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Tesitimony of Milton H. Bennett.

No date given.
M. H. Bennett sworn and examined.
  By the Chairman
  Question. What is your christian name?--Answer. M. H. Bennett.
  Q. What does the M stand for?--A. Milton.
  Q. Where do you reside?--A. At Caldwell, Kans.
  Q. What is your business?--A. I am engaged in the cattle business.
  Q. How long have you been in that business?--A. About thirteen years.
  Q. Are you one of the lessees under the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association?--A. Yes, sir.
  Q. Did you take your lease at the same tiime with the rest?--A. Yes, sir.
  Q. Is anybody else associated with you?--A. Yes, sir; Mr. R. L. Dunning.
  Q. Anybody else?--A. No, sir.
  Q. Have you any knowledge of how the lease was obtained?--A. I have no personal knowledge. I was not there when it was obtained.
  Q. Have you ever paid anything for your lease except the rental?--A. No, sir.
  Q. What has the rental been?--A. Two and one half cents an acre.
  Q. How much land does your lease cover?--A. About 118,000 acres.
  Q. Have you an knowledge of anybody else's having paid anything to obtain a lease/--A. No, sir; I have not.
  Q. Have you any knowledge of this transaction except what has been testified to?--A. No, sir.
  Q. Can you communicate that would be of value to the committee?--A. No, sir.
  Q. You approved the lease?--A. Yes, sir.
  Q. Do you think the Cherokee Indians did?--A. I think so.
  Q. Is there any opposition among the Indians now?--A. Not that I know of.

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