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Family Group Sheets
for C Surnames
George CAIN Family - (Wife: Armilda GROSS)
William Washington CALDWELL Family - (Wife: Amanda Emaline HARRIS)
Jeffrey CALVERT Family - (Wife: Alice BLAKELY CALVERT)
Edwin Eastman CAMPBELL Family - (Wife: Clara Edith JOHNSON)
John William CAMPBELL Family - (Wife: unknown)
Charles H. CARPER SR Family - (Wife: Eudola Bill BAKER)
Cleveland Woodrow Wilson "Cleve" CARR Family - (Wife: Hila COOPER)
John W. CARR Family - (Wife: Nancy Jane EMERY)
John Wallace CARR Family - (Wife: Nancy GOODMAN)
John Wallace CARR Family - (Wife: Nettie OUZTS)
John Wallace CARR Family - (Wife: Nancy Ann TUTTLE)
Nelson Leo CARR Family - (Wife: Grace CHERRY)
William Marion CARR Family - (Wife: Mary (IRBY?))
William Bailey CARTER Family - (Wife: Sylvia Wyonia HARRIS)
William Leonard CARTER Family - (Wife: Dulcie Mae HOOD)
Richard E CASSADY Family - (Wife: ? EDWARDS)
Richard Wilson CATES Family - (Wife: Lucinda WILLIAMS
Sonny Causey Family - (Wife: Sandy Dye Causey)
William W CHALK Family - (Wife: Nettie SHEPPARD)
James Brandon CHAMBERS Family - (Wife: Elizabeth Pinina (Nina) CURTIS)
Turner CHAMBERS Family - (Wife: Ruby Elizabeth WALKER)
Jesse Berrong CHASTAIN Family - (Wife: Emma ROWE)
Thomas Michael CHASTAIN Family - (Wife: Martha Malinda "Mattie" McCUISTON)
Joseph Marion CHEEK Family - (Wife: Cora Anna HODGES)
Robert Bruce CHEEK Family - (Wife: Carrie Savannah ADAMS)
Dewey Guy CHRISTNER Family - (Wife: Iclee DERINGTON)
Frank CLARK Family - (Wife: Sarah Letitia WARRE)
Thomas Joseph CLARK Family - (Wife: Lydia Ellen MILLER)
Thomas Lampson CLEVELAND Family - (Wife: Mary Lucretia WOLF]
Charles Asbury CLINE Family - (Wife: Grace WHITEBREAD)
Mandred Carlyle CLINE Family - (Wife: Mary Ellen CLARK)
Samuel Sanders CLINE Family - (Wife: Mary B. FENTRESS)
Samuel Sanders CLINE Family - (Wife: Lucinda Ellen RATHBURN)
William Earl "Bus" CLINE Family - (Wife: Cora Mae HATFIELD)
Dr. Joseph Edward COCHRAN Family - (Wife: Bertie Mae GREEN)
Dr. William Jefferson COCHRAN Family - (Wife: Margaret Jane STEPHENS)
Wesley Samuel COCKRELL Family - (Wife: Bessie LOCKWOOD)
Daniel Boone COLE Family - (Wife: Nannie VANN)
Elmer D. COLE Family - (Wife: Amy BLACK)
Jesse Theopolis COLE Family - (Wife: Juney Brentice NIBLACK)
Warren Columbus COLE Family - (Wife: Nancy Jane PAYNE)
Wesley Newton COLE Family - (Wife: Myra HOLBROOK)
William Wesley COLE Family - (Wife: Nellie Mae NIBLACK)
James C. Wilson COLLINS Family - (Wife: Eveline NICKENS)
James Henry Wilson COLLINS Family - (Wife: Eva Mattie RUNION)
Jeremiah "Mally" COLLINS Family - (Wife: Priscilla Archer)
John COLLINS Family - (Wife: Nancy Drew)
Michael Jonathan Sherman COLLINS Family - (Wife: Effie Lutica TURNER)
Squire Bowen Buck COLLINS Family - (Wife: Roxalaney Susan Leath ARCHER)
William Henry COLLINS Family - (Wife: Minnie Elizabeth Tate)
William Jasper COLLINS Family - (Wife: Sarah Ann Collins)
Charles Marion COMBS Family - (Wife: Ida Mae HOWARD)
Claudius Gallio COMBS Family - (Wife: Rhoda SALISBURY)
Charles COMSTOCK Family - (Wife: Sarah Emogene MCGUIRE)
Solomon Smith CORN Family - (Wife: Lyda BERRONG)
John Calvin COTHRAN Family - (Wife: Sarah Jane DEWITT)
Lawrence Marion COTTRELL Family - (Wife: Martha Jane TUCKER)
Winfield Scott COSHOW Family - (Wife: Louisa Jane RIFFE)
Frederick Edward COX Family - (Wife: Mary Elizabeth MARSHALL)
Judge Malcolm COX Family - (Wife: Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON)
John Murray CRAIL Family - (Wife: Mary (Mollie) Neualla FORREST)
George CRAIN Family - (Wife: Sarah Ellah FORD)
John T. (Cratin Calvin) CRAIN Family - (Wife: Margaret Jane McELROY)
William Thomas CRAIN Family - (Wife: Sarah Ellah FORD)
Jessie C. CRIPPEN Family - (Wife: Sarah A. (? FORCE))
Jessie Ives CRIPPEN Family - (Wife: Susan Elizabeth WYRICK)
Walter Harrison CROSSLAND Family - (Wife: Ruthie Pearl GILLESPIE)
Benjamin Edward CRUMP Family - (Wife: ) Betty PRENTICE)
Benjamin Edward CRUMP Family - (Wife: ) Bertie MARTIN)
Thomas Edward CUMBEY Family - (Wife: Matilda Frances MOTLEY)
Henry Allen CUMMINGS Family - (Wife: Ledonia CROWDER)
Henry Allen CUMMINGS Family - (Wife: Johnnie Lela MOSS)
Delmar CURRY Family - (Wife: Sallie BLAGG/WALKER)
Lycurgus Green CURTIS Family - (Wife: Mary Jane MURFF)
WILLIAM W. CURTIS Family - (Wife: Rebecca SIMMONS)

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