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Funeral Register Books, Stickley Funeral Home of Canadian, Texas

From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 24, Number 2, 1979

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White


Copied and compiled by: Al Louise Ramp, Roberta Hand, and Juhree Carr of Canadian, Texas.


The books start 1910 and go through 1954. Mr. C.C. Stickley started in 1902 and was the first undertaker in the Texas Panhandle. The earliest books were unfortunately destroyed years ago. The following is only the portion of the abstract which has to do directly with an Oklahoma person.




Book Number


Place of Death



Interment Information

#16, p 16, 12 Aug 1910

Hall, L.K.


Carl, OK

Age 50

Body shipped to C.R. Hall







#1, p 26, 4 Jan 1911

Lambert, Anna Dora


Hamburg, OK

Cause of death: Cancer foot,-- Date of death: Jan 3,-- Widow,-- Christian,-- Age: 56 yr 2 mo 6 days








#8, p 30, 2 Feb 1911

Hartley, Bert

Mills Co., OK

Mills Co., OK

Date of death: 1 Feb 1911,-- Farmer,-- Married

Date of funeral: Feb 4,-- Services: Union Chapel, 10 a.m.,-- Union Cemetery







#13, p 35, 4 Mar 1911

Baker, Henry


Durham, OK

Moved in Studer Building 2 Mar 1911








#16, p 38, 29 Mar 1911

Martin, Spencer Aubrey


Mills Co., OK

Laborer,-- Single,-- Age 24 yrs,-- Charge: C.G. White,-- Date of death: 28 Mar 1911,-- Cause of death: epileptic fit

Date of funeral: 29 Mar 1911,-- Interment: McGee Memorial







#23, p 45, 24 Jul 1911

Roabough, Sam



Age: 30 yrs

Thomas, OK Cemetery







#29, p 96, 20 Nov 1913

McDonald, Mrs. Nora J.



Charge: J.A. McDonald,-- Physician: Newman,-- Cause of death: Peritonitis,-- Date of death: Nov 19,-- Married,-- Baptist,-- Age 26

Date of funeral: 20 Nov,-- Services at residence, 4 pm,-- Body shipped to Woodward







#5, p 105, 17 Mar 1914

Butler, Mrs. Ellen



Charge: J.L. Butler, Oklahoma








#4, p 185, 8 Mar 1917

Scrivner, M.V.

Rankin, OK


Charge: B.F. Scrivner,-- Date of death: Mar 8,-- Age, 67 yrs

Body shipped to Elbing, KS







#5, p 186, 10 Mar 1917

Smith, A.P.



Charge: F.M. Smith,-- Date of death: Mar 9

Body shipped to El Reno, OK







#6, p 216, 22 Feb 1918

Shafer, Mrs. Magdelena

Caylor Hosp.


Charge: John Schafer,-- Cause of death: Pneumonia,-- Date of death Feb 21,-- Age 38 yrs

Body shipped to Goodwin, OK,-- Services at Goodwin







#4, p 269, 2 Mar 1919

Simpson, Mrs. Esther

Durham, OK


Charge: R.N. Simpson; 32 yrs

Body shipped to Jewell City, KS







#13, p 277, 10 Jun 1919

Schwartz, Lawrence L.

Canadian Hosp.


Charge: Mrs. Schwartz,-- Physician: Caylor,-- Cause of death: Bight's (sic) Disease,-- Date of death: Jun 8,-- Married,-- Bookkeeper,-- 37 yrs 10 mos 10 days

Date of funeral: Jun 11,-- Services at Medford, OK,-- Clergyman: Rev. Hurlburt,-- Body shipped to Medford, OK







#17, p 281, 2 Jul 1919

Newell, Claude Wallace



Physician: Dr. H .C. Caldwell,-- Cause of death: Dysentery,-- 1 yr 6 mos 25 days

Date of funeral: Jul 3,-- Clergyman: O.M. Reynolds,-- Body shipped to Durham, OK,-- Interment: Bellview Cem.







#4, p 12, 11 Jan 1929

Evans, Donald Ross


Canadian, TX

Father: A.E. Evans,-- Birthplace: Strites, Il,--; Mother: Thelma Gilstrap,-- Birthplace: Venneta, OK,-- Date of death: Jan 11 9:40,-- Charged: Father,-- Age 2 years

Date of funeral: 12 Jan 1929,-- Interment: Canadian Cem.







#11, p 19, 27 Feb 1929

Howard, W.K.

Canadian Hosp.

Canadian, TX

Father: P.V. Howard,-- Birthplace, TN,-- Mother: Mary Johnson,-- Birthplace: TN,-- Date of death 27 Feb 8:00 pm,-- Widowed,-- Physician: E.H. Morris

Shipped to Ada, OK,-- Date of funeral: Feb 27,-- Interment: Ada Cemetery, Ada, OK







#19, p 25, 1929

Stillborn Baby



Father: J.W. Moor, Jr.,-- Birthplace: Kentucky,-- Mother's name: Jesse Alberta Brown,-- Birthplace: Garfield Co., OK

Date of funeral: Aug 27,-- Interment: Canadian Cemetery, TX







#24, p 30, 18 Oct 1929

Derrick, William Henry



Date of death: 18 Oct 1929,-- Married,-- Cause of death: Heart failure,-- Dropped dead at Stock Yards

Date of funeral: 20 Oct,-- Interment: Vici Cemetery, Vici, OK







#27, p 33, 14 Nov 1929

Dufen, Lulu



Father's name: George Lemons,-- Residence: TN,-- Charged: Lice Dufen,-- Date of death 13 Nov,-- Age 56 yr 8 mon 18 dy

Date of funeral: 17 No,--; Interment: Cado (sic) Cemetery, Cado, OK







#1, p 37, 1 Jan 1930

Owsley, Jammie Owen



Father's name: C.O. Owsley,-- Birthplace: Weatherford, OK,-- Mother's name: Grace McClure,-- Birthplace: Canadian, TX,-- Date of death 17 Jan,-- Age 2 yr 1 mon 8 dys,-- Physician: E.H. Snyder

Clergyman: W.C. Harrison,-- Interment: Canadian Cemetery







#5, p 41, 27 Jan 1930




Father's name: R.A. Purcell,-- Birthplace: Harvey Co., KS,-- Mother's name: Dolly Holt,-- Birthplace: Ellis Co., OK,-- Date of death: 26 Jan 1930,-- Age: 4 hours, 30 minutes

Date of funeral: 27 Jan







#18, p 54, 28 May 1930

Richardson, Edward Henry



Father's name: R.A. Richardson,-- Birthplace: Tazewell Co., VA,-- Mother's name: Mary Louise Wheeler,-- Birthplace: Craig Co., OK,-- Date of death: 27 May,-- Age: 4 hours,-- Physician: Snyder

Date of funeral: 28 May,-- Interment: Canadian Cemetery







#24, p 60, 20 Jul 1930

Baby Fonti

Canadian Hospital


Father's name: E.F. Dickerson,-- Birthplace: Kansas,-- Residence: Pampa, TX,-- Mother's name: Lena Alene Fonti,-- Birthplace: Durham, OK;-- Date of death: 20 Jul,-- Age: 10 minutes,-- Physician: Snyder

Date of funeral: 20 Jul







#31, p 67, 14 Sep 1930

Bryant, J.M.


Canadian, TX

Father's name: Z.G. Bryant, --Birthplace: Little Rock, AR,-- Mother's name: Marry Hancock,-- Date of death: 14 Sep 1930,-- Cause of death: Heart failure,-- Physician: A.G. Caldwell

Shipped to Terral, OK,-- Interment: Terrell, OK







#37, p 73, 6 Dec 1930

Stillborn Infant

Canadian Hospital

Durham, OK

Father's name: C.E. McClure--Birthplace: Butler Co., KS,--Occupation, farmer,-- Mother's name: Jessie M. Godden,--Birthplace: Iowa;

Date of funeral: 6 Dec,-- Interment: Durham Cemetery, Durham, OK







#1, p 74, 12 Jan 1931

Haight, Iola Gennett (Infant)

Canadian, TX


Father's name: T.R. Haight,--Birthplace: Payne Co., OK,-- Mother's name: Jewel Porter,--Birthplace: Roger Mills Co., OK,-- Physician: E.H. Snyder

Date of funeral: 14 Jan 1931,-- Interment: Roll, OK Cemetery







#7, p 81, 1 Apr 1931

Briggs, William Boyd



Father's name: Tommie Briggs,--Birthplace: Hamburg, OK,-- Mother's name: Hazel Crowell,--Birthplace: Hemphill Co., MO,-- Date of death: 31 Mar 1931,-- Age: 11 days,-- Charge: Tommie Briggs,-- Physician: Dr. E.H. Snyder

Date of funeral: 1 Apr 1931; Clergyman: Rev. W.C. Harrison; Interment: Canadian Cemetery







#12, p 86, 30 Apr 1931

Hamilton, John William



Father's name: J.B. Hamilton,--Birthplace: Harrison Co., KY,-- Mother's name: Marry Ann _____,-- Birthplace: KY,-- Date of death 30 Apr;-- Charge: J.R. Knittel,-- Age 70 yrs, 4 months

Shipped to Woodward, OK,-- Date of funeral: 2 May,-- Interment: Woodward, OK Cemetery







#16, p 90, 10 Jul 1931

Baby Hanna



Father's name: D.G. Hanna,--Birthplace: OK,-- Mother's name: Genieva Gillstrap,--Birthplace: OK,-- Date of death: 10 Jul 1931,-- Cause of death: Premature,-- Physician: E.H. Snyder

Date of funeral: 11 Jul 1931,-- Interment: Canadian Cemetery







#26, p 100, 10 Oct 1931

Walls, Mrs. Mary



Father's name: William Nix,--Birthplace: OK,-- Mother's name: Janice Bruner,--Birthplace: KY,-- Secured: Jack Nix,-- Date of death: 10 Oct 1931,-- Charged: William Nix,-- Married,-- Cause of death: Pneumonia,-- Age: 19 yrs 11 mo 9 days,-- Physician: E.H. Morris

Date of funeral: 12 Oct 1931,-- Clergyman: Rev. Geo. Palmer,-- Interment: Buffalo, OK Cemetery













#32 p 106, 16 Dec 1931

Walls, Wynona Marie



Father's name: John Walls,--Residence: Bridgeport, OK,-birthplace: Texas,--Mother's name: Mary Nix,--Birthplace: Canadian,--Secured: John Walls,-- Date of Birth: 31 Jul 1931,--Date of death: 16 Dec 1931,--Charged: John Walls,--Age: 5 mo 15 days,--Cause of death: Pneumonia

Date of funeral: 17 Dec 1931,--Interment: Buffalo, Okla. Cemetery







#9, p 119, 24 Mar 1932

Porter, James Madison

Durham, OK

Durham, OK

Father's name: Riley Porter,--Birthplace: MS,--Mother's name: McMinn,--Birthplace: MS,--Charged: Henry Porter,--Date of Birth: 30 Aug 1850,--Date of death: 24 Mar 1932,--Occupation: Farmer,--Widowed,--Cause of death: Heart failure,--Physician: H.C. Carey,--Age: 86 yrs 5 mo 6 days

Date of funeral: 26 Mar 1932,--Clergyman: W.C. Harrison,--Interment: Fairview Cemetery, Durham, OK







#16, p 126, 18 Jun 1932

Henderson, Mrs. Violet

Gem, TX

Gem, TX

Father's name: L.W. Wilson,--Birthplace: Missouri,--Mother's name: Ida Maude Brooks,--Birthplace: Missouri,--Charged: J.B. Henderson,--Secured: E.C. Pickhardt, Duncan, OK,--Date of birth: 14 July 1904,--Date of death: 18 Jun 1932,--Cause of death: Septicemia,--Age: 27 yrs 11 mo 4 days,--Occupation: Housewife,--Physician: E.H. Snyder

Date of funeral: 21 Jun 1932,--Clergyman: J.I. Brimberry,--Interment: Lawton, OK Cem.







#21, p 131, 1 Sep 1932

Infant of James Clark Reagan



James Clark Reagan,--Birthplace: Reese, TX,--Mother's name: Sadie A. Gillstrap,--Birthplace: Vinita, Okla.--Date of death:1 Sept,--Age: 2 hrs 14 min

Date of funeral: 1 Sept







#2, p A64144, 14 Jan 1933

Hays, Mrs. Margrett



Father's name: Thomas Lalby.--Birthplace: England,--Birthplace of mother: Penn,--Charged: Estate,--Date of birth: 22 Dec 1861,--Date of death: 14 Jan 1933,--Age: 71 yrs 21 days,--Occupation: Housewife

Date of funeral: 17 Jan 1933,--Clergyman: W.P. Garvin,--Interment: Bartlesville, Oklahoma Cemetery



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