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Family Group Sheet
for B Surnames
William Edward BACHELDER Family - (Wife: Shelia Charlene TRIMBLE)
Richard BACON Family - (Wife: Lowana BLAND)
Arthur Cornelius BAKER Family - (Wife: Susan DICKERSON)
Daniel Arthur BAKER Family - (Wife: Sallie Laverna PETTIT)
Berne B. BALL Family - (Wife: Hulda Bennett EDWARDS)
George BALL Family - (Wife: Elizabeth "Eliza" Jane WAGLAY)
James Marion BALLARD Family - (Wife: Elizabeth SWARTZ)
BANKS Family - (Wife: "Jennie" Martha Jane BANKS)
Lucien Herbert BARLOW Family (Wife: Della Catherine UPDIKE)
Elmer Fred BARR Family - (Wife: Rosa Cleo SUTTON)
Rollie Houston Barnett Family - (Wife: None listed)
Frank G. BARTHEL, Sr. Family - (Wife: Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" KERR)
John Marion BATMAN Family - (Wife: Izora E. SRODER)
William "Bill" Thomas BEALS Family - (Wife: Henryetta "Etta" GARRISON)
John Otis BEAN Family - (Wife: Eula (CORNISH))
Robert Solomon BEAN Family - (Wife: Johnnie Lee BOWEN)
Joshua G. BEARDEN (BIRDEN) Family - (Wife: Sarah Emily JONES)
Hal H. BEASLEY Family - (Wife: Alice Valeria ABEL)
Charlie John BEASTON Family - (Wife: Ethel Mary Polyanna Carpenter BEASTON)
Ernest Emmer BECKETT Family - (Wife: Edna Earl DAVIS)
John Sampson BECKETT Family - (Wife: Lucy Jane ROBERTS)
William Henry BENSLEY Family - (Wife: Angeline "Angie" Smith)
John Lewis BENSON Family - (Wife: Malinda Frances PINNICK DAME)
Richard Murry BLAIN Family - (Wife: Helen Augusta REEVES)
Nathan Gaines BOWLES Family- (Wife: Louisa WOOD)
William W. BLACK Family - (Wife: Fluellia or Fluellina PUCKETT "Flutie")
Robert Dean BLACKSTONE Family - (Wife: Louisa ENGLAND)
James Madison BLAKELEY, Jr. Family - (Wife: Samantha Belle THOMAS)
James Madison BLAKELEY, Sr. Family - (Wife: Frances (Fanny) Emma HOWARD)
William Howard BLAKELEY Family - (Wife: Iva Estelle HIGGASON)
Edward BLALOCK Family - (Wife: Julia Ann HENDERSON)
Edward BLALOCK Family - (Wife: Alice Ada SKINNER)
Samuel Adden BLANKENSHIP Family - (Wife: Martha Hester Hughes{Mattie})
Harrison "Harry" Hiram BOLSON Family (Wife: Olive Lovina PAINTON)
John Longdon BOWLES Family (Wife: Susan STOCKSTILL)
Nathan Gaines BOWLES Family (Wife: Louisa WOOD)
David Russell BOWLIN Family (Wife: Emily Maudestelle "Emma" WILLIAMS)
John Lynn BOWLIN Family (Wife: Birdie White POLLARD)
Robert Knox BOWMAN JR Family (Wife: Etta SIEMINSKIE)
Thomas W. BOWMAN Family (Wife: Fannie Lou HEMBREED)
Benjamin B BRADFORD Family - (Wife: Mrs. Mary C LESTER)
Benjamin B BRADFORD Family - (Wife: Rachel HUSTON)
Michael B. BRANCH Family (Wife: Martha Elizabeth CAGLE)
Mark BRANSTETTER Family - (Wife: Dora May MUNNS)
John Johann Heinrich BREMER Family - (Wife: Maria Elizabeth BOLTE)
Richard Logan BRENGLE Family - (Wife: Mary A. VERMILLION)
Abraham Lincoln BRENNON Family - (Wife: Eva Mae HUGHES)
Hubert Harvey BRICKEY Family - (Wife: Nora Olive WHITE)
Henry Andrew Watson BRIGANCE Family (Wife: Mary Virginia RIVES)
Oscar BRIGANCE Family (Wife: Thelma Belva WALKER)
David N. BROADBENT Family - (Wife: Mary MARSHAL)
Vernon Lee BROCK Family - (Wife: PRIVATE)
Vernon Lee BROCK Family - (Wife: Ethelann "Ann" TALIAFERRO WALL)
Belton Alexander BROWN Family - (Wife: Laura Melinda HILL)
Henry C. BROWN Family - (Wife: Cora Pearl NOBLITT)
James G. BROWN Family - (Wife: Syntha TURBYVILLE)
Joseph Cyrus BROWN Family - (Wife: Emmeline PENNINGTON)
LaFayette BROWN Family - (Wife: Louisa C. MARTIN)
Samuel Russell BROWN Family - (Wife: Carrie Moore BOCKMON)
Jordan BRUCE Family - (Wife:Mary Elizabeth (Mollie))
Charley Wiley BRYANT Family - (Wife: Laura Ann JACKSON)
Dee Richard BRYANT Family - (Wife: Beulah Mae SCANTLEN)
George Wesley BUCHANAN Family - (Wife: Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) McELROY)
Earnest Richard BUCKMINSTER Family - (Wife: Minnie Elizabeth HORN)
Charles Ambrose BULLARD Family - (Wife: Alberta F. ROBINSON)
Ray Edgar BULLARD Family - (Wife: Rosalie May BARR)
Aaron Burr BURR Family - (Wife: Margaret CRAIN)
Joseph Warren BURRIGHT Family (Wife: Sarah SHREVE)
Orrin Ulysses BURRIGHT Family (Wife: Ora Nathene SMITH)
Washington Lafayette BURROWS Family - (Wife: Martha Arminda CATLETT)
Washington Lafayette BURROWS Family - (Wife: Susan Amanda HOWELL)
Harold Dwight BUSBY Family - (Wife: Hazel May GREEN)
Robert Franklin BUSH Family - (Wife: Marilynn Christine FISHER)
Moses N. BUTCHER Family - (Wife: Parmelia UNKNOWN)
James Clarence BUTLER Family - (Wife: Lillie Burter FREEMAN)
James Clarence BUTLER Family - (Wife: Minnie Ola DISPENNETT)
Sam BUTLER Family - (Wife: Viola EAGANS)
Thomas J. BUTLER Family (Wife: Jennie CRUTCHFIELD)
Joe Andy BYERS Family - (Wife: Elizabeth Ann EDMOUNDSON)
Clement John BYRNE Sr. Family - (Wife: Bridget FOLEY)

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