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James W. Hamilton Recalled

No date given. The person that follows was on January 15, 1885
J. W. Hamilton recalled.

  By the Chairman:
  Question What do the books of your association which have been sent for contain?--Answer. I think they contain the salries of officers, attorneys' fees, expenses of rewards, surveys of the country; and we have inspectors hired to look after our cattle in the different cattle markets, all of which cost a considerable sum of money.
  Q. Are there any other expendatures you recollect?--A. None that I recollect.
  Q. What has been the amount paid out in the way you have indicated?--A. The rewards amount to about $10,000, and some of them are unpaid. The attorneys' fees amount to as much more. The expenses of the arbitrations I don't know. They were paid from time to time on certified accounts. I think the average cost of surveys was about $1.20 a mile. Our five inspectors receive $1,800 a year each.
  Q. All of these expenses come out of the excess over the rental you pay the Cherokees?--A. Yes, sir; and whatever excess remains afterwards we provide shall be paid back to the members of the association.

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