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Family Records—Potts Bible

From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 10, No. 2, June 1965

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



The following Bible Record was contributed by C.A. Potts Senior, OGS member, Okmulgee, Okla.  The Bible was published in 1834 by C. Alexander and Co., Philadelphia, Pa.  Mr. Potts writes, “Family tradition is that grandfather Potts was quite a religious man.  In the metal box containing the Old Bible are a few papers indicating he traveled about in the interest of his “sect” described as Enon Baptist.  Grandfather Potts traveled much when the sectional church meetings were held.  Travel was by horseback and covered wagon.  The Bible shows much use and water damage. -- -- --


“The first wife of grandfather Thomas Potts was Mahala Willis, daughter of Michael Willis whose wife was Elizabeth Darnall, the sixteenth and last child of John and Mary Ann (Marion) Darnall, d. in 1851.  Soon after, grandfather with his possessions and three or four children made a wagon trip to Iowa.   He returned about one year later to Hendricks Co., Indiana.  Soon after, according to a history of Hendricks Co., he built the first house in Clayton, Indiana.  It was located on land sold by Elizabeth Willis, widow of Michael, to the grandson who set out the town site. --  --  --


“There is much to be learned of the Darnall – Darnall and Calvert connections in the family history by H.C.  Snith, M.D., living in Glendale, California (as of Sept. 21, 1964). -- --  --


“The Potts Bible was handed down to the eldest sons and came to C.A. Potts Senior in 1941.  Subsequent owners will be Chester A. Potts, Jr. and David William Potts, his son.”




Potts Bible


(This Bible Record contains notes written by other than the original hand. They are indicated by an asterisk*. Editor)




First Page


(*Great grandfather d. 1821-- Sept. - Oct.* (This refers to Jacob or James, father of Thomas)




Thomas Potts b. Oct 31, 1811 *d. 1882*


Mahala Potts, wife of Thomas Potts b. April 18, 1810


Elizabeth Potts, daughter of Thomas and Mahala b. 17 July 1834


Louisa Potts, daughter of Thomas and Mahala b. March 13. 1836 *d. Dec. 23, 1919*


William Calvin Potts, son of Thomas and Mahala b. July 30, 1838




Elizabeth Potts d. Jan. 3, 1836


William Calvin Potts *d. Sept. 29, 1839


Amanda Potts, wife of Thomas Potts d. May 19, 1865; *b. June 26, 1823, daughter of George and Margaret Darnall*



Thomas Potts d. March 15, 1882, *age 71*


Wilson A.? Potts, son of Thomas and Amanda Potts, d. Oct. 16, 1882. (*b. 1857-1-22 / 25 y - 8 m. 24 D*)



Second Page




Thomas Potts and Mahala Willis, his wife was married Aug. 20, 1833


*Thomas Potts and Amanda Green were married Aug. 11, 1853*


Thomas Potts and *Frances* Jane Holtsclaw were married April 11, 1866


*Thomas Freemont Potts 6-10-1861, d. 3-13-41, married Jan. 1, 1888, Cora Belle Harris b. 2-10-1870, in 1964, age 94. D.*



*Chester Arthur Potts b. 2-12-1890, married Zella Genevieve Forcegood, Dec. 24, 1916, b. April 18, 1894*



*Maribelle Potts b. May 1, 1919, m - Sept. 21, 1941, Harold Harris Leeper b. 7-29-1916*


*Chester Arthur Potts, Jr., b. 12-8-1922, m. 8-27-1947 Norma Sue McCulloch, b. 4-19-1926*


Marriages (*All marriages unless otherwise indicated)


Louisa Potts 3-13-1836 - 12-23-1919, married Charley Cox. Children Ada and Alta, both C. died 1872


Lavona Eveline Potts b. 12-18-1841, d. 8-9-1926, married Moses Junkin. Children, Louella b. 12-22-1864 - d. 3-29-1872; Jane F. b. 3-11-1869 - d. 3-26-1869; Edgar b. 6-1-1870 - d. 3-21-1872; Nellie b. 1-18-1874 - d. 7-2-1962; Jessie Lou b. 5-25-1878; Jessie married Louis Rammel d. 7-19-1938, married 12-23-1930





James W. Potts b. 7-17-1855 - d. 5-7-1942, married 9-24-1884 Fayette, Indiana Flora Alice Lumpkin d. 7-20-1891, 1 child Effie b. 9-12-1890, married Charles Roper 10-2-1887 (sic), Zanesville, Ohio, d. 6-30-1955. Daughter Florence Roper 5-14-1914 married June 11, 1940 De Forest Voss b. 12-15-1911, Harvard, Ill.





Son Robert E. Roper b. 2-4-1932 Champaign, Ill., married July 1, 1957, Jamce Manning b. 8-2-1936, Boonville, Iowa. Daughter Rachel Puslane Roper 2-28-1959



James W. Potts - second marriage Anna Worrell. Son Francis Morrell b. Dec. 1900, married Hazel Disten, Chicago, Ill., daughter Anita Frances.



Frances Morrell Potts Dec. second marriage, Maliha Fatima, Istanbul, Turkey.


Mary Melinda Potts 9-2-1845, d. 1891/1892, married Oct. 8, 1865, Henry T. Kirk. Children, Frank, Will, Ruth, Ferne d. 1961, married Earnest Poland d. 1959.



(Opposite "Ferne" - are several notes, barely visible, some illegible, on this xerox copy, which read: "3 sisters -- Mrs. Ada Birch?; -- Berneice Underwood; -- Mrs. Edna Kirk /all; -- 2 sons: Verl Dewey /_____?; -- Laurel S. /?; -- 1961.")




Third Page


*Lavona married Moses Junkin*




(Items appear to have been written by the first hand except as indicated by *)


Livona Eveline Potts, daughter of Thomas and Mahala Potts, b. Dec. 18, 1841. *D. Aug. 9, 1826* (sic)














George Washington Potts b. March 19, 1844


William Alan Stevens, son of William and Melinda Stevens was b. April 24, 1840


Mary Melinda Potts, daughter of Thomas and Mahala Potts b. Sept. 2,1845


Gideon Steward Potts, son of Thomas and Mahala Potts b. Jan. 17, 1850




Gideon Steward Potts, d. Jan. 22, 1850


Mahala Potts, wife of Thomas Potts d. March 3, 1851 (original hand)


Mary M. Stevens d. June 11, 1853 (clearly legible but "?" added to the entry on the page)


(Further change in hand writing)


*George Washington Potts d. March 1, 1914, son of Thomas and Mahala Potts


*Amanda Potts d. May 19, 1865*


Fourth Page


Melinda Potts b. June 2; 1806 (original hand) *sister Thomas Potts*


W.H. Potts b. July 17, 1855 (*James, son of Thomas and Amanda was born July 17, 1855, d. 1941 May?)



Willson Andrew Potts b. Jan. 22, 1857 *son of Thomas and A. Potts*


*Thomas Freemont, son of Thomas Potts and Amanda Potts was b. June 10, 1861, * d. March 13, 1941



*Julia E. Potts, daughter of Thomas and Frances Jane Potts, b. July 28, 1868*


*Elizabeth Darnell Wills b. 1790, d. 1868, married 1807 Michael Wills d. 1815*


*Grand father's sister married Wm. Andrew Stevens 1824, b. June 2, 1806*




Melinda *Potts* Stevens d. Feb. 22, 1845 (original hand) *mother of Thomas Potts*


Elizabeth Potts d. Aug. 11, 1849 (original hand) (*Elizabeth Darnell Stevens Potts (lined through and Stevens added) direct descendant of Lord Baltimore. (Also added opposite the names of both Elizabeth Potts and Elizabeth Stevens are the words *"Our grandmother"*)




Martha P. Stevens d. July 25, 1850 (original hand)


Elizabeth Mullins d. April 7, 1802 (original hand)


*Thomas Freemont Potts d. Mar. 13, 1941*





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