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Pond Creek Odd Fellows


From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 24, No. 1 1979

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



Mrs. Leland C. (Audrey) White, Chickasha, OK submits the following note and report written by Charles A. Dow.  The note was to her father, mother and three children, who had moved from Pond Creek July 11. 1924, to Oklahoma City and later to Clinton, Custer County, Oklahoma.



                                                                             Pond Creek, Okla.

                                                                             Nov. 10th, 1926


E.J. Million & Family,

Clinton, Okla.


Dear Friends:-


I am sending a sketch history of the Lodge as I thought you would like to have it.  We sure had a good time.  We missed you folks.


I did not go to Grand Lodge this year.  No one went.  It was too far and took too long.  How are the girls and Bud getting along at school.


Howard has had lots of electrical work.  Last month he made more on the side than Bob paid him.


I will be glad to hear from you at any time.


                                                                             Yours very truly,

                                                                             Chas. A. Dow





Pond Creek Lodge #60 I.O.O.F. was organized May 9th, 1900 by Grand Master Grant Yeakey of Enid, Okla. assisted by the Enid Degree team.


Those admitted by card were as follows:  H.I. Wassen, C.F. Kelley, Pearl Parker, J.B. Franks, J.B. Cory, J.H. Decker, J.F. Darrough, Coburn Goodwine, J.B. Izor, Henry Waltz, A. Diamond, Ira James, E.C. VanPatten, William Shackelford and Chas. A. Dow.


Those initiated and also became (sic ) Charter Members were as follows:  J.W. Berry, Edgar Brain, F.E. Farr, Elmer R. Darrough, J.B. Worrell, J.H. Ledgerwood, J.D. Butts, J.F. Shaffer, and J.F. Whedbee.


The first officers were Chas. A. Dow, N.G,; J.H . Izor, V.G.; H.I. Wasson, Secretary; A, Diamond, Treasurer.


The lodge first met in the K. of P. Hall which was over the Walton Bank, on the corner East of Perren’s Garage.  Later they moved with the K. of  P.’s to the Hall over Gentry’s haw owned by the Masons.


The first move to build a hall was on June 25, 1903 when the Lodge adopted a resolution authorizing the Trustees to issue Bonds of the Lodge not to exceed $5000.  drawing 8% interest and running ten  years.  Each bond is to be for $10.


Oct. 3d 1903, S.K. Booth, Chas. A. Dow and H.I. Wassen were appointed a building Committee. . . .The lumber was bought from the Walton Lumber Co., and the hardware and roof from Conrad Strecker, and they bought half of the East wall from A. Diamond for $400. . . .Feb. 22, 1905, the Building Committee reported the building completed and were discharged.  This report was not made a part of the records and is lost.  There is no record of the cost of the building but D.B. Ross who made the plans and specifications says that his estimate for the building was $3408 but that owing to t he delays and having work done by the day the cost was about $250 more which with the $400 for Diamonds wall made the total cost $4060.


April 12th, 1905, was set for the laying of the corner stone.  The other Lodges  in the County were invited and there was a good attendance. . . .About $80 was realized from the sale of buttons which was applied on the debt.


Some of the Brothers began to doubt whether we would ever pay out.  They began to turn in their bonds on their bonds (sic) on their dues.  This of course cut down the income and in 1908 the Lodge made an assessment of $1 payable quarterly.  A few refused to pay and were dropped for nonpayment of dues but most of the Brothers were loyal.  The Last bond was paid June 6, 1917. . . .The future of the Lodge is indeed bright.


It will be better able to  care for the sick, the widow and the orphan.


Of the charter members only two, J.W. Berry and Chas. A. Dow still retain their membership.  Of those that were members when the hall were (sic) dedicated only ten remain:  J.W. Berry, Chas. A. Dow, H.L. Dewitt, S.D. Million, D.B. Ross, J.H. Reynolds, H.E. Wilkins, J.P. Erwin, J.E. Livingston, and W.S. McKaig.


The total number initiated since the organization is 220 and 36 have been admitted by card and transfer.  The total amount paid for sick benefits is $1250.  13 Brothers and 5 brothers wives have been buried for which the Lodge paid $670.


On Sept. 14, 1910, all of the Lodges in Oklahoma and Indian Territories were called upon to vote on the question of consolidation of the two Grand Lodges into one body.  This Lodge cast 3 for and 9 against the proposition but it carried by a large majority in both parts of the State.


At the 1910 session of the Grand Lodge the two Jurisdictions united and this Lodge was given a new Charter.  The numbers were arranged according to the date of institution and #60 became #125.


The new Charter contained 61 names 18 of which still retain their membership.  They are J.W. Berry, J.W. Bird, Chas. A. Dow, H.L. Dewitt, O.N. Depue, J.P. Erwin, E.P. Field, J.G. Hergert, J.F. Kemph, N.W. Kemph, J.E. Livingston, H. L. Livingston, S.D. Million, J.H. Reynolds, H.N. Reed, J.H. Smith, H.F. Wilkins, Herman Wilkins, W.T. Vest.


P.S.  H.L. Dewitt was the first candidate initiated after the Lodge was organized.


(Note:  He then included a listing of officers from 1900 to 1926.  Men, not already mentioned, were:  J.H. Finley, 1904; U.G. Freeman, 1914; E.E. Wheeler, 1918-1926; J.F. Shepard, 1905-1912; N.L. Harris, 1911; Ed Rumford, 1920-1926.)



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