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Prisoner of War

Pvt. Leonard M. Adams
 Leonard was  held as a Japanese POW for three and one half years.
He was a member of C Company, 192nd Tank Battalion.
He fought on Bataan and took part in the Death March.
His bio can be read at:
submitted by Jim Opolony

Sgt. Leslie K. Black
He was with the 303rd BG Bomb Group,
427th BS. 8th Air Force also called Hells Angels Group. B/TUR.
His plane's name was My Yorkshire Dream.
Marched in the Black Hunger March.
Shot down over Zettweil, Germany on 29th June 1944, the only survivor of the 9 crewmen.
Prisoner of war. Liberated May 2nd, 1945 by the British.

Standifer, Ole Owen
Field Cook, USMC.

U.S. Army Air Corps,
P,O.W., (22 may 1918 / 08 nov 1999)
enlisted prior to WWII and was stationed at Clark Field in
the Phillipines as a fighter pilot of the 20th Pursuit Squadron. He
fought during the war of the Battle of Bataan and was a Japanese
Prisoner of War from April 1942 until August 1945. While a prisoner of
war he survived the Bataan Death March and the infamous 'Hell Ships'
that transported captured American soldiers from the Phillipines to
Japan. Two thirds of the men who were captured with him did not survive
their internment due to deprivations including the harsh conditions and
the extreme cruelty of their captors. Through it all he maintained his
optimism and cheerfulness. He was known by his fellow prisoners as a
man who would happily share his rations with a hungry comrade.

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