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Our meetings are held in the main room of the Edmond Historical Museum at 431 S. Boulevard, which is on the NW corner of 5th and Boulevard, in Edmond.
Click here for Map and Directions.
The group normally meet at the Edmond Historical Museum, but for 2017 will meet at the Edmond Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1315 E. 33rd St.
The church has a larger meeting room, is fully handicap accessible and provides media assistance. The walk from the back door is shorter and visitors will find plenty of parking there, too.

Visitors are welcome any time the museum is open.
Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm.  Saturday, 1 pm to 4 pm.

The EGS general meetings are held the third Monday of the month, unless otherwise notified, with a social time beginning at 6:15 PM, and the main program at 6:30 PM.  We will try to present a program dealing with a subject on genealogy or a workshop at each meeting. Membership is open to anyone interested in historical or genealogical research.

Parking at the Museum is limited and can be a problem. You may need to arrange for drop off or to carpool. For more information on the meeting place, contact Edmond Historical Museum at (405) 340-0078

The EGS Board of Directors meetings are held prior to the General meetings unless otherwise notified. There may be one or two planning meetings for the upcoming months activities.

Please visit our EGS Facebook page for the latest announcements about Edmond Genealogical Society and postings of interest about genealogy and history. 

Present officers for 2017, are:

Ruth Oneson Minke, President

Andrea Aven, Programs and Publicity

Dick Cypher, Vice-Pres., Membership 359-1513

Jan Beattie, Secretary

Andrea Aven, Corresponding Secretary

Edie Parmeter, Asst. Secretary

Karl Kueteman, Treasurer

Sara Memmott, Past Pres., Library 341-2107

Linda Cotton, Hospitality

Jan Beattie, History and Research

Karl Kueteman, Webmaster


Upcoming programs:

20 Feb 2017: Marcus Crawford - "Researching Funeral Home Records"

20 Mar 2017: Ruth Oneson Minke, M.D., EGS President - "DNA and Genealogy"

17 Apr 2017: Deborah Baker, EHS&M Curator of Collections - "Resources at the Edmond Museum"

15 May 2017: Sherrie Furber, Genealogist - "How to Use the FamilySearch Database"

19 June 2017: Rick Johnson - "Outlaw Frank James and the Oklahoma Connection"

17 July 2017: The EGS Board - "Genealogy Tips, Tricks, and Tech"

14 Aug 2017: Debra Spindle, PhD - "Researching Church Records"

18 Sept 2017: Kenny Brown, PhD - "How Edmond Began: The Land Run and Beyond"

16 Oct 2017: Billie Fogarty - "Hiring a Professional Genealogist, What You Need to Know"

20 Nov 2017: Derek Lee - "The Circus in Edmond, OK"

18 Dec 2017: Jan Beattie - "The Oklahoma Cemetery Directory Project"

15 Jan 2018: Pat McFall, "Applying to the DAR"


We have many publications in the library and databases available free to our members. If you don't know about them, ask any of the officers.

431 S. Boulevard, Edmond, OK, P.O. Box 1984

Edmond, OK 73083-1984

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