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 Indian Chieftain (weekly), Vinita, I.T.



From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 24 Number 3, 1979

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White




November 20m 1884 – Advertised List of Letters


The following is a list of letters remaining in the Vinita post office during the month of October, 1884, and persons calling for same are requested to say, “Advertised November 6th.”




Anderson, Major

Andrews, G.F.

Bell, Mrs. J.C.

Burden, Joe

Bryant, Richard

Bryan, Wm. W.

Bell, Henly

Butler, Wm.

Cooley, J.L.

Carry, Clase

Carroll, Elmer

Denny, Willie L.

Daker, George

Dillon, J.

Edwards, B.M.

Gillispi, J.H.

Harris, Mrs. Nancy

Harper, J.H.

Ivy, William

Jackson, Nathan

Meyers, W.C.

Morris, James

McEwins, John

Marks, George

Mackay, Loveby

Miller, H.S.

Porter, W.M.

Rust, W.D.

Rapel, Jane

Ralson, Miss Annie

Rowden, Sut

Sould, H.V.

Skien, J.R.

Scimmonds, C.E.

Seymoure, R.F.


Anderson, D.

Bowman, Samuel

Brown, Margaret L.

Bradfield, C.L.C.

Burns, W.J.

Bread, Samuel

Burden, Joel B.

Banner, Wm. L.

Courier, Lewis

Clark, Frank

Cargile, F.M.

Danels, Malvina

Doyle, James

Dwyer, Cornelius

Ewing, Eli

Henning, J.R.W.

Hodges, Lyda

Jucky, Fritz

Johnson, R.

Jones, Dexter

Madden, B.F.

McDonald, Wm.

Morgan, Alfred

Massey, James D.

Miller, Mrs. Mollie

Modlin, John

Richards, J.P.

Robinson, W.L.

Robinson, Wm.

Robinson. Sarah Jane (2)

Rogers, Miss A.R.

Sullivan, John

Sherwin, C.A.

Shutt, Mrs. C.W.

Strickland, Mont

Stutsville, Mrs. Mary

Vann, Mary

Ward, H.B.

Thompson, David G.

Wright, Richard






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