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Bible of Joseph R. Boone


From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol.  21, No. 1, March 1976

Submitted by Mrs. Thelma Rowden, LaJunta, Colorado

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



Published 1837 by Brattleboro Typographic Co.  Title:  Comprehensive Commentary of the Holy Bible.  This book does not have all the books of the

Bible but does have Jeremiah, Zacariah, Psalms, and others.  The book is freely given to beautiful pictures throughout.  It is now in the possession of

Mrs. Mamie Thomas Johnson, Muskogee, Oklahoma, great granddaughter of Joseph H. Boone.  Mrs. Johnson has many pages of scriptures and Bible
lessons in Mr. Boone’s handwriting.





(cannot read too dim but we think)














NOTE:  All the above children excepting Mary were born in Fannin Co., Texas.  Mary born Jackson Co., Missouri.





The following information was provided by Ruth Hasten Walsh on December 10, 2002.



A close examination of the Bible reveals that the following dates/and "name" need to be changed.

Henry Boone was born Aug. 6, 1793 (change from 1796)
Mary Boone died Nov. 9, 1864.  (She was buried Nov. 10, 1864.)

The question mark under "births" for  the name of Mary ? Boone should read Mary R Boone.  We can't read the name but the initial is definitely
 an "R".  If you would make these changes the families of Joseph R. Boone would be very grateful.  The Bible is now in a bank vault in Oklahoma.
It is owned bythe daughter of Mrs. Mamie Thomas Johnson.

Back in the 1970's these "corrected" dates are the dates that were "read" by other family members who examined the Bible and those are the same

dates that have been published in at  least one other document: "Folks and Facts of Fannin County, Texas".  Also, according to a descendent of

William H. Boone, sibling of Joseph R. Boone, these "corrected" dates for  Henry Boone and Mary Boone match the dates as written in the Bible

 of William H. Boone who died in Illinois. That Bible is in the hands of one of William H. Boone's g-grandsons but  I do not know that person's

 name.  I'm trying to get a copy of the family history sheet in that Bible.  The relative who has a handwritten copy of the data from the William H.

Boone  Bible lives in Alaska whereas the Bible is in the hands of a quite elderly relative who lives in Illinois.  We believe there may be information

 in the William H. Boone Bible that confirms  the fact that Henry Boone was a desc. of Squire Boone. Squire Boone had 2 or 3 "unidentified sons". 

If the William H. Boone does contain the infor we believe it to have then it would  solve one of the great link mysteries surrounding the Boone



Ruth Hasten Walsh



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