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Family Group Sheets
for H Surnames

Alvin W. HAIR Family - (Wife: Pheobe Carlone SLATER)
Oren Claud HAIR Family - (Wife: Lucy Bell FOWLER)
Charles Dennison HAKES Family - (Wife: Rebecca PETERMAN)
Charles H. HALLOCK Family - (Wife: Hannah E. BARTLETT)
Daniel B. HALLOCK Family - (Wife: Marie DRANGE)
John Stuart HAMILTON Family - (Wife: Ruth Ann MARTIN)
James Joseph HammonFamily - (Wife: Betsy Mae Petty)
David B. HARBISON Family - (Wife: Jewell Dean MITCHELL)
James Franklin HARDIN Family - (Wife: Emma Frances DAVIS)
George Bennett HARRIS Family - (Wife: Katie BROWN)
George Bennett HARRIS Family - (Wife: Harriett Doland WILLIAMS)
George Bennett HARRIS Family - (Wife: Pearl ANDERSON)
George Bennett HARRIS Family - (Wife: Ara Lucille BEASLEY)
Jesse Washington HARRIS Family - (Wife: Caroline SEAGO)
Stephen (Steve) Giles HARRIS Family - (Wife: Queen Elizabeth (Bettie) MOORE)
William Thomas HARRIS Family - (Wife: Ollie Josephine POUND)
John W. HASKINS Family - (Wife: Priscilla Pamela RAINES)
Benjamin Franklin HATFIELD Family - (Wife: Emma Elizabeth LENHART)
Elias HATFIELD Family - (Wife: Nancy SMITH)
Man HAWKINS Family - (Wife: Molly Pickle Hawkins)
Frank L HAWKMAN Family - (Wife: Luella Mae PATTON)
Thomas HEDGES Family - (Wife: Frances HULL)
Robert Monroe HEATH Family - (Wife: Martha Elizabeth FORD)
Frank Esaw HEMBREE Family - (Wife: Beverly Rose Fondren)
Frank Esaw HEMBREE Family - (Wife: Janell JOHNSON)
James Martin HEMBREE Family - (Wife: Mary Magdalene LOWE)
Mike HEMBREE Family - (Wife: Florida Bell HOWELL)
Clarence ODell HERDMAN Family - (Wife: Ethel Clara HOWLAND)
George Washington HERDMAN Family - (Wife: Martha Clara ODELL)
John Thomas HERREN Family - (Wife: Sarah Jane AYCOCK)
Jim HEWITT Family - (Wife: Jane)
James Samuel HICKMAN Family - (Wife: Anna Margaret TRIPPLET)
Thomas Jefferson HICKS Family - (Wife: Mary Louellen LASITER)
Thomas Jefferson HICKS Family - (Wife: Hazel Unknown)
Jerome Boneparte HILDEBRAND Family - (Wife: Henrietta PEELMAN)
James HILL Family - (Wife: Ida CHESTER)
John William HILL Family - (Wife: Martha Jane Nutter)
John Franklin HILL Family - (Wife: Mary Jane Beldon)
Frances Marion HILLY Family - (Wife: Sarah Emma BURRELL)
George Henry HILLY Family - (Wife: Anna Elisabeth DUNN)
John HOBBS Family - (Wife: Alice Evelynn HARRIS)
Orville Wiley HOBBS Family - (Wife: Lillie Mae ANDERSON)
Gerald Orvin HODGE Family - (Wife: Opal Elizabeth LINDER)
Robert Jasper HOGUE Family - (Wife: Clarissa JENKINS)
Daniel Nero HOLBROOK Family - (Wife: Margaret POLK)
Chesnut Wade HOLCOMB Family - (Wife: Nancy Sarah Jane SHARP)
Isaac Jefferson HOLDER Family - (Wife: Alzira FERGURSON)
Melvin Jacob HOLDERMAN Family - (Wife: Maie (Marie?) HATFIELD)
Homer HOLDING Family - (Wife: Myrtle Mary WOLF)
George Washington HOLMAN Family - (Wife: Lizzie WAMPEE)
Karl Franklin HOLSTEIN Family - (Wife: Irma Lenora PETERSON)
Ausburn P. (E.P.) (Osbourn) HOOD Family - (Wife: Fanny SMITH)
Columbus Green (Lum) HOOD Family - (Wife: Cora Catherine CUMMINS)
William Barton HOOD Family - (Wife: Sylvania Caroline Slusher)
Carl Franklin HOOVER Family - (Wife: Mary Ann MYERS)
Jesse HOOVER Family - (Wife: Amanda A CROSS)
Silas Alexander HOOVER Family - (Wife: Martha Ellen CARRICK)
Berry L. HORSLEY Family - (Wife: Sarah UNKNOWN)
Joshua Theodore HORSLEY Family - (Wife: Sophie E. FRALICH)
Joshua Theodore HORSLEY Family - (Wife: Willie Ann PAYNE)
John Gilbert HORTON Family - (Wife: Melissa Ann Spicer EDWARDS)
Alexander HOSKINS Family - (Wife: Rebecca SMITH)
Lewis Lafayette HOSKINS Family - (Wife: Victoria WARD)
Charles C. How Family - (Wife: Susan Parmenter)
Charles C. How Family - (Wife: Hannah Price)
Daniel Thomas HOWARD Family - (Wife: Olga Helena BARNES)
Emory A. HOWARD Family - (Wife: Mary Elizabeth SHUMATE)
George Washington HOWLAND Family - (Wife: Sarah Leona AXTELL)
Daniel Bruce HUFF Family - (Wife: Zucala Alice TRISLER)
Herschel Reeves HUFF Family - (Wife: Delia Ella FINKS)
Thomas Jefferson HUFF Family - (Wife: Lura Alice LITTLETON)
Joe Raymond HUGHES Family - (Wife: Sybil)
Orville Dow HUGHES Family - (Wife: Lorene McDONALD)
William Manford HUGHES Family - (Wife: Antionette (Nettie) BALFOUR)
Lewis Walter HURST Family - (Wife: Ellen Sarah RIGGS)
Glover Ross HUTCHISON Family - (Wife: Myrtle Tilly)
George Washington HUTCHISON Family - (Wife: Mary Ann JONES)
Stephen Sumner HUTCHINSON Family - (Wife: Emma MICKEY)
Edward Cleveland HYDEN Family - (Wife: Dona HOLLOWAY)

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