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Cooke Family Record

From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 12, Nos. 1 & 2, For March and June 1967

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



Recorded in the Copy Book of B.D. Cooke, Carroll Co., Georgia, now owned by Charles G. Cooke, Alexandria, Virginia.



1.    C.S. Cooke was born Feb the 14th 1835

2.    Sarah K. Cooke was born June the 9th 1836

3.    Angelina T. Cooke was born Sept. the 20th 1840

4.    Henry Clay Cooke as born Dec. the 25th 1843

5.    P.A.J.M. Cooke was born June the 19th 1845

6.    Clayborne I. Cooke was born March the 27th 1847

7.    E.J.F. Cooke was born Nov. the 3rd 1850

8.    Benj. D. Cooke was born Jan. the 16th 1853

9.    Rowland B. Cooke was born Feb. 18th 1857

   10.  Mary Anthoinette Cooke was born Dec. 2nd 1854

   11.  Joseph H. Cooke was born Aug. the 3rd 1859

   12.  Richard T. Cooke was born April the 26th 1862

   13.  Wm. T. Cooke was born Aug. 13th 1865

14.     Jamy Semoure Cooke was born Sept. the 14th 1868



Notes from 1880 U.S, Census of Carroll Co., Georgia, and other sources, added by Charles G. Cooke, who is seeking the descendants of these Cookes, are summarized as follows:


·        #9 Rowland B. Cooke was living in 1880 with his mother, Francis Jane (_____) Cooke age 45; but Rowland listed as family head.  It appears he was married at least twice.  Also in the household were Seamore age 12; Monroe – 10; George W.L. – 6. and Ross B. – 3.  The latter is known to have been in Chickasha in 1927.  Perhaps #14 Jamy Semoure as also in Chickasha.  Mr. Cooke, the contributor, is the grandson of Clayborn I. Cooke b. 1847, the son of R.B. Cooke of Carroll Co., Georgia and Giles Co., Tenn.  Some of these Cooke descendants may be part Indian—perhaps Chickasaw.


·        George Washington Cooke, a great uncle of the contributor was in Oklahoma City at one time, 1920-30.  He had a son, Henry Roland Cooke connected with the county Sheriff’s organization – perhaps as a deputy about 1925-40.  Henry Rowland’s sister married in Oklahoma (husband’s name unknown), and their five children lived in Oklahoma City. Persons named Pitchford in Oklahoma City may also have some information about these Cookes , and also Mrs. Paul Pitchford in Chickasha, Oklahoma.   


At last report, Mr. Cooke  had not been able to obtain any legal documents from the Grady County Courthouse by correspondence.  He does not have dates of death for search by the Bureau of Vital Statistics.



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