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Methodists in 1810


From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 9, No. 4, December 1964; Vol. 10, No. 1, March 1965; and Vol. 10, No. 2, June 1965.

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



This is the list of subscribers for the publishing of A Short History of the Methodists in the United States of America, by Jesse Lee, author of Lee’s Life and Chaplain to Congress, Baltimore, Magill and Clime, 1810, as copied by Jean MacLennan Booth (Mrs. John N.) with original spellings and abbreviations.


The list contains a relatively large number of subscribers (except as indicated) from MASS – RI – CONN – NY (10) – NJ – PENN (4)  -  DEL (1) – OHIO (6) – MD – DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (6) – VA – N. CAR – S. CAR – GA (12) TENN.  (To be continued)








John C. Cousins, Amelia

Thomas Coverly, Amelia

Henry H. Southall, Amelia

Elijah Brown, Albemarle

Ann Key, Albemarle

Tandy Key, Albemarle

Walter Key, Albemarle

Pleasant Dawson, Amhe.

Joesph (sic)

Kennerly, Amhe.

Hugh Norvil, Amhe.

Behammi Stone, Amhe.

Edmund Williamson, Amhe.

Russel Goss, Bent-Creek

Henry M. Beddon, Bent-Creek

Rev. John Belleu, Bent-Creek

Dancey Perman, Bent-Creek

Thom. Booth, Brunswick

Henry Abernathy, Brunswick

Richardson Brown, Brunswick

Frederick Burdge, Brunswick

Jesse Coe, Brunswick

Reuben Cooper, Brunswick

Alexander Dameron, Brunswick

Rev. Wm. Elliott, Brunswick

John Fletcher, Brunswick

Wm. Gholson, Brunswick

James Gunn, Brunswick

Richard Hall, Brunswick

William Hammond, Brunswick

Benjamin Johnson, Brunswick

Benj. Johnson, Jr., Brunswick

Rev. Edwin Johnson, Brunswick

Henry Johnson, Brunswick

John M. Jordan, Brunswick

Benjamin Lashley, Brunswick

John P. Malone, Brunswick

Thomas Malone, Brunswick

Judith Mason, Brunswick

David Meredith, Brunswick

William Meredith, Brunswick

Rev. Henry Merritt, Brunswick

Mathew Myrick, Brunswick

William Palmer, Brunswick

David Pilkington, Brunswick

Rev. Josiah Phillips, Brunswick

James Wyche, Brunsw.

Rev. William Barnes, Brunsw.

Wm. Pritchett, Brunsw.

Wm. Quarles, Brunsw.

Charles Ridont, Brunsw.

John Rogers, Brunsw.

Henry Rose, Brunsw.

Rev. John Shell, Brunsw.

Phebe Rhodes, Brunsw.

Thomas A. Stroud, Brunsw.

Lucy W. Weaver, Brunsw.

William Wilkerson, Brunsw.

_ _ter P. Wyche, Brunsw.

Rd. Anderson, Buckingh

George Christian, Buckingh

William F. Davis, Buckingh

Samuel Du Vail, Buckingh

Wiatt R. Gilbert, Buckingh

Zadock Lackland, Buckingh

Henry Lewis, Buckingh

Robert Pattison, Buckingh

William Staples, Buckingh

John M. Walker, Buckingh

Jesse Miller, Buckingh

Richard Anderson, Buckingh

Susannah Isbell, Caroline

Richard Petross, Buckingh

Elijah White, Buckingh

Edw. Burnett, Chesterfi

Rev. Thomas Anderson, Jr.

Rev. John R. Bradley, Chesterfi

Henry Bridgewater, Chesterfi

Thomas Cheatem, Chesterfi

John J. Kleinhoff, Chesterfi

Levin Landrum, Chesterfi

Rev. Hezekiah McLelland

P. Poindexter, Chesterfi

Joseph Prince, Chesterfi

James Winfree, Chesterfi

Wal. Winfree, Chesterfi

E. Boulding, Charlotte

John Fennell, Charlotte

Anthony Phillips, Charlotte

John Spencer, Charlotte

Thomas Wood, Charlotte

Jacob Bransford, Cumber

Benjamin Bransford, Cumber

Noton Goodman, Cumber

Rev. Wm. Spencer, Cumber

Edmund Brown, Campb

Rev. Abner Early, Campb

George Jude, Campb

James Lashells, Campb

George Martin, Campb

John Porter, Campb

Benjamin Cook, Franklin

Richard Mitchell, Franklin

Rd. Cornet, Culpepper

Wm. Booth, Dinwidie

Robert C. Booth, Dinwidie

David Browder, Dinwidie

Wm. Crowder, Dinwidie

Paton Daniel, Dinwidie

Peter Epes, Dinwidie

John Frasier, Jr., Dinwidie

Thomas Leach, Dinwidie

David Miller, Dinwidie

John Mitchell, Dinwidie

John Perkins, Dinwidie

John P. Pool, Dinwidie

Peter Pride, Dinwidie

Baker Rather, Dinwidie

Enoch Rather, Dinwidie

Rev. Henry Reese, Dinwidie

Matilda Reese, Dinwidie

William Rivers, Dinwidie

C.B. Rives, Dinwidie

Rev. Richard Rives, Dinwidie

Dennis Steel, Dinwidie

Wood Tucker, Dinwidie

John Watkins, Dinwidie

Joseph Whitehead, Dinwidie

Wm. Blake, Gloucester

Richard C. Jones, Gloucester

John Stubbs, Gloucester

Edwin Clark, Greensville

James Clark, Greensville

_ _win Cook, Greensville

Foster Cook, Greensville

Uriah Cook, Greensville

Williamson Bonner, Greensville

Mathew David, Greensville

Lewis Dupree, Greensville

Thomas Dupree, Greensv.

James C. Fennell, Greensv.

Edmund Heath, Greensv.

Rev. Wm. W. Hendrick, Greensv.

Irvin Mayes, Greensv.

Rev. James M'Kendree, Greensv.

Edward Moore, Greensv.

Kinchen Peterson, Greensv.

Thomas Spencer, Greensv.

Fred. Whittington, Greensv.

Lewis Whittington, Greensv.

Henry Wyche, Grensv.

Here ends the material found in OGS Quarterly, Vol. 9, No. 4, December 1964.

Material found in OGS Quarterly Vol. 10, No. 1, March 1965 begins below.

VIRGINIA (Cont'd.)

Fanny Leak, Goochland

J.B. Ferguson, Goochland

David Anderson, Hanov.

John M. Anderson, Hanov.

Pines Allen, Henry

William F. Mills, Henry

John Travis, Henry

Wm. Moore, Halifax

Asa Barnes, Lunenburg

Rev. Thomas Adams, Lunenburg

John Blackwell, Lunenburg

Jeremiah Burnett, Lunenburg

John Burnett, Lunenburg

Mary David, Lunenburg

Rev. John Christian, Lunenburg

Vincent Inge, Lunenburg

Rev. John Pritchett, Lunenburg

Betsey Smith, Lunenburg

Winnifred Wallace, Lunenburg

Rev. Stephen Jones, Lunenburg

Thomas Jordan, Lunenburg

John Marshall, Lunenburg

Sterling Niblett, Lunenburg

John Ogburn, Lunenburg

Samuel Peace, Lunenburg

Wm. Burd, Lynchburg

Christopher Drummond, Lynchb.

James Gilliam, Lynchburg

Rev. William Heath, Lynchburg

Rev. S.K. Jennings, Lynchburg

John F. Lamb, Lynchburg

Rev. Wm. P. Martin, Lynchburg

David Mason, Lynchburg

James C. Moorman, Lynchburg

Benjamin Mosby, Lynchburg

Owen Owens, Lynchburg

John Pointer, Lynchburg

Henry Priddy, Lynchburg

Philip Rohr, Lynchburg

Robert Rutherford, Lynchburg

George See, Lynchburg

William Sumpter, Lynchburg

Rodirick Taliaferro, Lynchburg

William Tardy, Lynchburg

John C. Taylor, Lynchburg

Townsel Trustlow, Lynchburg

John Wiatt, Lynchburg

Thomas Wiatt, Lynchburg

Wulwell Williamson, Lynchburg

Christopher Winfree, Lynchburg

John E. Word, Lynchburg

Parson Wright, Lynchburg

Rev. Thomas P. Anderson, Louisa

Rev. Henry Fry, Madison

John Algood, Macklinburg

George R. Edwards, Macklinburg

Samuel Holmes, Macklinburg

Rev. Charles Ogburn, Macklinburg

John Ogburn, Macklinburg

Samuel Simmons, Macklinburg

Edmund Taylor, Macklinburg

Cornelius Buck, Manches.

Edward D. Diggs, Manches.

Nathaniel Quarles, Manches.

Nicholas Mills, Manches.

Henry W. Wills, Isle of

Vincite Hart, King&Q.

John Hemingway, King&Q.

Barbary Edwards, k.w

William Nunn, King&Q.

James Powell, King&Q.

Henry Timberlook, King&Q.

William G. Waters, King&Q.

John Curle, New Kent

George Rugland, New Kent

Samuel Keiningham, New Kent

William Booth, Jr., Notta.

Rev. Peter Robinson, Notta.

Littlelbury Royall, New Kent

James Carney, Norfolk

David Duke, Nancy Mond

Abraham Norfleet, Nancy Mond

Jane Meredith, New G-2

Benjamin Payne, Nelson

William Murrill, Nelson

Wm. L. Watts, Nelson

Spotswood Garland, Nelson

Rev. Wm. Wright, Nelson

Joel Brown, Petersburg

Rev. John Cox, Petersburg

Rev. Benjamin Devaney, Petersburg

Joseph Gray, Petersburg

Clement Hawks, Petersburg

Edward Lee, Petersburg

Edward Lee, Jr., Petersburg

Nathaniel Lee, Petersburg

Peter M'Colock, Petersburg

Jones Mitchell, Petersburg

Mathew Murray, Petersburg

Burwell Rorrell, Petersburg

Rev. Pleasant Thurman, Petersburg

William Weeks, Petersburg

Wm. Ligon, Prince Edw

Rev. Robert Carter, Prince Edw

Francis A. Martin, Prince Edw

Robert Vanable, Prince Edw

Tho's Lewis, Prince Geo

James Perkins, Prince Geo

Rev. Augustin Heath, Prince Geo

Christopher Proctor, Prince Geo

Nathaniel Raines, Prince Geo

Peyton Rives, Prince Geo

Jeduthen Carter, Pittsyl

Reuben Smith, Pittsyl

Rev. Elisha Maxey, Powhatan

Rev. Jesse Nicholson, Portsm

Peggy Sanford, Prince W

John Spindle, Spotsylvan

Eneas Foster, Richmond

Rev. Charles Calloway, Richm

Mosby Pulliam, Richmond

Enoch Sullivan, Richmond

Richardson Taylor, Richmond

Joshua West, Richmond

Jesse Battle, Southampton

Benjamin Barrett, Southampton

Elizabeth Cary, Southampton

John P. Richardson, Southampton

Jesse King, Surry

Rev. James Hill, Surry

David Graves, Sussex

William Graves, Sussex

Rev. William Burge, Sussex

Benjamin Chappell, Sussex

George Gillard, Sussex

Rev. James Gibbons, Sussex

Patsey Gilliam, Sussex

Wm. C. Goodrich, Sussex

Williams Harper, Sussex

Rev. Joseph Hill, Sussex

Thomas Hunt, Sussex

Thomas Hunt, Jr., Sussex

Ann Huson, Sussex

George Jones, Sussex

Rev. Booth Malone, Sussex

Wm. Malone, Sussex

Robert Moore, Sussex

John Massenberg, Sussex

John Parham, Sussex

Thomas Parham, Sussex

John Pennington, Sussex

Marcus Pennington, Sussex

Rev. Thomas Porch, Sussex

George Rives, Sussex

Rev. James Rodgers, Sussex

Augustus Shands, Sussex

Rev. Tho's Shands, Sussex

Rev. Tho's Shands, Sussex (sic)

Wm. Shands, Sussex

John Smith, Sussex

Wm. Thornton, Sussex

Reuben Williams, Sussex

Benjamin Huley, Essex

Philip Mann, Essex

Wm. Parry, Essex

Gidion Ratcliff, Williamsburg



Here ends the material found in OGS Quarterly, Vol. 10, No. 1, March 1965.

Material found in OGS Quarterly Vol. 10, No. 2, June 1965 begins below. (CONCLUSION)



John Robins, Bertie

Tho's Windsor, Caswell

Gabriel Lea, Caswell

Duke W. Davis, Franklin

Benjamin Odam, Gates

Winburn Jinkins, Franklin

Richard Stanford, Member of Congress

Rev. Daniel Southall, Member of Congress

John Gullett, Guilford

Levin Kirkman, Guilford

Andrew M'Gee, Guilford

Edmund Taylor, Granvill

Robert Jones, Jr., Granvill

William Moore, Hertford

Willafred Horton, Hertford

Jesse Yeates, Hertford

Isaac Foster, Murphrisborough

Patrick Brown, Murphrisborough

Edward Kelbee, Murphrisborough

Thomas O. Dwyer, Murphrisborough


Joseph G. Rae, Murphrisborough

Rev. Samuel Wells, Murphrisborough

Seth Peebles, Northampton

James Barrett, Northampton

Isham Fennell, Northampton

Benjamin Fox, Northampton

Charles Harrison, Northampton

Thomas N. Hosea, Northampton

Rev. Humphrey Wood, Northampton

Sterling Ruffin, Rockingham

John Seagroves, Surrey

William Smith, Surrey

Charles S. Tucker, Surrey

James Tucker, Surrey

William Tucker, Surrey

Joseph Finney, Surrey

Jacob Harris, Surrey

John Kelley, Surrey

John Day, Stokes

Wiley Jane, Stokes

James Kelley, Wilkes

Nancy Reynolds, Wilkes

Polly Reynolds, Wilkes

Henry Robinson, Warren

Joseph F. Dickinson, Winton

James H. Keys, Warren

William Matkins, Orange

Eli Terry, Rutherford




Gates Gaff, Darlington

Cornelius Cook, Darlington

Demsy Dowling, Darlington

Benjamin Dubose, Darlington

Joseph S. Edwards, Darlington

Alexander Fleming, Darlington

Dreury Flowers, Darlington

Cornelius Grantham, Darlington

Spencer Harrell, Darlington

Jeremiah Heath, Darlington

Richard Horn, Darlington

George Huggens, Darlington

John Huggens, Darlington

Rev. Thomas Humphris, Darlington

James Hutson, Darlington

William Hutson, Darlington

Edwin James, Darlington

Enos James, Darlington

John McCrea, Darlington

John Stewart, Darlington

Anthony Windham, Darlington

Daniel Windham, Darlington

Elias Windham, Darlington

James Wright, Darlington

Thos. Boone, George-Town

Archibald Brown, Geo-Town

John T. Green, George-Town

John T. Green, George-Town (sic)

Richard Green, Geo-Town

Jas. Bland, Sumter Dist.

George Bird, Sumter Dist.

William Bird, Sumter Dist.

John Campbell, Sumter Dist.

Samuel Fraser, Sumter Dist.

Thomas M'Cree, Sumter Dist.

John M'Donald, Sumter Dist.

Zechariah Norwood, Sumter Dist.

Charles Williamson, Sumter Dist.

R. Witherspoon, Representative in Congress, Williamsburg

Stephen Miller, Williamsburg

Thomas Lane, Williamsburg

James Graham, Williamsburg

John Hickson, Williamsburg

James Holland, Marion

James Myers, Marion




S. Lark, Augusta

Abner M'Gehee, Elbert

Williams Wilkins, Eatont

W. Devereux, Milledgeville

Soloman Betton, Milledgeville

Abraham Borland, Milledgeville

Joseph Cowen,, Milledgeville

Rich. W. Ellis, Milledgeville

Mickleberry Ferrell, Milledgeville

John Herbert, Milledgeville

Howell Cobb, Representative in Congress

Abner Flew-Ellen



Robert Hill, Williamson Co.

Henry Johnston, Williamson Co.

James Kenan, Williamson Co.

Thomas H. Kenan, Williamson Co.

John Nathews (sic), Williamson Co.

Alex'r M'Millian, Williamson Co.

Anthony Porter, Williamson Co.

John H. Posey, Williamson Co.

Hubert Reynolds, Williamson Co.

Robert Rutherford, Williamson Co.

William Rutherford, Williamson Co.

Dennis L. Ryan, Williamson Co.

Francis Smith, Williamson Co.

Samuel S. Steel, Williamson Co.

Benjamin Tarver, Williamson Co.

Thomas Taylor, Williamson Co.

William Turner, Williamson Co.

Charles Williamson, Williamson Co.

Tho's Old, Williamson Co.

Lewis Ashman, Williamson Co.

Robert David, Williamson Co.

Sterling Davis, Williamson Co.

David Dunn, Williamson Co.

John Gholson, Williamson Co.

James Goely, Williamson Co.

Abrham (sic) Maury, Williamson Co.

Frederick Peebles, Williamson Co.

Turner Saunders, Williamson Co.

Stephen Smith, Williamson Co.

Isham R. Trotter, Williamson Co.

John Watson, Jr., Williamson Co.

Edward Washam, Williamson Co.



Rev. Joseph F. Collins, Chillicothe


Rev. Samuel Monet, Chillicothe

William Rutledge, Chillicothe


Rev. Edward Scott, Chillicothe

Rev. Thomas Scott, Chillicothe

Samuel Williams, Chillicothe Co.




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