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Indian Cemetery, Lewis County, Washington

From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 11, Nos. 3 and 4, September & December 1966

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



The following record of the graves in the area of the Mayfield Dam and reinterrment (sic) in another cemetery in Lewis Co. was contributed by OGS member, Mrs. Francis Willard Clegg, Castle Rock, Washington on 29 Nov. 1965.  The Indian tribe is the Upper Cowlitz.  At that time Mr. C. Wilson of Kelso was President and Mrs. Evelyn Bashor of Longview, Secretary and Treasurer.


The Cowlitz Indians were first mentioned by Lewis and Clark as “Cowelickee.”  Later Alexander Ross, Astor Company clerk who came in 1811, called them Cowlitz.


Material from Mrs. Clegg consists of Map of Shaker Church cemetery; names and locations of graves; map of Harmony Cemetery where the graves were relocated; map of Mayfield vicinity showing both cemeteries; and record of names, grave numbers, inscriptions and contents.  (The OGS editor has deleted all reference to contents of general Indian character, but such information can be obtained by those who are related or have  a valid inquiry.)


The file from which this report is compiled is now in the possession of Mrs. Rella Looney, Chief of the Indian Archives Division, Oklahoma Historical Building, Okla. City.  Mrs. Bashor states there are descendants of their dead in Oklahoma.  The tribe is pleased to have this record furnished to the Oklahoma Genealogical Society and the LDS Genealogical Library at Salt Lake City by Mrs. Clegg who now lives on what used to be a part of their old camping and hunting grounds.




Row 1


Numbers are grave numbers in sequence of reinterrment (sic) from the Shaker Cemetery.


5.     Charles Shaniken – no dates

6.     Addie Ike, B 15 July 1862 – D. 3 April 1899

7.     Sophie Ike B 6 Sept. 1896 – D. 22 July 1899

8.     Joseph Sheancon B 28 April 1889 – D. 20 July 1900

9.     Shaniken Koatomi D. 1 Sept. 1905, aged 140 years

10.Jim Kinwa age 3, D. 2 Mar. 1906

11.Isaac Kinwa D. 17 Dec. 1910, age 75 years

12.Wallace Kinswa (sic) D. 1913 age 6 months

13.Infant Kinswa D. 1920 4 days old

14.Ellen Kinswa B. 1922 – D. 1925 age 3 years

15.Elva Kinswa D. 1928 age 4 days 


Row 2


1.     Josie Satanas B. 1909 D. 1925 (Casket contains a crucifix)

3.     Harry Satanas (Father) D. 1912

4.     Wilson Satanas D. 1911.  Buried between parents & died same                      

 year as his mother.

5.    Mary Satanas (Mother) D. 1911 (Casket contained crucifix)     

     (Mary reinterred beside husband, Harry Satanas)    

2.     John Satanas B. 1907 – D. 1921

6.    Infant Satanas

7.    Infant Satanas

8.    Infant Satanas


Row 3


8.    Infant Phillips – a boy B. 1908 – D. 1911

7.     Salwah Phillips (Father)

6.     Alice Phillips B. 1902 (Casket contained crucifix)


First Row


1.     Infant Eyley – a girl

2.     Infant Eyley – a girl

3.     Adeline Eyley

4.     Unknown – believed to be the grave of a grown man


Third Row


1.     Lee Castama B. 1905 D. 1919

2.     Bernice Castama B. 1911 D. 1918 (Casket contained picture locket)

3.     Jack Castama (Father) D. 1918 (These three Castamas may have died in the flu epidemic of 1918-1919)

4.     Infant Castama D. 1907






Noted on the Harmony Cemetery map are also these graves:  Hasbold, Geo. Core, J. Rice, J.M. Core, Ernest Cooper, Guy Keene, W.S. Core, Geo. Jackson, Henderson, Flynn, Wilson, E.R. Fleming’s daughter’s grave, E.C, Dunn, A.T. McDonald, Jay Archer, D.E. Shuler, Jay Core, T.E. Core, Geo. Cooper, J.R. Sherman, John Sherman, C.S. Jackson, Ole Finstad, Ramey, and S.M. Dunn.


Supplemental material from Mrs. Clegg includes (1) the obituary notice of Nellie Jane Sheahon age 67, d. 22 Nov. 1965 in local hospital at Longview, Wash.  She was born12 Jan. 1898 in OKLAHOMA Territory.  Her survivors were a daughter, two sons, two sisters, two brothers (the surname of ROUTH), 13 g c and 8 g g ch.  (From Longview Daily News [Wash.] Nov. 25, 1965) and (2) a newspaper account of the “Cowlitz Indians Seeking Treaty,” giving much history and containing a photograph taken about 1885 of Kathelene wife of Henry Cheholtz, a Cowlitz Chief’s son.  With Kathelene are a boy and young man believed to be their sons.  (This material has also been sent to the Indian Archives Division, Mrs. Rella Looney, Chief.  (Article comp. By D. Wilkinson, OGS Editor.)



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