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Family Reunions, 1976:

Hunter, Miller, Reames, Draper Families


From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 21, No. 1, March 1976

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



The George Washington Hunter Reunion


On Saturday, May 1, 1976, the George Washington Hunter family will hold its reunion in Woodson Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from 1:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.


The earliest known ancestor was Daniel Hunter, born about 1780.His oldest child, Malcolm, was born in 1805 in Tennessee.Other children were:Daniel, John, and James who is the father of George Washington Hunter.†† James was born 22 July 1826 in Tennessee and married about 1846, probably in McNairy County, Tennessee.James died in Navaro Co., Texas, and his brother, Malcolm, died in Coleman Co., Texas.Malcolm Hunter was the first judge of Coleman County.James is buried at Eureka, Texas.George Washington Hunter and his family moved to Greer Co., Oklahoma, about 1900 from Stephensville, Erath Co., Texas.


For further information, write to Bill Hunter, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


The Francis D. Miller Reunion


On July 17-18, 1976, the Francis D. Miller family will hold its reunion at TSA-LA-GI Inn in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.


The earliest known ancestor is Francis D. Miller, born 25 May 1793, in Germany, the son of George Miller, tradition says.He married Margaret Skinner in South Carolina.Where?†† His children were all born in South Carolina, but by 1840 they were all in McNairy County, Tennessee.Most of the Miller descendants are from the son, Robert Skinner Miller, from Texas and Oklahoma.However, Cone, Malone, Tedford, and Hunter families also married into the Miller family


For further information contact Mr. Bill Hunter, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Reames Family Reunion


On Sunday, September 5, 1976, the Reames family will hold their reunion at Springlake Amusement Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


The earliest known ancestor is James Reames, born about 1810, probably in Tennessee.He married about 1835/36.His children were all born in Tennessee, according to the census, except James Irvin who was born 25 Dec. 1853, in Illinois.†† Tradition says that James, Sr. was killed by bushwhackers, as was a son.


For further information, contact:Billie Gene Hunter, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


The Draper Family Reunion


The Draper Family hold their annual family reunion the first weekend of August.They have done this for the last 40 years.In August of 1975, they met at Lake Murray, Ardmore, Oklahoma.There were 35 descendants from Texas and Oklahoma attending.


Simon Draper was born in 1817; he died in 1889, in Grayson Co., Texas.His father was Dr. Orrin Draper, who was born in Vermont in 1793 and was buried in Grayson Co., Texas in 1882.Simon had 19 children from 4 marriages, but less (sic) than half lived to maturity.They are listed with spouses as follows:



William G. Draper and wife, Ella, taught school and lived many years in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.


Edwin (Ned) Draper lived in Basin Springs, Grayson Co., Texas.He and his wife, Martha, had 11 children.All of those still living were present at the last reunion:



Also attending was Mr. Fred Byle, Sr. of Sherman, Texas, who is the grandson of Simon Draperís oldest daughter.


For further information, contact Mrs. Justin Powers, Ardmore, Oklahoma, or Mrs. Elizabeth Gaither, Norman, Oklahoma.



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