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The Edmond Genealogical Society was established in September, 1991, with 78 charter members by December 31, 1991. 

Our purpose, as stated in the EGS Constitution, adopted in December, 1991:

  • Bring together persons interested in the field of genealogy
  • Assist members and visitors in their research
  • Issue publications when deemed beneficial
  • Collect and preserve material and historical data
  • Work with other groups and libraries in the state

We are here to encourage the science of genealogy; to help others gather genealogical information; and to preserve, protect and publish information of importance. We are here to serve visitors as well as our members.   

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Program for September 21, 2015: Cody Barger - "The Real Pocahontas"
by Carolyn Leonard

cody You probably have heard the stories of Pocahontas; daughter of Algonquin chief Powhatan.

In one well-known historical anecdote, Pocahontas is said to have saved the life of an Indian captive, Englishman John Smith, in 1607 by placing her head upon his own when her father raised his war club to execute him.

Although Smith told this story, it is considered untrue by most historians. As one balladeer wrote, "her legend has lived 400 years, but she only lived 22."

On September 21 at the Edmond Museum, genealogist Cody Barger will reveal "The Real Pocahontas." He is a descendant and has spent years studying her life. Barger, born and raised in Oklahoma, now resides in Edmond where he lives and works with his wife of 29 years. He is a member of the Anglican Church, SAR, a Jamestown candidate; and a direct descendant of well-known American and European families.

The stories of Pocahontas are retold often due to the romantic times of the new frontier, and Cody enjoys separating the facts from fiction regarding this short lived, but still popular young woman.

Pocahontas married John Rolfe, a prominent colonist and recent widower in 1614 and they became parents of a son, Thomas. Pocahontas's grandchildren, the Bollings, Carters, Meades and Randolphs helped to shape Virginia into the first capital of America and their children fought in the revolution to free the new nation from England.

Barger inherited the genealogy gene by blood and family stories from his mother, aunts and uncles. Raised in a strong family circle, he grew up on stories of his name sake, Wild Bill Cody, and Wild Bill's visits to his mother's child hood home of Barnhart, MO, and other ancestors.

Luckily he works for an international company and travels often in areas of his family roots, where time allows exploring records, homesteads and gravesites.

The meeting, which is free and open to the public, will begin at the Edmond Historical Museum, 431 S. Boulevard, Edmond, OK with a social time at 6:15 pm, program begins promptly at 6:30 pm.
FYI The Edmond Historical Museum is closed to visitors on Sundays and Mondays.

The EGS meets on the third Monday evening of each month, with speakers on subjects of interest to genealogists; membership is open to anyone interested in historical or genealogical research. For more info on EGS, or

Parking at the Museum is limited and can be a problem. You may need to arrange for drop off or to carpool. For more information on the meeting place, contact Edmond Historical Museum at (405) 340-0078

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