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Muster Roll of the Pickensville Grays
41st Alabama Regiment Co. C, 1862-65

Published in The Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly
Volume 8, Number 1, 1963

Mrs. W. E. Walker, of Chickasha, Okla. received handwritten copy of his muster roll in the 1930's from an uncle. On that copy are notations of kin which may be of interest to Archer and Ashmore families. These families may also have kin among Moorehead, Strawbridge, Neal and Gardner families. Mrs. Walker does not have genealogical records on her ancestors but will be glad to hear from persons who have such information.

On the back of the handwritten list is a letter from J.J. Morehead, 1915, to C.T. Archer, Corpus Christi, Texas:
"I happened to have a printed list of your Father's Company and you will find many names on the list of men you once knew. I know but three members of the company now living, all of them close to 80 years old. In my Company, The Pickensville Blues, I know of ten or twelve now living. But we were in the army 12 months before your father's company were in the army, and we had 25 or 30 more men than was in your father's company.
Your father's company left for the war from Pickensville on the 6th day of May, 1862, and served in the Western Army about two years, and then were transferred to the Virginian Army and were captured a few days before General R. E. Lee surrendered. The company was captured at Petersburgh, Va and General Lee surrendered on the 9th day of April, 1865, at Appomatox Court House, Va."


Abil, --

Fort, R.

Pridmore, Wm.

Abrams, E.

Friday, H.

Randle, A.

Adams, Felix P.

Friday, H. E.

Randle, G. D.

Adams, Isham

Gardner, Wm.

Randle, L.

Albritton, T. H.

Gentry, Joe

Randle, W. H.

Archer, Joe

Goodman, F.J.

Richey, C.

Archer, Tom Lt. (unc)

Goodman, P. W.

Royas, Joe

Ashburn, B. Ball

Gore, Yerge

Shelton, H.

Ashmore, Bud (unc)

Green, J. E.

Shiner, J.

Ashmore, Jack (Lt.)

Habert, Dr. (Lt.)

Shoop, I. W.

Baine, J.N.

Halbert, Ira

Simpson, Abe

Bell, D. A.

Haney, Tom

Simpson, Jim

Bell, M. A.

Hanks, Dick

Sparks, Jim

Bell, R. L.

Hawthorne, C.

Spiller, Dan

Bell, T. N.

Hawthorne, H.

Spruill, Arch

Betts, B.

Henderson, T.

Spruill, Tom

Birchfield, M.

Herren, W. H.

Spruill, Dr. Tom

Bisham, Burgess

Horton, W. H.

St. John, J.

Blackline, W.

Long, J. R.

St. John, W.

Bobo, --

Long, R. C. (Lt.)

Stancil, B. W.

Bordon, H.

Love, B. F.

Stancil, W. B.

Brown, M. A.

Love, J. J.

Stancil, W. E.

Brownlee, Jim

Love, Tom

Stansel, M. L.(Capt)

Bunnell, R. B.

Martain, Larry

Stansell, W.

Burgin, R.

McCafferty, B.

Stapp, J. D.

Burress, --

McCafferty, Jim

Stinson, T. A.

Burwell, L.

McCafferty, R. P.

Stone, F. M.

Carson, Gib

McCollum, Jno.

Stone, T. O.

Carson, J. T.

McCulty, C.

Strawbridge, John

Cason, J. H. (Capt)

Miles, T. J.

Street, J.

Christopher, N.M.

Miller, D.

Taylor, F. M.

Colmen, W. D.

Minchew, Isham

Thomis, P. C.

Cummins, J.

Minchew, Joe

Toliver, R.

Curry, P. H.

Moorehead, Dr. H. C.

Wells, M.

DeBara, G

Moorehead, Jim

White, Jim

Doss, Jinna

Moorehead, John C. (Capt)

Wilkins, Jim

Doss, R.

Mouchat, J.

Williams, John

Doss, Wm.

Murrah, Cal

Williams, S. E. (Lt.)

Dotson, John

Murray, L. D.

Wooldridge, R. F. S.

Dowdle, A.

Murray, Sid

Wright, Alexander

Duncan, Nat (Lt.)

Nash, J. G. (1st Capt)

Wright, Bill

Duncan, T. P.

Neal, Asa

Wright, Frank

Duncan, Wm.

Osborn, R. R.

Wright, Sam

Durryberry, Joe

Pickmon, W. J

Youngblood,W. C.

Fielder, D.

Pridmore, Abe


Fort, A. P. (Lt)




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