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Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Early-Day Rural School Districts and Locations

ADAIR SCHOOL DISTRICT 30: Southeast corner of Section 23-9N-2W. 1200 48th Ave. NE., Norman. ALAMO SCHOOL DISTRICT 48: Southwest corner of Section 4-7N-1W.

BANNER SCHOOL DISTRICT 47: Southeast corner of Section 2-7N-1W.

BENNETT SCHOOL DISTRICT 34: Southwest corner of Section 4-8N-1E. 2300 block of 156th Ave. SE, Norman.

BLACKBURN SCHOOL DISTRICT 22: Southwest corner of Section 4-9N-1W. 8401 E. Franklin Road.

BOSTON SCHOOL DISTRICT 5: Section 12-10N-2W. Southeast corner of Douglas Blvd. and SE 104th. Presently Lake Draper covers area. Originally called LOG SCHOOL.

BRENDLE SCHOOL DISTRICT 69: One-and-one-half blocks south of Northwest corner of Section 9-9N-1E.

BROWN’S VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT 2 1/2 (Colored): Southwest corner of NW/4 of Section 9-10N-1E. Served same area as District 2 and west half of District 3.

BUCKHEAD SCHOOL DISTRICT 68: SW/4 of Section 26-6N-1E.

CANADA SCHOOL DISTRICT 49: Southeast corner of Section 2-7N-2W.

CAPSHAW SCHOOL DISTRICT 32: Southeast corner of Section 23-9N-1W. Northwest corner of Robinson St. and 120th Ave. NE.

CENTER POINT SCHOOL DISTRICT 18: Southeast corner of Section 23-10N-1W. Northwest corner of Choctaw Rd and SE 149TH Street. Shown as CEDAR POINT SCHOOL on some maps.

CENTER VIEW SCHOOL DISTRICT 63: Located in the SE/4 of Section 13-8N-2W. Now the odd side of 5800 block of East Post Oak Road. Was also known as SUNSHINE SCHOOL.

CLEARBROOK SCHOOL DISTRICT 35: Northeast corner of Section 11-8N-1W.

CLOTHIER SCHOOL DISTRICT 15: Northeast corner of Section 29-10N-2W.

CORN SCHOOL DISTRICT 25: Northwest corner of Section 12-9N-3W. 4600 block of 24th Ave. NW. First called PROSPERITY SCHOOL.

DAVIS SCHOOL DISTRICT 53: Located in SW/4 of Section 24-7N-1E.

DENTON SCHOOL DISTRICT 59: Northeast corner of the SE/4 Section 23-6N-1W.

DENVER SCHOOL DISTRICT 67: Northeast corner of the SE/4 of Section 34-9N-1W. 600 block of 108th Ave. SE., Norman. (Also called DURKEE SCHOOL.)

DIAMOND SCHOOL DISTRICT 8: Near Northwest corner of Section 9-10N-3W. Southeast corner of Western Avenue and SW 104th Street, Oklahoma City.

ELM GROVE SCHOOL DISTRICT 12: Southeast corner of Section 23-10N-4W. Northwest corner of Portland Ave. and SW 149th: St., Oklahoma City.

ENTERPRISE SCHOOL DISTRICT 36: Southeast corner of Section 5-8N-1W. Northwest corner of 84th Ave. SE and State Highway 9.

ETOWAH SCHOOL DISTRICT 44: Southeast corner of Section 23-8N-1E.

FAIRVIEW SCHOOL DISTRICT 9: Southeast corner of Section 2-10N-4W. Northwest corner of Portland Ave. and SW 104th: Street, Oklahoma City.

FALLS SCHOOL DISTRICT 31: Northeast corner of Section 29-9N-1W. Now 1130 84th Ave NE, Norman. Name taken from the Little River Falls which were nearby.

GRAND VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT 10: Northeast corner of Section 8-10N-4W. Southwest corner of Western Ave. and SW 104th: St.

GROTTS SCHOOL DISTRICT 24: Northwest corner of Section 9-9N-2W. 4701 12th Ave. NE., Norman.

HIGHLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT 42: Northwest corner of Section 25-8N-1W.

HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT 1: Northwest corner of the NE/4 of Section 11-10N-1E, on SE 104th Street.

INDEPENDENCE SCHOOL DISTRICT 37: Southeast corner of Section 2-8N-2W.

JACKMAN SCHOOL DISTRICT 7: Northwest corner of Section 12-10N-3W. Today it is Southeast corner of Eastern Ave. and: SE 104th St.

KNOWLES SCHOOL DISTRICT 65: Southeast corner of Section 2-9N-1E.

LAWN RIDGE SCHOOL DISTRICT 6: Northeast corner of Section 8-10N-2W. Southwest corner of Sooner Rd. and SE 104th: St. Also known as ROUNDTOP SCHOOL.


LIBERTY SCHOOL DISTRICT 27: S of the Northeast corner of Section 29-9N- 3W. 900 Block of 60th NW, Norman. Sometimes called Downing.

LIBERTY SCHOOL DISTRICT 3: Southeast corner of Section 2-10N-1W. NW corner of Choctaw Rd. and SE 104th St.


LITTLE AXE SCHOOL DISTRICT 70: Southwest corner of Section 21-9N-1E. Later in Southeast corner of same section. 1300 168th Ave. NE.??

LITTLE RIVER SCHOOL DISTRICT 33: Southeast corner of Section 2-8N-1E. Three miles south of Brendle Corner.

LONE STAR SCHOOL DISTRICT 50: Northwest corner of Section 28-7N-1W. One mile east of Duffy Corner.

McINTOSH SCHOOL DISTRICT 55˝: (Colored): Northeast corner of: Section 17-6N-1E.

MEEKS SCHOOL DISTRICT 17: Northwest corner of Section 28-10N-1W. Southeast corner of Anderson Rd. and SE 149th St.


(Colored): NE/4. Section 28-10N-1E. South side of SE 149th St. between Peebly Rd. and Luther Rd. 

NEW HOPE SCHOOL DISTRICT 28: Northeast corner of Section 26-9N-3W. Immediately north of the present swimming pool at Westwood Park, Norman.



NORRIS SCHOOL DISTRICT 1 1/2 (Colored): Northeast corner of: Section 14-10N-1E, now the Southwest corner of Harrah Rd. and SE 119th St. Area served same as HILL SCHOOL.

OAK GROVE SCHOOL DISTRICT 2: Southwest corner of Section 4-10N-1E.

PERRY SCHOOL DISTRICT 14: located at or near the corner common to Section 23, 24, 25 and 26-10N-3W. Near intersection of S. Eastern and South 19th: St., Moore.

PLEASANT HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT 23Southwest corner of Section 1-9N- 2W. Northeast corner of Franklin Rd. and 48th Ave. NE. Later ROBIN HILL SCHOOL.

PLEASANT VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT 26: Northeast corner of Section 8- 9N-3W. Southwest corner of West Franklin Road and 60th Ave. NW., Norman.

RED HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT 66: Northeast corner of Section 8-9N-1E. SW corner of Franklin Rd. and 156th NE. 

RED OAK SCHOOL DISTRICT 45: Northwest corner of Section 12-7N-1E.

RED SPRING SCHOOL DISTRICT 61: Southwest corner of Section 24-6N-1E

ROBINSON SCHOOL DISTRICT 16: Northwest corner of Section 25-10N-2W. Presently Southeast corner of SE 104th St. and Douglas Blvd.

ROCKY POINT SCHOOL DISTRICT 41: Southeast corner of Section 20-8N-1W.

ROSE HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT 54: Southeast corner of Section 1-6N-1E.

SCHWARTZ SCHOOL DISTRICT 4: Southwest corner of Section 4-10N-1W. Northeast corner of Anderson Rd. and SE 104th: St. One mile south of Schwartz Cemetery.

SCIENCE HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT 52: Southwest corner of Section 21-7N-1E.

SOUTH GALE SCHOOL DISTRICT 21: Northeast corner of Section 11-9N-1W. Southwest corner of Franklin Rd and 120th Ave, NE.

SPRING CREEK SCHOOL DISTRICT 46: Southwest corner of Section 4-7N-1E. Also called WILDCAT SCHOOL.

SPRING HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT 56: Northwest corner of the NE/4 of Section 11-6N-1W.

STAR SCHOOL DISTRICT 13: located at or near intersection of Western Ave. and SW 149th St., Oklahoma City. 10N-3W. Called WARREN SCHOOL until 1895.

STELLA SCHOOL DISTRICT 19: Southeast corner of Section 20-10N-1E. NW corner of Peebly Rd. and SE 149th St.


STOVALL SCHOOL DISTRICT 58: Northeast corner of the SE/4 of Section 20-6N-1W.

TWELVE CORNERS SCHOOL DISTRICT 43: Northwest corner of Section 28-8N-1E.

UNION HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT 55: Southeast corner of Section 5-6N-1E.

VALLEY GROVE SCHOOL DISTRICT 60: Northeast corner of Section 29-6N-1E. Early school in this district was called ADAMS and was located close to the corner where VALLEY GROVE was built later.

VALLEY VIEW SCHOOL DISTRICT 39: Northeast corner of SE/4 of Section 1-8N-3W. Also known as WILL SCHOOL. Near present Westbrooke Terrace and South Berry Rd., Norman.

WEST POINT SCHOOL DISTRICT 17 1/2: (Colored): Southeast corner of Section 22-10N-1W.

WEST SIDE SCHOOL DISTRICT 64: Located in Norman in block bounded by Main St. on the N, Lahoma St. on the E and Flood Ave. on the W. Later was site of Washington Grade School. Currently (2004) is known as Instructional Services Building.

WHITE MOUND SCHOOL DISTRICT 38: Southwest corner of the NW quarter of Section 9-8N-2W.


WILLOW WOOD SCHOOL DISTRICT 11: The exact location is unclear. Cleveland County historian, John Womack, gave the name of District 11 as QUINCY and location as Northeast corner of: NW/4 of Section 21-10N-4W. On the south side of SW 134th Street midway between MacArthur Blvd. And West Ave., Oklahoma City. He further states that one source claims District 11. Was a mile south of location given and the name was  WILLOWWOOD SCHOOL. (List of rural school districts obtained from Cleveland County Court House gives district name as WILLOW WOOD.)