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Boone (Bird-Simonton) Bible Record


From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 9, No. 3, September 1964



Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White





Anthony and Abigail (Bird) Boone was married Nov. 1, 1821 (grandparents)

Abner and Almira Anne Boone (Simonton) was married Sept. 13, 1853 (parents)


Abigail Boone was born Sept. 3, 1796 died May 3, 1882

Abner Boone died Jan. 9, 1901


Amanda was born July 29, 1822

William Boone born Sept. 22, 1823

Martha Jane Boone born Feb. 20, 1825

Oscar (Osher) Boone born Oct., 1826

Abner Boone born Oct. 17, 1828

William A. Boone born June 24, 1854?

Marsela (sic) Boone born Nov. 6, 1856

Mary Jane Boone born Dec. 29, 18__?

Alonzo Boone born April 7, 1860

Arissa Boone born Oct. 7, 1861

Elmer E. Boone born Oct. 29, 186_?

Ada Boone born Feb. 9, 1869

Benoni Boone born July 24, 1871 and living at Kalona, Iowa on 1 Sept. 1963


Amanda died July 14, 1824

Anthony D. Boone died Aug. 2, 1829

Martha Jane Boone died Nov. 18, 1829

William Boone died Oct. 28, 18_4?

Oscar Boone died Aug. 15, 1848

Marcela Boone died Nov. 5, 1864

Ada Boone died Feb. 27, 1869

Elmer E. Boone died March 18, (sic)

Abner Boone died Jan. 9, 1901, came to Johnson Co., Iowa, 1846


Almira Boone born Huntington Co., Penn. and came to Iowa 1844.


All buried at Sharon, Iowa, at Grout Church Cemetery N.E. of Kalona close to the Thomas Simonton farm.  “His father and sister of Almira Boone.”  (This is believed by the Editor to mean Thomas Simonton’s father and Almira’s sister __________ Simonton also buried there.)


George Henry Boone (2nd husband)  was born May 13, 1794 half brother of Jerry Boone, Harvey H. George Boone lived at Wilkesburg Pa. when the canon exploded (he) heard an/d explosion and came there.  It had crippled and killed 7 persons. (sic)


Anthony Wayne moaded (made) a home made canon to celebrate the glorious 4th of July – it exploded injuring him so critically that he died Aug. 2, 1829.


Dorothy Welt’s grandmother Boone was a Simonton.  Henry Strickler’s related to the Boone family.


Benoni Boone (born July 24, 1871) and another sister Mrs. Fredericks are the only two still living.


Benoni Boone above, age 93 (as of Sept. 1963) has this Bible, dated 1824, published and sold by Kimber and Sharpless, Philadelphia, Pa.  This record was  taken Sept. 1, 1963 from an old copy in the possession of Marcia Boone Bowman (Mrs. Edward M. (Ted), Bowman Photo Studio, West Liberty, Iowa.



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