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Family Group Sheets
for D Surnames

Cornelius Godfrey DACUS Family - (Wife: Malinda Jane MANES)
Milton Bryant DAILEY Family - (Wife: Moddie May LOVELL)
Auston Averon DANIEL Family - (Wife: Hazel Berniece PRICE)
Joseph Preston DANIEL Family - (Wife: Eva Lena EDWARDS)
George Orvil DARR Sr. Family - (Wife: Mattie Elnora ORTEN)
William Richard DARROW Family - (Wife: Anna Belle WHALEY)
John DAVIS Family - (Wife: Katherine Dowd)
Marimon DAVIS Family - (Wife: Harriett MOORE)
Harrison DAVIS Family - (Wife: Ann Juliet RYE)
Melvin Meyers DAWSON Family - (Wife: Sina WILKEY)
John Douglas DECKER Family (Wife: Lillie Catherine TRIPLETT)
Perry DEFORD (DeFord) Family - (Wife: Ida Mae FLOWER)
Clifton Travis "Coak" DENNEY Family (Wife: Viola Inola HARDIN)
John Allen DENNEY Family (Wife: Nancy Jane STARKEY)
Robert E. Lee DENNEY Family (Wife: Hannah Lucinda GIBSON)
Tilford D. DENNEY Family (Wife: Louisa SCROGGINS(?))
Ephriam O. DEWEY Family - (Wife: Elizabeth L. CREASER)
Mason Phillip DEWEY Family - (Wife: Bessie Mable MASON)
Alfons Cransford DIAL Family - (Wife: Laura ARMSTRONG)
Harvey Lesley DINGMAN Family - (Wife: Edith Frances HAWKMAN)
Adolph DIERKING Family - (Wife: Ida Ellen HERD)
John Killen DITZLER Family - (Wife: Sally Melvina MOSIER)
John Miller DOBBINS Family - (Wife: Tinney Elizabeth ROBERTSON)
Issac Denton DOBBS Family - (Wife: Addie Rose BRADLEY)
John Madison DOBBS Family - (Wife: Susannah GREGORY)
Henry Orville DOBSON Family - (Wife: Elizabeth K BARADA)
James Edward DOHERTY Family - (Wife: Boabie Della JOHNSON)
Robert Bartholomew DONAHUE Family - (Wife: Emma Zella COX)
Josephus C. Columbus DONALDSON Family - (Wife: Cynthia Carrie LOGAN)
Sumner Clark DONALDSON Family - (Wife: Susie Victoria GRIGG)
William Matthew DOSSEY Family - (Wife: Alpha Dee BURNETT)
Randall Lee Dority Family - (Wife: Sandra Michele Powell)
John Herdman DOWNING Family (Wife: Nancy Mustard)
Dallas Darrell DOWNS Sr. Family (Wife: Philena WATERS)
Fuller Collins DUKE Family - (Wife: Mary (Marie) Veronica SHANAHAN)
Samuel DUNCAN Family - (Wife: Katie BALDRIDGE)
William J Duncan (Dunkin) - (Wife: None listed)
James Howard DURANT Family - (Wife: Thetis THOMPSON)
George Frank DUSBABEK, Sr. Family - (Wife: Mary Catherine WEIGAND)
Joseph John DUSBABEK Family - (Wife: Barbara E. KELLER)
Jasper Newton DYKES Family - (Wife: Almedia Bozan THOMAS)
Leslie Clayton DYKES Family - (Wife: Ida Marie SMITH)

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