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REX/RECKS Family Bible


Submitted by Joyce A. Rex of Purcell Oklahoma. Information in parenthesis is from Joyce's own research.
Bible is of American Bible Society - distributed in 1853.

(This was book of William Rex/Recks and his wife Nancy Ray. William was the son of Nathaniel Rex, born 1795-1800 in North Carolina, and his wife Jane Rary/Rairy, born 1810 Rowan County North Carolina. They were married 26 June 1827 in Rowan County North Carolina and moved with their family to Smith County Tennessee about 1840. William, the oldest son, was born about 1829/30 in North Carolina and married Nancy Ray 9 June 1852 in Smith County Tennessee. She was daughter of William and Rachel Ray of Smith County. THIS IS THEIR FAMILY.):

William A. Recks was born the 11 May 1853 (born Tennessee)
Joseph H(enry) Recks was born the 18 May 1856
G.W. Recks was born 10 July 1858
Nancy A. Recks was born 10 Mar 1861 (born Arkansas)

(Nancy Ray Rex died in Arkansas after the birth of this daughter. William married Nancy Cross, daughter of Joel Moore and Sarah Champion Cross. The remaining children are from this second marriage.)

Sarah Ann Recks born 10 December 1864 (born Ripley County Missouri)
James D. Recks was borned 11 (paper waterstained) 1868
Froney (Sophronia) Recks was borned 4 Feb 1869
Mary Elizabeth Rex borned 7 Sept 1873

(About this time the family moved to Boone County Arkansas and the father died. The two brother's children are next listed. Possession of Bible at this time was with son William.)

John Andrew Jackson Rex born 26 Jan 1879 (son of Joseph and Sopha Youngblood)
Nancy E(lizabeth) Rex borned 23 Feb 1876 (daughter of Joseph and Martha Nard)
Oly J. Rex was born the year of our Lord 23 May 1876 (daughter of William and Suzannah)
Nancy Ann Cross - 26 Feb 1845 (William Sr.s second wife)
Martha L. Rex - 27 July 1877 (daughter of William and Suzannah)

(New page. William died about 1885 and Bible went to brother Joseph. The following children are his and second wife, Sopha Youngblood.)

William Henry Rex born 3 Feb 1881 (born in Arkansas - probably Boone County)
James Washington Rex 28 Feb 1885
Buck Richardson Rex 6 Sept 1887
Leander Rex 1 Feb 1890
Manda Roxanna Rex 21 July 1892
Alma Rex (Johnnie Rex daughter) 14 Dec 1901

(Separate Page)
William Rex died 18 April 1879 (William Sr.)

(Births continued)
Mary Arlena Rex 11 July 1895
Anna Rex 26 Jan 1898 (born in Texas - probably Grayson Co.)
Fanny Beatrice Rex 4 Aug 1902 (born in Texas)
Lillie Mae Rex 4 May 1905



Transcribed to Electronic form by Ronda Redden
Published in The Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly
Volume 30, Number 4, 1985


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