29 1908
In scriblin in a album
rememberances asores (?) with the greatest of pleasure I'll scribble in
Binger Okla.
Nov. 15, 1907
6th teacher
Friend Sudie-
Among the beautiful pictures,
That hang on memory's wall,
Is one of our good old school days,
The seemeth best of all.
Your teacher
O.C. Culver
Binger Ok.
Dear Sudie-
Prove all things hold fast to that which is good.
From your schoolmate
Jeannie Lawhead
Jan. 12th 1906
Dear Sudie-
God meant us all to be happy
"Be sure" he gives us no sorrow,
That has not some cure.
OUr duty down here is to do, not know
Live as though life was earnest,
and life will be so.
Your friend and teacher
Mrs. M. Egglestone
Binger Okla.
Jan. 31, 1905
Friend Sudie;
Heres to the red and sparkling wine,
I'll be yor friend if you will be mine.
I'll be constant, I'll be true,
remember me and I will yo.
Your friend and schoolmate
Irl Klingman
Binger Okla.
5th teacher
Mr. E.O. Kelley
Binger Graded School
Binger, Okla.
Binger Okla.
April 26, 1910
Dear Pupil-
Always be cheerful as the facial features indicate the dispositon of the
inward soul.
Be kind, courteous and devoted and you will have nothing to regret,
Always strive to honor your father and mohter as it the noblest act of a
childs life.
Continue in pursuit of an education which when secured will cause you to be,
happy, independant and capable of assisting others.
Omnia Vincit Amor Pax et Dominus Vobiscum.
Otha Wolf
Binger Okla.
Aug. 25, 1909
Dearest Sudie;
Remember love
Remember true
Remember me and I will you,
And if the grave shall be my bed,
Remember me when I am dead.
Your friend
Blanche B.
Binger Okla.
Jan. 12, 1906
Dear Sudie;
when things don't go to suit you
and the world seems upside down.
don't waste yhour time in fretting
but drive away the frown.
your schoolmate
Helen McCorville
Binger O.T.
Dear Sudie
Rmember me while life is sweet
Remember me when next we meet
------------ be your lot
my little friend for-get-me-not.
Your loving schoolmate
Sylvia Darnold
Binger Okla.
Jan. 12, 1906
Dear Sudie:
Rmember me when this you see,
Though mayh miles apart.
Remember that I love you
and stamp it in your heart.
Your schoolmate
Iren McCarville (McCorville)
Binger Okla.
Feb. 26, 1908
Dear Friend Sudie:
Remember love
Remember true,
Remember me
and I will you.
Your friend and Schoolmate
Alberta Ratliff



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