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William C. Allen
Geronimo Motor Car Company

    In 1916 William C. Allen, and other entrepreneurs from around the state, established the Geronimo Motor Company and incorporated it in mid-1917. By June of that year the firm had taken orders for fifty cars, and by September a thirty-thousand-square-foot factory had been constructed. It made tractors, a roadster, and a five-passenger, full-size automobile.
    Between the years 1916 and 1920 The Geronimo Motor Company produced one-thousand automobiles. Many considerd the Geronimo a far cry better than the Ford "Tin Lizzy". At it's height the company employed 100 men and had a payroll in the hundreds of thousands. The factory was turning out a new car ever day.
    The Geronimo Motor Company produced two models, four and six cylender, with a most impressive list of standard features. At a time when most motor cars came in basic black the Gernimo was available in three colors, blue, black and red. The 45 horsepower Rutenbur six-cylender engine model came with an electric starter. Other features were electric headlamps, leather and wood interior, and an on-board electric air pump in case of a flat tire. All for $895, $1295 for the six cylender version.
    A September 1918 edition of Enid Events reported:
    "On Saturday afternoon a carload of Geronimo automobiles left Enid for New York, destined for eventual shipment to Paris."
    The Geronimo name was dropped for European shipments and the automobiles were shipped under the alias "Wing".
    According to legend, late one August night in 1920 something exploded and within minutes the factory was engulfed. By the time firemen arrived there was just nothing they could do. Destruction was so total that the Geronimo Motor Company was never rebuilt.
    The only known surviving vehicle now resides in George's Antique Car Museum in Enid, Oklahoma. It was discovered in a Kansas field and loveingly restored to it's former glory.
1910 Census, Garfield County

William C. Allen
Born : ca. 1876 Kansas
Fathers Birth Place : New York
Mothers Birthplace : Texas
Wife: Ella E. Allen
Merle Allen
Lois Allen
Otis Allen
1920 Census, Garfield County

Will Allen
Born : ca. 1877 Kansas
Wife : Ella Allen
Children :