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Union Area, 1762-1812, South Carolina

Published in The Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly
Volume 8, Number 1, 1963
Continued from Volume 7, Number 4, Dec. 1962

Unity or Brown's Creek Church - In Nov. 1831 Unity Church sent a committee composed of John PORTER, Charner ADAMS, Christopher VAUGHAN, Sherod W. NANCE and Wilson TOLLESON to attend a joint conference at Fairforest to help in settling a church matter. Records in 1845 name Rev. J. G. KENDRICK as pastor...which time he was assisted by Rev. Joseph SUTTLE, Rev. F. LITTLEJOHN and others...In the year 1845 licensed Columbus C. VAUGHN to preach the gospel. Rev. James P. JETER was also pastor of the church for a few years just before the Civil War. In 1861, a new church had been erected and the building dedicated by Rev. J. S. EZELL.

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church - This old church was located on the south side of Enoree River in Laurens County near Duckett Place on Jones Ford Road. In old minutes of Padgett's Creek Church, this church is referred as DILLARD'S Meeting House and as Pleasant Hill Church. References are made to the church 1812, 1818 and 1819. Then in Feb. 1839, Padgett's Creek Church sent a committe to the Pleasant Hill Church to assist in settling a matter. Apparently the church had ceased to be an Arm of Padgett's Creek Church when this request was made and had become an independent body. Pleasant Hill was dissolved in the year 1854 and there is no sign of any church building at the place now. There is an old cemetery there which has a considerable number of marked graves in it. The family names of a few of the people buried there are DALRYMPLE, DILLARD, DUCKETT, GOODWIN and MOSELEY.

Gilead Baptist Church - was constituted Sept. 27, 1804 from Fairforest Church and admitted to Bethel Association in was served by different preachers until about 1819 but no record of any proceedings to be had...Nov. 1819 committee was Brother Greer and McDugell and Bro. Mitchell to arrange the business, signed by clerk Robert COLEMAN...1839 church consisted of 27 members - two white males John HAMES and James MAC WHERTER, 9 white females Sary HAMES, Sary KIRBY, Mary REAVS, Palcey GIBSON, Susanna EISON, Susanna BERRY, Tresy MAC WHERTER, Nancy LITTLE, Anne JACKSON and 16 black members...On Dec. 8, 1844...and during this time about 80 members joined this Church, some of them by letter but most of them by baptism. The church then called Rev. Drury SCRUGGS as pastor for the following year...made application and was admitted as a member of the Broad River Association on Oct. 16, 1846...

Pacolet Church now Skull Shoals Baptist Church -On March 12, 1788, William SCISSON conveyed to the Elders of the Baptist Church on Pacolet River one acre of land…There is also another deed of record from John REID to Isaac GOING and William SPEARS, members of the Baptist Church at Skull Shoals for 2 ˝ acres of land, including the cemetery…in what was then Union Co. and in the part later cut off from Union to form Cherokee County…This church of 21 members was constituted by Rev. James FOWLER and Rev. Isaac EDWARDS on May 20, 1787. Rev. Fowler and Rev. Richard WOOD are named as ministers of this church for some of the years before 1800; and during this same period of time, Rev. Joshua WILBORN was messenger from this church to the Bethel Assoc. Some of the pastors listed after 1800 were Rev. Jacob CROCKER, Rev. Isaac McKISSICK, Rev. J. G. KENDRICK and M. MULLINAX.

El Bethel Church - was admitted as a member of the Broad River Association in the year situated in the Gowdeysville section of Cherokee County, in a part cut off from Union County…It appears from the minutes of the association that Elder Jacob Crocker was the first pastor of this church and there were only 21 members at that time…In the year 1828 Elder W. WALKER was called and served until 1834 (he was also pastor of the Fairforest Church about the same time). In the following years some of the pastors were Elder George WILKIE, Elder D. SCRUGGS, Elder F. W. LITTLEJOHN, Elder R. P. LOGAN, Elder J. G. KENDRICK and Elder W. CURTIS…On July 11, 1837 James JEFFRIES conveyed to Joseph GUYTON, Adam S. GOUDELOCK, and Walter MOORHEAD and their successors of El Bethel Church a certain tract of land on the waters of Thickety Creek on condition that should the church be dissolved, the property would go back to James Jeffries or his heirs.

Transcribed to Electronic form by Diane Roberts


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