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Family Group Sheets
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Jesse James MACOMB Family - Wife: Lula Bell STAFFORD
William Jackson MALONEY Family - Wife: Kitty Ann SEAL
William Andrew Chesley MALOY - Wife: Ada Bell SIMPSON
Harry Romeliss MANES - Wife: Alice Jane BROWN
John F. MANN Family - Wife: Mary PEASE
Alford Great MARLNEE Family-Wife: Alice Nina FRAZIER
Sam MARTIN Family - Wife: Rachel MARTIN
William Silery MARTIN Family - Wife: Eva Mae COLE
John William MASSENGALE Family - Wife: Lennie Osburn MASSENGALE
Milton MASTIN Family - Wife: Martha Annabelle TAYLOR
Charles Smith MAUPIN Family - Wife: Annie Jane RAMSEY
Robert Washington MAUPIN Family- Wife: Miss John Sam DENHAM
John Henricks MAYES Family - Wife: Nancy BUTT
John Henry MAYES Family - Wife: Angeline GALLOWAY
Jesse M. MCALISTER Family - Wife: Icy Jane HITE
Moses McCALL Family - Wife: Nancy Ann CALHOUN
Samuel McCALL Family - Wife: Martha Jane PORTER
Samuel McCALL Family - Wife: Mary Ann WALLACE
Charles McCARTNEY Family-Wife: Never Married
Harry J. McCONNELL Family - Wife: Ellen Olive BENNET
Charles Sylvester McCOLPIN Family - Jennie Safronia Gunning
Thomas Cage McCORMICK Family - Wife: Melinda OGDEN
Thomas C. McCORMICK Family - Wife: Margie E. Gober RODEN
Thomas Harrison McCUISTON Family - Wife: Sarah Ellen GRIFFITH
George A. McCURRY Family - Wife: Elizabeth Ann RUSSELL/McCURRY
Kerney McDONALD Family - Wife: Tempa Ann West
Sebern McDONALD Family - Wife: Lodie Ethel NORIE
Alvin Jack MCDOUGAL Family - Wife: Vye Edith HERRON aka Viola Edith BUCK
Alexander MCFADDEN Family - Wife: Mary Isabelle MCINTYRE
Alexander MCGEE Family - Wife: Margaret Ermine Culp
James Madison MCGOWEN Family - Wife: Hattie Elizabeth TERHUNE
Harry Ellsworth McGRIFF Family - Wife: Adaline GRAY
John Wilson MCGRIFF Family - Wife: Eliza SCHOONOVER
Daniel Warren Sams MCGUIRE Family - Wife: Sarah T. ANDREW
John Brett MCGUIRE Family - Wife: Faye STUBBLEFIELD
Charles MCINTOSH Family-Wife: Amanda "Mandy" TARPLEY
James Alexander MCKENZIE Family - Wife: Ester Sophia BREIG
Vincent Sylvester MCKENZIE Family - Wife: Veanicia PETERMAN
Zachariah MCKENZIE Family - Wife: Emmaline Martha MCKENZIE
Felix Duncan MCLAIN Family - Wife: Mary Ann FLANNIGAN
John William MEDCALF Family - Wife: Mary Ann Mollie WILLIAMS
George Washington MENDENHALL Family - Wife: Tryphosia Almira THOMPSON
Frederick William METZNER-Wife: Mary MARSHALL
Alfred Richard MEYER Family - Wife: Edna Catherine MUNNS
Christian Julius MEYER Family - Wife: Laura BRINKMEIER/BRINKMEYER
Christian Julius MEYER Family - Wife: Matilda A. VOGELPOHL
John MICHAEL Family - Wife: Amanda Ellen FLYNN
Roger MILES Family - Wife: Mahalia LONG
Isaac MILLER Family-Wife: Catherine Ann CANTWELL
Marvin A. MILLER Family- Wife: Matilda HEMBREE
Noah MILLER Family - Wife: Maude Belle DUNCAN
Raymond Lewis MILLER Family - Wife: Lillian GREGORY
Riley Wilbur MILLER - Wife: Martha Allen DUNCAN
Theordore "Ted" Roosevelt MILLER Family - Wife: "Neva" Lily Geneva SHEETS
Marion Thomas MILLS Family - Wife: Nancy Elizabeth KING
Fergus Dudley MITCHELL - Wife: Mary Jane LUDDUSA
James Elzie MITCHELL Family - Wife: Mattie MILES
James Thomas MITCHELL Family - Wife: Addie/Allie YORK
John MITCHELL - Wife: Mary WOODS
Martin Luther MITCHELL Family - Wife: Patsy CLARK
Robert MITCHELL-Wife: Elizabeth Jane WAGLAY
Ross Sedars MITCHELL Family - Wife: Hallie Ree BEASLEY
David James MOODY Family-Wife: Sarah HAMILTON
David Frank MOORE Family - Wife: Harriett Katherine CHASTAIN
Forrest Maxwell MOORE Family - Wife: Leta Arlene Wilder
Franklin L. MOORE Family - Wife: Nancy (unknown)
Jackson MOORE Family - Elizabeth Summers MILLS
James Grant MOORE Family - Wife: Vivian Ann Gardner
James L. MOORE Family - Wife: Laura Evaline HOLLINGSWORTH
Jesse C. MOORE Family-Wife: Margaret Tabbitha JONES
Joseph MOORE Family - Wife: Pearl WALKER
Milton Monroe MOORE, Jr. Family - Wife: Willie Eddie SESSIONS
Pleasant Ulysses S. Grant MOORE Family - Wife: Cora Bell Dix
William (Bill) J. MOORE Family - Wife: Sarrah (Sallie) ECHOLS
Calvin Jackson MORGAN-Wife: Lavice GLOVER
Perrin Herbert MORGAN Family-Wife: Emma Belle HORNSBY
Robert Henry MORRIS Family - Wife: Malissa 'Annie' ADKINS
Joseph MORRISON Family - Wife: Bonnie BLACK
Ethelburt MORTON Family - Wife: Anna MITCHELL
Benjamin Franklin MOSELY Family -Wife: Syntha "Senny" PRIDMORE
Benjamin Franklin MOSELY Family -Wife: Sarah Caroline COLE
Jonathan Vester MOSELY Family - Wife: Ollie Ann BYERS
Luther MOSS Family - Wife: Mary Naomi DAY
Homer Lee Moyers Sr. Family - Wife: Jessie D. Miller
John Alexander Moyers Family - Wife: Maggie Josephine Allen
David MUNNS Family - Wife: Catherine Eleanore JOLLIFFE
James Samuel MUNNS Family - Wife: Anna Emma Margaret FORTER
Robert Bruce MUNNS Family - Wife: Mary Elizabeth McCAULEY
John E. MURFF Family - Wife: Sarah Maria KELLY
Rev. Samuel MURFF Family-Wife: Sarah FRAZIER
Charles Casper "Doc" MURPHY Family - Wife: Martha Omega "Meg" WOLF
Arthur L. MURRIE Family - Wife: M. MILINDA "LYDIA" JONES
Clyde Alvis MURRIE Family - Wife: Tressie Ethel ENLOW
Matthew McClelland MYERS Family - Wife: Annie (?) MYERS

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