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Chickasha Express, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory

(Later Grady County, Oklahoma)


From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 24, Number 3, 1979

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



Title varies.   See Grady County Express; Weekly (May 21, 1892—1928?) (1892—1903?)  Weekly Express.  Some issues are missing and will be noted.  Microfilmed collection is housed in the Newspaper Archives, Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City.  Abstracted by Joyce A. Rex.





Nov. 17, 1893

·        Duncan, I.T. – November 15, 1893 JESSIE WEST killed ANDY PICKET in a pistol fight.   . . .PICKET and WEST have each killed 2 men previously.


Nov. 17, 1893

·        Death of JAMES S. TRIMBLE on Friday, Oct. 27, 1893, at Chickasha, Indian Territory.  . . .born in Missouri and moved to Arkansas as a young man, then to Chickasha.  Leaves a wife and little daughter.


November 24, 1893

·        ROBINSON House, Chickasha – Thursday, Nov. 16th.  OUIDA MAY, aged 1 yr and 5 months, dau of BERT and MAUD TILLOTSON  of LeRoy, Kans, in town visiting relatives.


Dec. 8, 1893

·        Mr. R.M. McCLANAHAN  of Stuttgart, Ark. is visiting his dau, Mrs. J.S. TRIMBLE and helping her arrange her affairs.  (Not an obit, but related to above James Trimble.—J.R.)


Dec. 15, 1893

·        Mrs. HATTIE BAILEY, wife of O.S. BAILEY of Ardmore, committed suicide by hanging on Dec. 6th.  Husband accused her of infidelity.


Jan. 1 2, 1894

·        Died R.B. WELLS, Sunday, Dec. 31, 1893 – a young man.


(Missing issues between Jan. 12 and Dec. 13, 1894.  – J. Rex)


Dec. 13, 1894

·        Mr. ED E. ROBINSON, only son of Elijah and Jennie Robinson died at St. Joseph, Mo., Sunday, Dec. 2, 1894.  Remains interred in Chickasha.  Mr. ROBINSON born in LeRoy, Kans. on May 8, 1964.


Jan. 24, 1895

·        Mr. F.C. ERNST funeral in Chickasha.  Was son in law of J.L. BROWNE of St. Joseph, Missouri.


Jan. 31, 1895

·        Died, Mr. CHARLES J. HAYS Jan. 23, 1895 at LIGHT’s Ranch.  HAYS born Illinois, February 14, 1856; married November 22, 1895 to Miss ROSA MATTHEWS.  One boy, now 7 yrs.


Feb. 14, 1895

·        Mrs. SILAS KENNEDY, murder or suicide?  Last Friday morning. . . . .


Mar. 2, 1895

·        L.P. SMITH, an old gentleman, 70 years old, died Monday from heart failure.  Home Caddo County, O.T.


Mar. 12, 1895

·        L.J. BRIGHT of Chickasha murdered.  Young man identified by letter in pocket.


Apr. 4, 1895

·        JOE PAUL, who killed his father, SAM PAUL 2 years ago, was himself killed by JEMISON MC CLURE, all Indians.


April 4, 1895

·        Double killing_____WINTER’s Creek, BOB CARTER and TOM WILSON, negroes.


April 18, 1895

·        WILLIAM L. VAUGHN died Chickasha, I.T. on April 10, 1895.  He was born in Pulaski County, Mo., January of 1850.  He moved to Alex, I.T. two years before his death.  He leaves a wife and 9 children.  A brother, BEN VAUGHN, of Chickasha.



Marriages from Chickasha Express


Dec. 15, 1893

·        Married near Anadarko at “Mantome” by Rev. R.V. Fait on Dec. 10, 1893 – Mr. THOMAS LAMAR and Miss FANNIE GARNER, both of Ninnekah, I.T.

·        Married Dec. 11, 1893 – Mr. DANIEL CALLAHAN and Miss MARTHA WENSELL, both of Chickasha.


Dec. 24, 1893

·        Married on the Fort Sill Trail in Comanche Co., O.T. by Rev. E. HAMILTON on Dec. 13, 1893, Mr. JAMES M. EVANS and Miss CORA THOMAS.


Nov, 10, 1893

Double wedding on Nov. 5, 1893 at the Presbyterian Mission near Anadarko.

·        Miss EDDITH GUTHRIDGE to Mr. (torn on fold) ? COURTNEY. 

·        Also Miss NORA  A. GARNER to Mr. THOMAS ROGERS, all of Chickasha.


Jan. 12, 1894

·        Married on the Comanche line in Okla., 2 miles west of Chickasha, Rev. E. HAMILTON officiating, Dec. 31, 1893 Mr. EBON  HANSER and Miss MOLLIE BAILEY, both of Chickasha.

·        January 6, 1894__Mr. HENRY HART and Miss NORA PAUL, residing 6 miles northeast of town.


No date page: Prob. Dec. 27, 1894

Weddings by Rev. E. HAMILTON:

·        Dec. 20, 1894___on Comanche line___Mr. JOHN W. TIERLE and ANNIE P. ROSE.

·        Dec. 24, 1894___Rush Springs, I.T.___Mr. JNO. W. BARNHART of Stoneberg, Texas and Miss EMMA KERR of Rush Springs.

·        Dec 25, 1894___Mr. WILLIS EAN and Miss RACHEL WINSELL, both of Chickasha.


Apr. 18, 1894

·        On Kiowa Reservation 2 miles wet of Chickasha on April 16, 1895 Mr. WOODWARD W. TRUE of Belcherville, Texas and Miss MINNIE REYNOLDS of Chickasha.


Nov. 29, 1889

·        COL. E.C. SUGGS has been acquitted for the murder of CANTERBURY IN Indian Territory a few weeks ago.



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