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Lone Grove Cemetery, Carter County Oklahoma

Lone Grove Cemetery is located in Range 1W, Township 4S, Section 24.  It is just north of Memorial Road.  Turn right on to Church Street and follow it until it ends. Then turn left.  You will see the cemetery to your right.

    Of interest, famous lawman David M. "Bud" Ballew is buried in the Lone Grove Cemetery.  Bud Ballew was a well-respected lawman of early Carter County.  He first entered law enforcement in a special service under Buck Garrett (who is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery).  In 1912, he became Deputy Sheriff under Buck Garrett.  According to historians, he was 5'11" and had red, curly hair.  He was involved in several killings for the defense of law abiding citizens - cases of which he was acquitted.  He had two interesting virtues:  he would not smoke a cigarette and he would not attend a movie.  Bud served as Deputy Sheriff until 1922.  In 1924 in Wichita Falls, Bud was killed by another lawman.  The circumstances his death were never completely clear.  Bud Ballew was survived by his wife, Fannie, and son, Doris.  Fannie later married a Dr. Tidmore, but is buried beside Bud.

Peggy Darline Shelley, May 19,1930-May 10,1931

    If you need to locate a grave, please call (580)657-3111.  If you would like a photo of a certain headstone emailed to you, please contact me.

 There is also a book in the Chickasaw Regional Library, Ardmore, OK, that has locations of the plots.  It is a publication by the Oilpatch Genealogical Society, simply called "Lone Grove Cemetery." 

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