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Coal County, Oklahoma Marriages 1893 to 1912


The book, Marriages-Southern District; Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Book One, 1897-1901, by Lynda Stout Massey and Clara Massey Nash, is a record of 1,236 marriages of the area of Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, with South McAlester as Court Seat. This book is in the Office of the Court Clerk; Atoka County Courthouse; Atoka, OK 74535. Certified copies are available from that office for a fee.

The following marriages are not included in that book. Vivian A. Watkins of Coalgate OK. furnished these marriage items, which were copied from The Coalgate Courier, Coalgate Non-Pareil, and other newspapers, and are for the period of 1893 to 1912.

"No. 6" refers to the community near Mine #6 in Phillips. Often a locale is designated by a number, which refers to a nearby coal mine. Cottonwood, a small unincorporated community about one mile north of Coalgate, is referred to as "No. 2" as often as Cottonwood, even to this day of no mines at all.

Some of the dates given are of newspaper issue.

1 Dec 1893: E. LUDLOW, Hartshorne, & Anna B. WRIGHT, Atoka;
married by Rev. F.H. WRIGHT in Atoka 22 Nov 1893

1894: George HARBIN & Miss DAVISON; both of Coalgate # 2

9 May 1894: W.L. WOOLEY & Mildred REYNOLDS, both of Coalgate

14 May 1894: W. GILLS & O.E. WHITE, both of Atoka Co.

24 May 1894: Aug KENSING & Lydia Jane PRICE, both of Coalgate

June 1894: Daminic BELHUE & Mary DAMICO, both of Coalgate

10 June 1894: J.A. BOGY, Coalgate & Mira GREENLAW, Lehigh

10 June 1894: Frank CLOUSER & Cassie GRIMMET, both of Coalgate

27 June 1894, R.Y. MORRISON, Coalgate & Miss Willie SAUNDERS, Cedar Mills, Texas

12 July 1894: Raymond PERDUE & Fanny CARROLL, both of Coalgate

19 Nov 1894: John FARRIMOND & Maggie A. RICHARDSON, both of Coalgate; Episcopal Church

24 Nov 1894: Herman SEYBOLD & Mrs. Lottie SMALLWOOD, both of Coalgate

6 Dec 1894: ____ WHISEWANT & Mary FLANIGANE, both of North Lehigh

14 Dec 1894: G.W. NASH & Rosiett ROCK, both of Coalgate

15 Dec 1894: John McLONGTIN & Mrs. Mary A. PARKER, both of Lehigh

13 Jan 1895: William H. STROUSE & Mary E. SKEETH, both of Coalgate

18 Jan 1895: George LITTLE & Francis GOLDSBY, both of Coalgate

23 Jan 1895: Charles HARDIN & Nettie ELZEY, both of Coalgate

20 Dec 1900: To marry: Mr. STOUT & Miss Francis MATLOCK, daughter of F.M. MATLOCK, Sunday

20 Dec 1900: To marry:Charlie McGLUG & Miss YOUNG, daughter of the widow YOUNG, Sunday

17 Jan 1901: W.M. MORGAN, Coalgate & Miss Leona WRIGHT, Coalgate, by Rev. J.Y. BRYCE at Methodist parsonage last night.

17 Jan 1901: James O'NEAL & Miss Migie TAYLOR, last night.

17 Jan 1901: Mr. MORGAN & Miss BLUMER, both of Nixon, Wednesday, by Rev. J.Y. BRYCE

7 March 1901: Minnie KEITH, Nixon & William BULL, No. 6, last Sunday, by Rev. J.V.BRYCE

7 March 1901: Jacob TOXES & Magdalene DEITRICK, Sunday, March 2 at 8:00, by Rev. DEWEESE

7 March 1901: Rev. J.S.H. CONE, Lehigh & Helen PARKER, Feb. 24, 1901

14 March 1901: Mr. LEAR of New Orleans to Nannie GREEN, by Rev. J.W. SLUSHER

29 March 1901: Maud HURST & Sam GADDIS, Sunday, by Eld. Alfred BOYLES

4 April 1901: Miss Anna HAYNES & Mr. James C. HAMILTON, both of Coalgate, last Wednesday at 9:00, by Rev. J.W. SLUSHER

25 April 1901: Miss Minnie MEACHAM & Mr. Fred WILLARD, both of No. 6, on last Sunday afternoon, Mayor J.R. WOOD officiating.

2 Jan 1902: James POWERS & M. Lula ALDRIDGE, both of Lehigh

12 Jan 1902: J.R. REAGAN & Mollie PLUMMER, both of Coalgate

12 Jan 1902: Jewell MANN & Stella REAGAN, both of Coalgate

13 Jan 1902: Elmer WOOD & Vida BREWER, both of Coalgate

1 (or 6) Feb 1902: Boyd SIMPSON (col) & Lizzie REED, both of Coalgate

27 Feb 1902: John McGINNIS & Lizzie BELL, both of Coalgate

3 March 1902: Bert HERRING & Florence HAYNES, both of Coalgate

13 March 1902: Charles CLAMPITT & Ida MALONE, both of Coalgate

17 June 1902: Rev. J.H. BEESLEY & Mrs. Wood McKINNEY (dau of Mr. HAGGARD), both of Coalgate

25 Dec 1902: John HIGHTOWER & Anna DAVIS, both of Coalgate

8 May 1912: W.R. REED, Parker & Bertha Mae RODGERS


Transcribed to Electronic form by Ronda Redden
Published in The Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly
Volume 27, Number 3, 1982

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