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1905 Directory of Sapulpa Businesses

Sapulpa Herald
Sapulpa, Oklahoma
July 2, 1998
pg 2

A directory of Sapulpa businesses from 1905
[alpha text version]

Armstrong W. T. East Dewey Avenue Groceries
Barker W. G. East Dewey Avenue Groceries
Gore Grocery W. Z. Gore, Prop. corner Dewey Ave and Water Street Groceries
Adams G. M. Dewey Avenue Groceries
Thompson C. D. Manager G. M. Adams Grocery Groceries
Payne Bros. - Dewey Avenue Groceries
Gibson Grocery Co. W. P. Gibson, Prop - Groceries
Hughes & Son Huber Hughes, Mgr corner Dewey Ave and Water Street Groceries
Elliott Bros - Main Street Groceries
Johnson J. G. Main Street Groceries
Van Orman B. M. South Main Street Groceries
Harper Bros. - Dewey Avenue Groceries
Langley & Johnson - Dewey Avenue Groceries
H. C. Hall & Co. J.I. Crothers, Mgr South Main Street Grocery & Dry Goods
Goode D. H. Main Street Grocery & Dry Goods
Morris' Delicatessen F. Morris, Prop. - Confectionery
Blake Bros., Cigars and Tobacco - North Main Street Confectionery
Powell Confectionery J. S. Powell, Prop. - Confectionery
Sapulpa Bakery J. S. Douglas, Prop. - Bakeries
Home Bakery Mrs. Ada Smith, Prop. - Bakeries
Big Horn L. N. Chapman, Prop - Meat Markets
Buffalo Market J. B. Penn, Prop. - Meat Markets
Williams Meat Market - - Meat Markets
McMahan E. M. - Livery
Sheck Brothers - - Livery
Davis I. N. - Livery
Cash and Co. Ed Terry, Mgr. - Blacksmith Shop
King Blacksmith Shop - - Blacksmith Shop
Monteith General Repairs J. C. - Blacksmith Shop
Booth L. C. - Blacksmith Shop
Wetzel A. - Harness Shop
Langley & Johnson - - Harness Shop
Chapman N.E. - Harness Shop
Malone Ira Halsell Building Dentist
National Dental Co. R. Andrus Soliss Building Dentist
Lyford H. O. Garst Building Physicians & Surgeon
Plumstead M. E. Abbott Building Physicians & Surgeon
Anderson - Garst Building Physicians & Surgeon
McAllester J. S. Garst Building Physicians & Surgeon
Houser J. H. Garst Building Physicians & Surgeon
Garrett Geo H. Soliss Building Physicians & Surgeon
Soliss J. P. Soliss Building Physicians & Surgeon
Duncan J. G. (Osteopath) Garst Building Physicians & Surgeon
Central Drug Co. - - Drug Store
Turner F. W. [Dr.] - Drug Store
Delozier-Burnett Drug Co. - - Drug Store
Frisco Drug Co. Campbell & Richey, Prop. - Drug Store
Whitaker Drug Store - - Drug Store
Hughes E. B. Farmers & Merchants Bank Building Attorney
Jones J. Wills Building Attorney
Root W. P. Wills Building Attorney
Poe & Campbell - Halsell Building Attorney
Pfendler Fred Halsell Building Attorney
Thompson R. B. Garst Building Attorney
McDougal D. A. Garst Building Attorney
Jackson L. B. Garst Building Attorney
Mars & Mars - Soliss Building Attorney
Jennings Samp Court House Attorney
Weeks & Son J. M. Halsell Building Abstractor
Adams Co. H. H. - Abstractor
Speer Lafe - Abstractor
Hughes G. C. - Abstractor
Burnett & Hughes - Farmers & Merchants Bank Building Insurance & Real Estate
Hughes G. C. Farmers & Merchants Bank Building Insurance & Real Estate
Baldwin B. L. Farmers & Merchants Bank Building Insurance & Real Estate
Rundell & Speer - Garst Building Insurance & Real Estate
Adams & Watchorn - Garst Building Insurance & Real Estate
Kinnaird R. C. Garst Building Insurance & Real Estate
Bruner Joe Creek Land Man Insurance & Real Estate
Territoral Stock Exchange - - Insurance & Real Estate
Moore A. J. East Dewey Avenue Barber Shop
White House Hamm & Garrison, Prop. under post office Barber Shop
O.K. Barber Shop Charles Shriver, Prop. - Barber Shop
Frisco Barber Shop N. D. Hufft, Prop. - Barber Shop
Fox J. M. North Main Street Barber Shop
Plater Brothers - - Department Store
White Campbell & Co. - - Department Store
Faught R. D. (Mrs.) - Millinery
Warren G. E. (Miss) - Millinery
Swinney Sisters - - Millinery
Spencer L. C. (Mrs.) - Millinery
Smith F. B. North Main Street Tailor
Williams Tailoring Co. S. Williams, Prop. - Tailor
Monohan J. - Tailor
Zachritz P. J. - Shoe Shop
Wetzel A. - Shoe Shop
Fuller Pool Hall F. Fuller - Amusement Parlor
Walton & Meyers Bowling Alley - - Amusement Parlor
Blue Point Restaurant Helen Beaumont, Prop. - Eating House
Commercial Restaurant W. Heddings, Prop. - Eating House
Saddle Rock Restaurant J. H. Henry, Prop. - Eating House
Arcade Restaurant W. H. Harlow - Eating House
Beal Short Orders John Beal - Eating House
Bruns Lunch & Short Orders J. E. Bruns - Eating House
Meeker Restaurant & Short Order House O. Meeker - Eating House
Mexican Chili Parlor - - Eating House
Hobson Avenue Chili Parlor - - Eating House
Harvey Eating House - - Eating House
Dewey House Mrs. Lydia Beal, Prop. - Hotel
Hotel Ripley Mrs. Ada Ripley, Prop. - Hotel
Smith Hotel W. A. Smith, Prop. - Hotel
St. Charles Hotel - - Hotel
Porter House R. J. Virden, Mgr. - Hotel
Owens Emma L. East Dewey Avenue Rooming House
Frisco Rooming House H. G. Stein, Prop. - Rooming House
Sapulpa Rooming House A. Deadman, Prop. - Rooming House
Wills Rooms - Main Street Rooming House
Spruell Rooming House P. Brown, Prop. - Rooming House
Commercial Rooming House J. F. Fuller, Prop. - Rooming House
Buffington Brothers D. H. Buffington, Mgr. - Undertaking
Street [J. G.] & Co. Fred Wilkening, Mgr. - Undertaking
Rakeman & Son Diamonds, Jewelry C. H. Rakeman - Jewelers
Hall Sam C., Engraver - Jewelers
Miller & Cash, Frisco Watch Inspectors - - Jewelers
Street [J. G.] & Co. - - Furniture & Carpet
Sapulpa Installment Co. - - Furniture & Carpet
Sapulpa Cabinet Works - East Dewey Avenue Cabinet Works
Sapulpa Planing Mill - - Cabinet Works
Chapman N. E. - Hardware & Implements
Langley & Johnson - - Hardware & Implements
Hall [H. C.] & Co. - - Hardware & Implements
Perkins & Cheshire, Hay, Feed & Coal - - Wholesale House
Denton [J.O.] Seeds, Flour, Hay & Feed - - Wholesale House
Sapulpa Seed House C. D. Thompson, Prop. - Wholesale House
Water-Pierce Oil Co. - - Wholesale House
Bowden [R. A.] & Co. Commission - - Wholesale House
National Packing Co. Meats - - Wholesale House
Sapulpa Cigar Factory - - Wholesale House
Dickason-Goodman Lumber Co. W. E. Winn, Mgr - Lumber Yard
Spurrier Lumber Co. J. F. Crawford, Mgr - Lumber Yard
Minnetonka Lumber Co. C. M. Greenway, Mgr. - Lumber Yard
Hall [H. C.] & Co. - - Lumber Yard
Sapulpa Machine Works L. C. Booth, Prop. - Machine Works
Buffington Brothers - - Machine Works
Phillips W. S. East Dewey Avenue Feed & Camp Yards
Davis Feed Yard I. N. Davis, Prop. - Feed & Camp Yards
Water Street Feed yard - - Feed & Camp Yards
City Feed Yard and Scale Office O. E. Rose, Prop. - Feed & Camp Yards
Sapulpa Light O. M. Irelan, Prop. - Printing Office
Sapulpa Democrat Johannes & Dye, Prop. - Printing Office
Postoffice Book Store C. T. Jennings, Prop. - Book Store & News Stand
Turner F. W. - Book Store & News Stand
Wetzel's Bible House - - Miscellaneous
Racket Store A. C. Frampton, Prop. - Miscellaneous
Harper Brothers Grocery, Feed & Seed - - Miscellaneous
Sapulpa Bottling Works A. Straughan, Mgr. - Miscellaneous
Sapulpa Grist Mill S. A. Kelly, Prop. - Miscellaneous
Pioneer Telegraph & Telephone Co. W. C. Corey, Mgr. - Miscellaneous
Sapulpa Steam Laundry C. W. Hegberg, Mgr. - Miscellaneous
Sapulpa Nursery Co. A. C. Brown, Prop. - Miscellaneous
Sapulpa Green House J. N. Menifee, Prop. - Miscellaneous
Sapulpa Cotton Gin H. C. Miller, Mgr. - Miscellaneous
Sapulpa Pressed Brick Plant C. G. Ritchey, Mgr. - Miscellaneous
Sapulpa Cotton Compress F. L. Philips, Mgr. - Miscellaneous
Adams & Graham, Exclusive Clothing & Gents Furnishings - - Miscellaneous

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