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The Edmond Genealogical Society was established in September, 1991, with 78 charter members by December 31, 1991. 

Our purpose, as stated in the EGS Constitution, adopted in December, 1991:

  • Bring together persons interested in the field of genealogy
  • Assist members and visitors in their research
  • Issue publications when deemed beneficial
  • Collect and preserve material and historical data
  • Work with other groups and libraries in the state

We are here to encourage the science of genealogy; to help others gather genealogical information; and to preserve, protect and publish information of importance. We are here to serve visitors as well as our members.   

Web site overview:

  • Society History and information
  • Where we meet
  • Our management
  • What we have
  • Membership

Program for May 18, 2015: "Saving your Family Stories"
by Carolyn Leonard


Professional storyteller Molly Lemmons will speak at the Edmond Museum on Monday May 18th on "Saving your Family’s Stories" for the Edmond Genealogical Society.

Ms Lemmons will cover basics of writing and recording your life memories for the enjoyment of generations to come. "In interviews with older generations," Molly Lemmons said, "the most amazing historical facts sometimes come to life."

She occasionally does a costumed portrayal of Mattie Beal, Lawton's lady who won the second drawing in the 1901 Land Lottery, and the speaker will tell how she researched this character. "A lot went in to the development of Mattie Beal’s character, and I learned a lot of historical facts about Lawton and the lady who saved the town," Lemmons said.

Seize the Flashbacks! Lemmons’ book to assist in her classes will be available for purchase, as well as several other of her books.

Molly Lemmons retired from teaching in Mustang Schools, and also writing columns for the local newspaper. In 2011 she won first runner up as Ms. Senior Oklahoma and is a member of "The Age of Elegance Cameo Club", an organization for former contestants and winners who continue to lead productive lives past age 60. She is a board member of the state storytelling group Oklahoma Territory Tellers. An alumna of Oklahoma Christian University, she is mother to two and "GrandMolly" to two. Ms Lemmons lives in Mustang, OK with her husband, her dog, and two gorgeous Ragdoll cats."

The purpose of the Edmond Genealogical Society is to develop and maintain high standards for training and assisting members pertaining to genealogical and related historical research, and to collect and preserve material and historical data.

The meeting, which is free and open to the public, will begin at the Edmond Historical Museum, 431 S. Boulevard, Edmond, OK with a social time at 6:15 pm, program begins promptly at 6:30 pm.
FYI The Edmond Historical Museum is closed to visitors on Sundays and Mondays.

The EGS meets on the third Monday evening of each month, with speakers on subjects of interest to genealogists; membership is open to anyone interested in historical or genealogical research. For more info on EGS, or

Parking at the Museum is limited and can be a problem. You may need to arrange for drop off or to carpool. For more information on the meeting place, contact Edmond Historical Museum at (405) 340-0078

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