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Testimony of S. Tuttle.

Washington, D. C., January 9, 1885

  S. Tuttle sworn and examined.
  By the Chairman:
  Question. What is your full name?--A. S. Tuttle.
  Q. Where do you reside?--A. At Caldwell, Kansas.
  Q. How long have you resided there?--A. A little over two years.
  Q. What has been your business?--A. I have been engaged in the cattle business.
  Q. For how long a time?--A. For a little over two years.
  Q. What business were you engaged in before that?--A. I went to Caldwell from the Pan Handle of Texas; but I have been engaged in the cattle business for about fourteen years. I have only been engaged in it at Caldwell two years.
  Q. Are you interested in any of the leases of land on the Cherokee Strip?--A. Not at present; but I have been.
  Q. When?--A. At the commencement of the association.
  Q. Did you have a lease of your own?--A. Myself and partner had a lease.
  Q. What was your partners name?--Q. Z. Tuttle.
  Q. Then you and your brother had a lease?--A. He is not my brother.
  Q. You had a lease from the original company?--A. Yes, sir.
  Q. When did you part with it?--A. I think it was last September.
  Q. Did both of you sell out?--A. No, sir; I sold out to him.
  Q. He is the sole owner now?--A. Yes, sir.
  Q. Do you know of anyone else who has an interest?--A. No, sir.
  Q.So, as far as you know he is the sole owner?--A. Yes, sir.
  Q. Do you know anything about the manner in which this lease was obtained from the Cherokees/--A. Yes, sir.
  Q. Were you present at the Cherokee council when the leas was made?--A. No, sir; I was in Caldwell.
  Q. What was your knowledge of it?--A. Simply, that we organized an association to obtain the lease.
  Q. Who represented the association down among the Cherokees?--A. Major Drumm and Mr. Eldred.

  By Mr. Harrison:
  Q. Did you say Drumm and Eldred?--A. Yes, sir.

  By the Chairman:
  Q. Was there anyone else?--A. There may have been other parties there.
  Q. Who else was there in the interest of the association?--A. I could not mention any names. I do not know that any other parties were there in the interest of the association. There were other parties there, but I think they went entirely on their own account.
  Q. Were they interested in the association or were they against it?--A. They were interested in it.
  Q. Who do you think was there?--A. I do not know their names.
  Q. What has lead you to think that other parties were there?--A. It is only hearsay.
  Q. What did you hear that led you to think that other parties were there?--A. Why, a simple report.
  Q. What is a simple report? We would like to get hold of it.

  By Mr. Harrison:
  Q. Who was reported to be down there?--A. Only my recollection is that some other parties were there.

  By the Chairman:
  Q. Who did you understand were down there?--A. I do not remember.
  Q. Can't you give us the name of a single one that was there?--A. No, sir; I cannot.
  Q. Were there several there?--A. Oh, I could not say.
  Q. Could you not give a single name?--A. No, sir.
  Q. Could you not give one name?--A. No, sir.
  Q. Do you know of anything being paid to anybody to go down there?--A. No, sir.
  Q. Was anything paid down there?--A. I do not know.
  Q. The report did not reach you that anything was paid?--Q. No, sir.
  Q. You never heard that anything was paid?--A. No, sir.
  Q. Do you know who acted in behalf of the Indians?--A. I suppose the Indian Council did.
  Q. But was not some one the mouth-piece of the council in making this agreement?--A. I think it was done in session.
  Q. Did these people appear before the council while in session?--A. I do not know sir; I was not there.
  Q. You don't knw anything about the manner in which the lease was effected?--A. No, sir.
  Q. What have you paid into the association?--A. I could not tell the exact amount, but 2½ cents an acre.
  Q. Have you ever paid anything except the rental?--A. No, sir.
  Q. How many acres in your lease?--A. One hundred eighteen thousand seven hundred acres.
  Q. How much stock?--A. About four or five thousand head.
  Q. How do you get your stock to the market?--A. We drive them by the open trail to shipping points.

  By Mr. Gorman:
  Q. You sold out to your partneer?--A. Yes, sir.
  Q. Did he form a stock company?--A. I think not. We were the only parties interested, and I sold out to him.
  Q.No stock company was formed?--A.Not that I know of.

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