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A Galloway Bible Record

From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 12, Nos. 1 & 2, For March and June 1967

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



Present (sic) to Geo. Galloway by his co (u)sin Lavina Gifford, Jonesborough Tennessee, Washington Co(unty)  (Note: This is the only record in this Bible, The New Testament, published by The American Bible Society, New York, 1857; also see Note about obituaries following the next Bible record.)





·        Tilmon C. Turner was born December the 15 1827

·        John Young was born June the 3rd 1844

·        Sallie E. Sanders (on) hand? write


·        Mark H. Gartrell


·        Mar the 6 1864

·        June the 29 1848


·        November the 19th 1864

·        Mark H. Gartrells Family Bible

·        George W. Galloway of ___?__

·        Sallie E. Gartrell of ___?__ was married Jan the 11th

·        S G __?__vins of __?__

·        M A (or H) Gartrell of __?__ was married __?__

·        James O Gartrell was born Aug the 9th 1850


Family Record


·        M H Gartrell was born 22 May 1825

·        M M Gartrell was born 16 April 1826

·        Mary A Gartrell was born 5 Jan 1846

·        Sarah E Gartrell was born 29 Jan 1848

·        James O Gartrell was born 9 Aug 1850

·        Ida Belle Gartrell 15 Oct 1866 at 1 o’clock(.)  She died at 7 the same day in the M

·        Hairit E. Gartrell born 15 Feb 1853

·        Denis H. Gartrell 9 Jan 1856

·        Tillman H Turner born 31 Jan 1854

·        Martha Jane Turner born 25 Sept 1855

·        John Tilman Gartrell born 9 March 1865 at 5 o’clock

·        Amanda R. Gartrell born 5 June 1870

·        James Turner died 24 Feb 1857

·        Tillie Nevins Adams


(This Bible, The Old and New Testament was published by The American Bible Society, New York, 1849.)



Both Bibles were found in Iowa following the death, 20 July 1961, of F.E. Galloway born 29 April 1880, Adams, Nebr., believed to be the son or grandson of the referenced George W. Galloway.  The records were copied by the OGS Editor in 1961 from very faint and difficult handwriting.  The Bibles were mailed in 1961 to Mrs. Jay O. Dowling, Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Mrs. Dowling is believed to be a niece of the late F.E. Galloway and attended his funeral.


The GALLOWAY Bibles contained as loose papers an undated letter to the Sister of Rebecca Good by Miss Melinda Gartrell and two obituaries briefed as follows:


1.    Mark G. Gartrell born Wayne Co., Ky., 22 May 1825; died 21 Feb. 1919 near Alpina Pass, Boone Co., Ark.; married Melinda M. Turner 9 Feb. 1845; had 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls (names not given).  In 1850 he moved from Ky., to near Green Co., Ill.; farmed; and was a horse and mule buyer at outbreak of the Civil War.  In 1868, he was a stock farmer at Macoupin, Ill.  He sold out in 1877; went to Gage Co., Nebrs., 1878; to Ark., in 1894 or 95; about 1897 back to Nebr.  His wife died  15 July 1909.  He then went to Torrington, Wy., as an 86-year-old homesteader, then to Boone Co., Ark., where he died and was buried.  (On the reverse side is a news item – J.O. Gartrell made a business trip to Sidney  (Nebr.) the latter part of the week.  The obituary refers to the Adams Nebraska Glode (sic) but has no date.)

2.    Melinda M. Gartrell born 16 Apr 1826, Wayne Co., Ky., died 13 (sic) July 1909.  Living at time of  her death were 3 daughters and 2 sons (names not given).



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